Who is OWLS, How to Join, and Blog Tour Stops (2017-2020)!

2017 OWLS Blog Tour Stops

CHEERS to a year of OWLS, new members in the community, and unity. Thanks so much for the support! And to another year of success! If you’re curious about who OWLS is and what we do, check out this post. Many wishes to many years of success in the future, getting to know more people, and learning from each other. Let’s keep spreading that love!!

links updated 05/2020

January’s Theme: Disruptors

The focus of our first blog tour is Disruptors. Usually the term is used in a negative light, however, we will be looking at it in a positive way! “How?” you might be asking. Well, there’s only one way to find out! Please check out the following posts/blogs on these dates to see how each of our members has presented this topic

Jan 2: OWLS Discussion: Bleach – A “Disruptor” in the anime and real world by Matthew (Matt-in-the-Hat)

Jan 6: OWLS Disruptors Blog Tour: Naruto by Kat (GrimmGirl)

Jan 9: OWLS Disruptor Post: Claymore’s 7 Ghosts or Survivors of the Northern War by Venus (Japanime Talks)

Jan 13: “In the Name of Peace” & What Is Moral in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

Jan 16: OWLS: Disrupting Gender in Ouran High School Host Club by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

Jan 20: OWLS Disruptor Blog Tour: Connections in Erased and How A Single Person CAN Make a Difference by Crimson

Jan 23: OWLS Blog Tour: How the Moral Ambiguity of the Bounty Hunter Disrupts the Hero Narrative of Mainstream Anime by Naja B. (BlerdyOtome)

Jan 25: The Disruption of the Sibyl System in Psycho-Pass {OWLS BLOG TOUR} by Pink-chan (Pink’s Palace)

Jan 27: Kiznaiver, Where Change is Worth the Pain | OWLS “Disruptors” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

Jan 30: Owls January Carnival: “Disruptors” The Selflessness – Samurai Seven by Lita (LitaKino Anime Corner)

February’s Theme: Flight in Yuri on Ice

For the month of February, OWLS members will be writing about “Flight” in Yuri on Ice. We will be focusing on “the underdog’s dream, the possibilities that Yuri on Ice allows viewers to think about, and also the dangers of greed and ignorance that can influence one’s dream.”

Feb 3rd: A Yuri on Ice Dream: Love is Love, Gay or Not (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria (Fujinsei)

Feb 6: A Lack of Communication and Its Implications as Seen in “Yuri!!! on Ice” – OWLS February Blog Tour | Flight by Remy (Remy Fool)

Feb 8: Would Yuri and Viktor’s Relationship Be Accepted In Their Own Countries? Homosexuality in Japan and Russia (OWLS February Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

Feb 10: Yuri on Ice: Love and Life (OWLS Blog Tour) by Steph (TwoHappyCats)

Feb 13: The Flight of a Russian Fairy – A Character Analysis on Yuri Plisetsky {OWLS Blog Tour} by Pink (Pinky’s Palace)

Feb 15: Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought to You By Yuri on Ice by Kat (GrimmGirl)

Feb 17: Otabek Altin’s Flight From Inferiority – OWLS Yoi Post by Venus (Japanime Talks)

Feb 20: [OWLS Blog Tour] We’re All Pork Cutlet Bowls: The Relatability of the Underdog’s Dream in Yuri!!! on Ice by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

Feb 22: Yuri on Ice – Individuality – OWLS Blog Tour by Stephanie (Anime Girls NYC)

Feb 24: Viktor’s leap of faith – [OWLS Blog Tour] by Zel (Heyitszel)

Feb 27: Yuri!!! On ICE goes the Distance For Love & Life | OWLS “Flight” by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

March’s Theme: Sanctuary

Our third Blog Tour focuses on the term “Sanctuary.” Basically we’ll be talking about where characters in anime take refuge when they need a place to feel safe. This could be a tangible or intangible space: “A sanctuary is a place of safety and stability. In anime, there are several different places and environments that characters call “home.” For this topic, we will be discussing various locations and settings within certain anime series”

