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JJK Haul: Buying Many Delicious Men From Onegingek

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I’ve been meaning to write this post since almost six month now, which is around the time I got this in the mail. But every time I would sit down to write, words escaped me. I just wanted to show you all the pictures and scream. Well, today I will do just that!

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So I Started Watching Yashahime (ep 1-2)

It’s here!! I’ve been really excited about this Inuyasha “sequel” ever since I heard about it a few months ago. As an fyi, Inuyasha was my gateway into anime so it’s a series that has a very special place in my heart. And maybe I used to write fanfiction about Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter back in the day. Unfortunately, none of this writing survived BUT well, now I don’t have to imagine it because IT’S HERE…and another surprise…Sesshomaru had kids?! TBH, he’s both the last person I would ever imagine having kids but also that dad that would be silently protective? If Rin is anything to go by

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A New Inuyasha Series?!

Inuyasha was my gateway to anime so when I heard that it would continue I was EXCITED. No, I haven’t finished the main story (although I did get all the way to episode 141 when Hakudōshi is introduced) because it was too long and I wasn’t seeing an ending coming along. Even when the Final Act came out, I still didn’t watch it but I did watch the last scene with Inuyasha and Kagome staying in the village so ok, it’s fair to ask if I really am a fan of this series. I am, it was my OBSESSIon when I was growing up and I collected a ton of the DVDs, shirts, posters, and really anything I could get my paws on

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