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ACEN 2018 Manga and Artists Alley Haul (Manga Haul #13)

Is it already summer?! How did half the year already end? I could have sworn it was February last week…

I guess the nice thing about it already being May (into June) is conseason. YUP. ACEN was actually a week or so ago, marking it as my second convention of the year. Usually I post a convention list of where I’m going but lately it’s all been up in the air. The only two conventions I know I’ll be attending in the near future are Colossalcon in OH (early June) and AX in CA (early July). Oh my where will I find the money for such an extravagant lifestyle (lolol)

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Heading to CA for Fanime in 2 Days >_<

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Hey guys! Just wanted to drop by and mention that I’ll be heading to Fanime in 2 days :D! I know I mentioned Fanime a while back and then I completely dropped it. You see, after I quit my job I wasn’t so sure I could go anymore, what with bills, incredibly high debts everywhere, my new computer (which has been put on hold), and just my spending sprees in general. But being at ACEN really made me want to go to Fanime and I last minute booked everything!

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Naka-Kon Haul: My First Year (Manga Haul #11)

Hello everyone! Well now, it feels almost like forever since I was last in Overland Park but really it was only…4 days ago? Ok so maybe it has been a while…that’s weird, how did we get to Thursday so soon?

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2-in-1 Special: Yaoi-con + AWA Buys!!! (Manga Haul #6)

Hey guys! 🙂

So I recently went to two conventions, practically back to back! On the weekend of September 18 – 20 I went to one of my yearly cons, Yaoicon 😀 and from September 24 – 27 I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta! >_< I’ve been a busy congoer this month

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Anime Expo Purchases! (Manga Haul #4)

So I was going to add this stuff to my Anime Expo 2015 Thoughts post but it got too long and I decided I’d make a part 2 (kind of). And here it is! What did I buy at Expo?

Well, there were some books, pins, and a DVD. And by some books I mean a lot. I had to put most of my clothes in my brother’s bag on the way back because both my bags were too packed carrying my junk >.> haha

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