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Watching Bluelock (Ep 1-7)

I’m back! I was debating if I should write up something for the next few episodes or just wait until I got to the halfway point. I was worried Blue Lock would only have 12 or 13 episodes but I finally looked up some more information and it’s going to be 24 episodes long

And I didn’t actually want to wait that long!

SPOILERS incoming!

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So I Started Watching Bluelock (ep 1)

Hey everyone! So it’s been a while since I last logged into this site and just, everything looks so different?! Actually, I wasn’t going to post until next year but I started watching Bluelock and knew I had to come back and do a bit of screaming

I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to watch this. I’d seen the manga plenty at the bookstore and I even found myself buying a few Bluelock sweaters (because they were on sale) but did I truly know what this anime was about? No. I only knew that soccer would be involved but why were they wearing chains?!

Well, now I know.

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