March 1st: Sanctuary According to Ouran High School Host Club!!! by Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)

March 3rd: Kenshin’s Divided Conviction – March OWLS Blog Tour by Lita (KinoReviews)

March 6th: OWLS Blog Tour: Sword Art Online – Finding Sanctuary in Gaming by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

March 8th: Evangelion’s Misato Provides a Home For the Lonely | OWLS Sanctuary by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

March 10th: [OWLS Blog Tour] We’re All On The Same Team: Finding Sanctuary on the Volleyball Court by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

March 13th: Chuunibyou – A Disease or Sanctuary? (OWLS March Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai Anime Blog)

March 15th: Sanctuary in One Piece: Status vs Nakama (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria (Fujinsei)

March 17th: [OWLS Sanctuary Blog Tour] Kyoko’s Journey to Accepting Love and Acquiring Inner Sanctuary by Crimson

March 18th: Watamote “Sanctuary” OWLS Blog Tour by Stephanie (Anime Girls NYC)

March 20th: OWLS: Amamizukan, The Sanctuary in Princess Jellyfish by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

March 21st: OWLS Post: A Home Away From Home – What Sanctuary Meant For Zoldyck by Venus (Japanime Talks)

March 22nd: A Figure Skater’s Sanctuary by Eren (Sakura Daisuki)

March 24th: When Your Dreams Dissolve Into Barren Wasteland [OWLS Blog Tour] by Zel (Heyitszel)

March 27th: OWLS Tour: Gundam Wing and the Sanctuary of War by Nick (Chasing Japan)

March 29th: OWLS Tour: Sanctuary, Immigration, and Ace of Diamond by Kat (GrimmGirl)

March 31st: Friendship as a Sanctuary in Fairy Tail {OWLS Blog Tour} by Pink (Pinky’s Palace)

April’s Theme: Colors

This month OWLS is touching on a topic I felt has been really important lately and something I never really took notice of until now. Our tour is called “Colors” and we’ll be looking at race, people of color in anime, and how they are represented in media

“We are all part of one race, the human race. “Colors” refers to people of color in anime. For this monthly topic, we will be discussing how people of color or characters of different “races” (a literal alien race) are represented in anime. Some topics we are considering is the dangers of stereotyping, biracial characters, and the importance of racial inclusion.”

4/3: OWLS Blog Tour: Rosario + Vampire – Colorful Love by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hatt)

4/5: K-Project OWLS Post: Your ‘Color; Says It All (Or Maybe Not) by Venus (Japanime Talks)

4/7: [OWLS Blog Tour] Forged Through Adversity: A Look at Killer B and the Shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

4/8: The Colorful World Of Avatar (OWLS April Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai Anime Blog)

4/10: Racewashing in “Attack on Titan” Films & Other Adaptations (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

4/12: Social Projecting and Self-Stereotyping in Japanese Media – OWLS April Blog Tour | Colors by Remy (RemyFool)

4/14: OWLS Blog Tour “Colors”: Bleach, Diversity, and Celebrating Color by Kat (GrimmGirl)

4/15: Genetic Hate – Gundam Seed (Owls April Tour) by Lita (Lita Anime Corner)

4/17: [OWLS Blog Tour]: Fetishization of the “Rose Bride” and Asian Women by Zel (Heyitszel)

4/19: OWLS: Crossing Racial Boundaries in Abu Dhabi Romance by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

4/21: Twin Star Exorcist – Dark Color Villains – OWLS Blog Tour “Colors” by Stephanie (Anime Girls NYC)

4/22: Tales of Symphonia Orchestrates Racial Harmony By Overcoming Great Tragedy | OWLS “Colors” by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

4/24: Races and Themes in Sailor Moon: Good vs. Evil or Judgement vs. Acceptance by Eren (Sakura Daisuki)

