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Trying My Hand at Spotify Playlists ft. Eight by #IUxSuga

If someone told me I would be stressing over music playlist a year ago I would not have believed it, but here I am, stressing over music playlists! While music has played an important role in my life at one point, it’s never been something I really bothered with to this degree. Just last year, the only time I would listen to music would be when I would drive somewhere and I only listened to the radio. Trying to decide what to listen to and looking for new music just wasn’t my forte

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[OWLS] The Vision of Suga’s Shadow?

Welcome back to my first OWLS post of the year. Actually, I’m a little late in posting but don’t tell anyone, although you guys probably know that since Fred mentioned I’d be posting on the 25th COUGH. But if you’re new to OWLS, then I highly recommend checking out all the stops for this month’s OWLS “Vision” tour. They have been amazing so far!

Yes, this month’s theme for OWLS is “Vision”. What does that mean?

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