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Jujutsu Kaisen – Why are the boys all so HOT?!

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I don’t think I’ve been very subtle about my newest obsession, which I sometimes think about. I mean, it’s ok if my fellow weeb friends know I can’t get the JJK characters out of my head, but what about my IRLs?! Oh well, I just can’t contain all the emotions! So yes, even my boss knows I can’t stop crying over this weird comic and crying I am, how could you Gege-sensei?!

Now then, the original plan was to write a review on JJK but I’m not sure if I’m sane enough to do that yet. I mean, I’d like to soon, have been aiming for it for the past three weeks, but as you can see, it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next week? I mean, even getting this post out feels like I’m slowly moving in that direction

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A New Inuyasha Series?!

Inuyasha was my gateway to anime so when I heard that it would continue I was EXCITED. No, I haven’t finished the main story (although I did get all the way to episode 141 when Hakudลshi is introduced) because it was too long and I wasn’t seeing an ending coming along. Even when the Final Act came out, I still didn’t watch it but I did watch the last scene with Inuyasha and Kagome staying in the village so ok, it’s fair to ask if I really am a fan of this series. I am, it was my OBSESSIon when I was growing up and I collected a ton of the DVDs, shirts, posters, and really anything I could get my paws on

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