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Video #4: Trying Out AI: The Somnium Files (Let’s Play)

Remember when Steam had a sale on Japanese games a few weeks back and I asked you all for recommendations because I wanted to play something new? WELL, thank you again for all the recommendations! I actually ended up getting more than I was planning but that’s all good because my personal library was very lacking. As for the no news on the gaming front – May was pretty hectic but you bet I’ve been sitting down with a few of these to test my non-existent skills

And the first one on the list was AI: The Somnium Files because quite a few of you mentioned that it was a good game!

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Video #3: Playing L4D’s The Sacrifice Campaign (Let’s Play)

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And so I am slowly adding more videos to my YouTube channel! Actually, tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut again so once I’m looking more presentable, I thought, maybe I’ll do another video. I’ve been meaning to ever since forever ago and since I’m now on my usual work schedule, I can. For now, here is the “latest” video I put up but perhaps tomorrow I will talk about my next haul

p.s. I don’t really talk when I play. I tried to once before but I think my brain just can’t concentrate on the game and make a running commentary for such a long time! So instead, here is me being quiet (!!)

But it might also have to do with the fact that I don’t have a mic and didn’t realize until AFTER I’d played (but nobody had to hear me scream tragically on my first death soooooo….)

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