4/26: OWLS Colors Blog Tour: Crimson’s Upbringing and (Lack of) Connection to Colors by Crimson

4/29: OWLS: Growing Up Biracials with Anime by Steph (Two Happy Cats)

May’s Theme: Strength

And next up is the best month of them all, not just because Mother’s Day but also my birthday month. We also ended up talking about a topic that I found much easier and that I felt rather passionate about. For this month’s OWLS Blog Tour, our topic will be Strength: “Your greatest weakness can become your greatest strength. For this tour, we will be exploring anime characters that have overcome adversity due to a personal insecurity or physical weakness. It is these type of characters that many anime fans may identify as role models because fans are able to feel empathetic towards these characters’ struggles and insecurities.”

5/1: OWLS Blog Tour: Dragon Ball Z – Hidden Strength Through Emotions by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

5/5: OWLS Tour: When It’s OK For A Man to Cry by Nick (Chasing Japan)

5/10: OWLS Strength Blog Tour: Shirotani’s Mental Fortitude and Helping Hand (It’s OK to Need Help Sometimes) by Crimson

5/12: OWLS Blog Tour: Finding the Strength to Move Forward by Kat (GrimmGirl)

5/15: [OWLS Blog Tour]: Owning Your Weakness by Zel (Heyitszel)

5/19: OWLS: Strength in Hope – Danganronpa by Steph (Two Happy Cats)

5/21: Strength by Overcoming Anxiety in Amanchu (OWLS May Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai Anime Blog)

5/22: Reaching for the Stars in “Space Brothers” (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria (Fujinsei)

5/24: Having Strength In Your Voice – (May OWLS Blog Tour) by Lita (LitaKino Anime Corner)

5/26: Grimgar: Stronger Together, Now & Forever|OWLS “Strength” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

5/29: [OWLS Blog Tour] Our Imperfections Make Us Stronger – Learning to Accept Your True Colors by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

5/31:  OWLS: The Struggle To Find Strength In The Power Rangers Movie (2017) by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

June’s Theme: Team

The quantity of posts was low this month but you bet we made up for it in quality.: “June’s topic is “Team.” I picked the word “Team” because it functions in two ways: 1) allows individuals to show their support to the LGBT & Queer communities and 2) allows LGBT & Queer communities to express their love to whoever they want.

So for the “Team” topic, we will be discussing our favorite LGBT & Queer characters in anime and other pop culture related media, the impact of the yaoi and yuri genre within LGBT & Queer communities, our personal stories involving gender/sexual orientation, and etc.”

6/6: For the team – Free! & My Swim Story | OWLS “Team” by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

6/12: The Poor Perception of Male Crossdressers in Japanese Media – OWLS June Blog Tour | Team by Remy (Remy Fool)

6/16: OWLS Team Tour: When We Fetish Yaoi by Kat (GrimmGirl)

6/19: Redefining the Rotten Fandom of the Rotten Yaoi Genre by Arria (Fujinsei)

6/21: [OWLS Blog Tour] It Just Is: Relationships Don’t Always Need Labels by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

6/22: [OWLS Blog Tour: “TEAM”] Crona Gorgon: Soul Eater by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

6/25: Yuri Anime and Manga: Validating Lesbian Relationships as Real (June OWLS Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

6/26: Defining Your Own Identity (Owls June Blog Tour) by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

July’s Theme: Mirror

“’Magic mirror, on the wall—who is the fairest one of all?’

When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see ourselves or someone we don’t want to be? For this month’s theme, we will be exploring some of our favorite anime and other pop culture media that redefine individual beauty—inside and out. Some topics we may explore are physical appearances, social expectations on gender, and the importance of self-confidence.”

