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Demon Slayer (EP 1 – 26) – Final Thoughts

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So the other day I asked my friend, who went to watch Mugen Train with me and others, if she liked the Demon Slayer series (yes, she went without having watched the series but that was on me, I forgot DS was on Netflix and I didn’t tell her ;;;) and she just smiled and said she loved it. I thought to myself, why does everyone that I know love this series? Maybe I watched it incorrectly?!

If that doesn’t give you a clue about how I felt about Demon Slayer…well, how can I be more direct?

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Witch Hunter Robin

Hey guys! And welcome back to another anime review. Actually, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the urge to pick up this series again and with the weather getting warmer and my strength depleted, I thought it was time to just stay in bed and rewatch this childhood gem! I don’t actually remember where I first watched it but eventually something led to my owning the box set and rewatching the ending song over and over until it became one of the first Japanese songs I learned as a kid. Surprisingly, I still remembered most of the lyrics so you bet I started SUBETEWA ITAMI WO TOMONAUHODO AZAYAKAing to that beauty

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Watching Bleach: The Substitute, The Entry, and The Rescue

Recently I’ve been in the mood to revisit a lot of older content like books and fanfiction so I’m not surprised this also extended into my anime watching habits. Actually, it’s a good thing it did because I haven’t watched nearly enough anime in the last (possibly almost) two years. Now, this all started because my brother came to the living room and announced that his favorite show, the god of all gods, the perfection of orange haired manliness WAS COMING BACK

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