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Golden Week Splurging! (Manga Haul #16)

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Do you guys know when Golden Week was?! AGES AGO. And yet I’m only just now getting to this haul post. I did post a few pictures on my Instagram, but I didn’t post everything…but that also means that there’s an incentive for you all to visit my blog. HA HA HA HAaaaaaa

So this year for Golden Week I was invited to visit Osaka. I’ve never really been there (well, maybe for a few hours once) so I agreed. These people knew more about Osaka than I probably did and since one of them was a weeb…I knew we would have some fun! And we did!! We hit up quite a few book and figure stores

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Currently Reading: I’m in Webcomic Hell

Hey guys! So February is coming to an end and I’ve come to terms that it was not my best month in terms of producing content. I think I only published two posts and that’s only because they were both part of Blog Tours. And then I thought, what can I write that won’t take me forever? Because usually, everything takes me forever, I’m a slow blogger!!

And then I thought, there’s a ton of stuff I read recently, why not write up an update?? Just as a warning, a lot of it is BL (the best kind of reading material)

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