7/1: Paradise Kiss & Self Confidence/ Self Acceptance!!! by Shay (Anime Reviewer Girl)

7/3: Beauty Within the Monster In “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

7/5: OWLS Blog Tour: Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV – Listen to Your Body by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

7/7: [OWLS Blog Tour] Self-image in Fruits Basket by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

7/10: [OWLS Blog Tour] Mob Psycho & Being Your Own Worst Enemy by Zel (Heyitszel)

7/12: Heroes Meeting Humanity Expectation by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

7/14: [OWLS Blog Tour] Not All Heroes Wear Capes: How a Quirkless Kid Became A Hero by Naja B. (BlerdyOtome)

7/15: Elfen Lied – Accepting Every Part of Yourself, Good and Bad (OWLS July Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

7/17:  Time of EVE Welcomes Impartiality Through Reflection | OWLS “Mirrors” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

7/19: Mirrors in Wandering Son: Navigating Visual Gender Norms [OWLS July Blog Tour: Mirrors] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

7/21: Mirrors Within The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Andrealinia (All Andrealinia)

7/24: OWLS: “A Mirror Image Of Me”—Catcalling & Physical Beauty In Kiss Him, Not Me by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

7/26: OWLS Blog Tour: Reflections on Peach Girl by Gigi (Animepalooza)

7/28: OWLS July Tour: You, The Mirror, and Haruhi Fujioka by Kat (GrimmGirl)

7/31: Fujita Tatara said: “I have to change!” by Moonid (Random Garage)

August’s Theme: Bloodlines

“‘Family means everything (or does it?)’

This month, we will be discussing the importance of family relationships in anime and pop culture. Family relationships include a child and his/her parents, sibling rivalries, adoptions, and etc. Some questions about family that we will be contemplating on include how one’s family shapes his or her identity? How do we define family? How does a broken household influence a person’s view on family? We will be exploring these questions and types of relationships in this blog tour—so enjoy!”

8/4:  Hanasaku Iroha: Finding Beauty & Grace in Hard Work, Dignity, and Servitude | OWLS “Bloodlines” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

8/5Itachi and Sasuke: The Things a Brother Would Do…|OWLS “Bloodlines” by Brandon Lee (Bran New Day Anime)

8/7OWLS Blog Tour: FFVII Advent Children – Fight Together as a Family by by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

8/9OWLS: Family Representation in Clannad by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

8/11A Meeting Between Roses by Moonid (Random Garage)

8/12:  Steven Universe: Representing A Diverse Modern Family (OWLS August Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

8/14[OWLS Post] Family Complications in Gundam 0079 by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

8/16Family Dynamics in Gravity Falls [OWLS August Blog Tour: Bloodlines] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

8/18[OWLS Blog Tour: Bloodlines] Familial Bonds in My Hero Academia by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

8/21[OWLS Blog Tour] A Place Where I Belong: The Meaning of Family in Wolf Children by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

8/23OWLS Bloodline Post: Family Above All, But What About Romance? by Venus (Japanime Talks)

8/25OWLS August Blog Tour: “Bloodlines” by Lita (LitaKino Anime Corner)

8/28: Family & Dragon Maid by Andrealinia (All Andrealinia)

September’s Theme: Treasure

“There are moments in our lives where we lose our sense of self-worth and value and as a result, we find ourselves deep in darkness or drowning in the ocean. However, every person in this world is a treasure—we treasure ourselves or we are treasured by others—and at times, we may need to be reminded of that.

For this month’s topic, we will be exploring pop culture characters who have suffered from mental illnesses, depression, and/or suicide. We will be discussing how these individuals cope with these issues, the reasons for their emotions, and how they handled the situations they are in.”

