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JJK Haul: Buying Many Delicious Men From Onegingek

I’ve been meaning to write this post since almost six month now, which is around the time I got this in the mail. But every time I would sit down to write, words escaped me. I just wanted to show you all the pictures and scream. Well, today I will do just that!

[Review] Carnal Desire Overflow – A Cute and Unconventional Omegaverse Story by Hatano Cabo

I did my laundry like the good adult I am, which means it’s time to reward myself, and what better way than to start sharing some of my manga reads of the year! I did run a poll a few days ago, asking if you guys would like to see me review the manga I … Continue reading [Review] Carnal Desire Overflow – A Cute and Unconventional Omegaverse Story by Hatano Cabo

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