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Anime Expo Purchases! (Manga Haul #4)

So I was going to add this stuff to my Anime Expo 2015 Thoughts post but it got too long and I decided I’d make a part 2 (kind of). And here it is! What did I buy at Expo?

Well, there were some books, pins, and a DVD. And by some books I mean a lot. I had to put most of my clothes in my brother’s bag on the way back because both my bags were too packed carrying my junk >.> haha

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Anime Expo in 1 week!!

Finally, the time of cons is upon us! And up next is Anime Expo in California! This’ll actually be my first time attending and I’m pretty excited and it’s my first 4 day con ever! Ah, the fun will be extended (〃▽〃)

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Going to Anime Expo!!

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Hey guys!! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but this year there’s been an addition to my to-go cons. My brother’s been wanting to go to Anime Expo for a while now and we managed to convince my parents to take us (since we usually go road-tripping at least once in the summer).

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