9/4: OWLS Blog Tour: Samurai Jack – The 50 Year Treasure Hunt by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

9/8: [OWLS Blog Tour: Treasure] Accepting Yourself Is Not Easy (A Silent Voice) by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

9/11: Finding meaning in something that is lost (OWLS Blog Tour) by Miandro (Miandro’s Side)

9/13: OWLS Post: You Can’t Underestimate What A Hug Can Do to A Man Who Has No One by Venus (Japanime Talks)

9/15: (OWLS Post) Rie Kiriyama’s Loss and Recovery by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

9/18: [OWLS Blog Tour] Reason Living: Kei Okazaki by Hazelyn (Archi-Anime)

9/19: “Orange” is Sweet & Sour, Yet All The More Beautiful | OWLS “Treasure” by Takuto (Anime Cafe Host)

9/20: OWLS Treasure Blog Tour: Loving Yourself Is A Process Requiring Strength and Perseverance by Crimson

9/21: Themes of PTSD and Psychosis in School-Live! (OWLS September Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

9/22: Breaking Free From One’s Dark Side With Love In “Kare Kano” by Arria (Fujinsei)

9/25: The Lonely Path of a Creator by Moonid (Random Garage)

9/27: OWLS September Treasures Tour: Mental Health by Kat (GrimmGirl) & Naja (BlerdyOtome)

9/29: Dramatical Murder and Rap Music: How Pop Culture Raises Awareness for Mental Health [OWLS September Blog Tour: Treasure] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

9/30: Nothing Changes You | “Treasure” Owls September Tour by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

October’s Theme: Dreamers

“Due to recent events that happened in September, this month’s OWLS topic will be on “Dreamers.” Every individual has a goal or ambition that they devote their whole life to with passion and courage—whether it’s landing your dream job, traveling, or finding the love of your life. However, there are those who spent their whole life working towards a dream but it was cut short due to an unexpected occurrence. Those people are left only to dream and wonder about the possibility.

This month’s topic will be dedicated to these characters in pop culture entertainment. We are not going to focus on the individuals that achieved their aspirations but instead, we will focus on characters that weren’t able to. We will explore what happens to characters who had their wings forcefully cut off as well as those who gave up before they even started their journey. We will also discuss what it means for ‘a dream to be deferred.’”

10/2: How to Cope with the Death of A Dream as Seen in “Octave” – OWLS October Blog Tour | Dreamer by Remy Fool (The Lily Garden)

10/4: OWLS Blog Tour: Death Note – Man’s Dream of a Perfect World by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

10/6: Kai Shimada’s Dream by Andrea (All Andrealinia)

10/9: ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ – OWLS by Steph (Two Happy Cats)

10/11: OWLS Blog Tour: The Broken Dreams of Jean Jacques Leroy by Gigi (Anime Palooza)

10/13: Death Parade: That’s Just the Name of the Game | OWLS “Dreamers” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

10/16: He’s No Dreamer, The Lost Boy In “Silver Spoon” by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

10/18: Durarara – The City Life! Not So Exciting?! OWLS October Blog Tour “Dreamers” by Stephanie Clarke (Anime Girls NYC)

10/20: [OWLS Blog Tour: “Dreamers”] Nobody Wants to be Forgotten: Noragami by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

10/21: Berserk – When Dreams Go Bad – OWLS Blog Tour by Irina (I Drink and Watch Anime)

10/23: A Tribute for the Future by Moonid (Random Garage)

10/25: (OWLS POST) The Devil is a Part-Timer: Never Give Up by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

10/27: OWLS: The Failures and Success of Wang So in Scarlet Heart Ryeo by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

10/28: Angel Beats: Reliving Your Dead Dreams. Literally! (OWLS October Blog Tour) by Rai (Rai’s Anime Blog)

10/30: [OWLS Blog Tour] The Door That Never Opened: Daiki Aomine by Hazelyn (Archi-Anime)

November’s Theme: Diplomacy

“Whenever we have a disagreement with someone, we use our words to express our thoughts and opinions. However, there are those who would rather use fists instead of words, those who forget that being “right” isn’t the most important thing, and those who lose sight of compromising and acknowledging differences in opinion and belief. Diplomacy is an important skill and tactic that not many of us have or are able to utilize properly especially in “social media wars” for sensitive issues and anime discourse—we just express our opinions without really listening.

For this month’s prompt, we will be exploring some of the best negotiations scenes in pop culture media and discuss how effective these diplomatic moments are and what we can learn from them. We will also discuss why communication and listening are important traits to have and whether or not there are other means to enforce peace.”

