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Video #6: Crying Over King’s Maker (Manga Haul)

Remember that I once said I’d had a plan for these? WELL. It didn’t exactly go as planned but we’re getting there! This is actually the video that was supposed to come out next but it’s been FIVE months since then and well, I’m not sure why I disliked it?

In this video, I talk about one of my “latest” hauls, not exactly a manga but a printed webcomic! It’s actually one I’ve talked about on the blog before, Enjoy my brain malfunctioning at multiple points!!

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Video #1: Cute Boys and Failing at Videos (Manga Haul)

It’s finally here!! Ok, so maybe it’s been here for a few days now but I just hadn’t gotten around to really setting aside some time for the boys until now. And oh, how much time they demand! Like I mentioned before, the manga hauls are back and I decided to start with these cute titles that I read (or reread) in January. Also, I know I mentioned I would be posting the maybe video (now dubbed the for sure video) on Instagram but I must have remembered wrong about something because it ended up being too long. Oops. So now it’s on Youtube and maybe I’ll just keep posting them there? I’m not sure if I’ll be successful at cutting down the video time to fifteen minutes…

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