11/3: The Mind Behind the Glasses by Moonid (Random Garage)

11/6: OWLS Blog Tour: Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki, The Diplomatic Ghoul by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

11/8: How Otomes Taught Me What Diplomacy Is – OWLS Blog Tour by Irina (I Drink and Watch Anime)

11/10: Before the Black Out: More Human Than Human | OWLS “Diplomacy” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

11/11: Some Of Us Are Lovers Not Fighters – November Owls Tour by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

11/13: Fight or Be Beaten In Street Fighting Manga “Holy Land” (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

11/15: [OWLS Blog Tour] The Guise of Diplomacy: Bungou Stray Dogs by Zel (Heyitszel)

11/17: [OWLS Blog Tour: Diplomacy] Is Violence a Solution?: Yona of the Dawn by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

11/18: Harry Potter For Diplomat by Kat (GrimmGirl)

11/20: How being the bad guy helps (OWLS Blog Tour) by Miandro (Miandro’s Side)

11/22: (Owls Post) Turn A Gundam: Negotiations and Unfortunately Necessary Fights by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)

11/24: Pride and Tolerance through Diplomacy|OWLS ‘Diplomacy’ by Mistress of Yaoi (Yaoi Playground)

11/25: OWLS Diplomacy Blog Tour: Because Words Are Still Mightier Than A Fist by Crimson

11/27: OWLS Blog Tour: ACCA 13’S Diplomatic Journey by Gigi (Animepalooza

11/28: [OWLS Blog Tour] Voltron: Legendary Defender- Galactic Emissaries of Diplomacy by Naja B. (BlerdyOtome)

11/29: [OWLS] Diplomacy? What is That? – Never Let Hate Lead Negotiations by Mel (Mel in Anime Land)

December’s Theme: Warmth

“It’s the season of joy, thankfulness, and love. This month’s topic is “Warmth.” Whether it is spending time with family members during the holiday season or with that special someone during New Year’s, we will discuss moments in anime and pop culture media that convey a feeling of happiness in our hearts. During times of struggles, we look towards the things that matter to us as a source of strength, hope, and happiness. We hope you enjoy this round of posts and that you will have a wonderful holiday season!”

12/4: OWLS Blog Tour: One Piece – A Man’s Source of Strength is a Warm Heart by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat)

12/8: [OWLS Blog Tour: Warmth] Those Idiots Mean the World to Her (OHSHC) by Zoe (AniBlogPlay)

12/11: Finding Warmth in the Greatest of Gifts | OWLS Warmth by Mistress of Yaoi (Yaoi Playground)

12/13: Warmth in Recovery of an MMO Junkie by Andrea (All Andrealinia)

12/15: [OWLS Tour] After the Rain Comes the Sun, Smiles That Warmth Everyone’s Heart by Mel (Mel in Anime Land)

12/18: Thank You For the Warmth of Your Support During My Cold Despair (OWLS Blog Tour) by Arria Cross (Fujinsei)

12/20: In This Corner of the World: A History Lesson on Hope & Healing | OWLS “Warmth” by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe)

12/22: Owls “Warmth” Month + Birthday Day 10 | 12 Days Of Anime by Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

12/23: [OWLS Blog Tour] A Year in Lessons: Looking Back at Blog Tours Past by Naja (BlerdyOtome)

12/25: The Creation of Warmth Without a Home in Tokyo Godfathers {OWLS BLOG TOUR} by Pink (Pinky’s Palace)

12/27: OWLS Blog Tour: A Warm-Hearted Ending for Hey Arnold! by Lyn (Just Something About LynLyn)

12/29: Finding Shared Warmth and Joy in the Rink of Yuri on Ice [OWLS December Blog Tour: Warmth] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)

12/30: OWLS Blog Tour: The Warmth of Skip Beat by Gigi (Anime Palooza)

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