A February Watch and Readathon

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I was last on here, hehe. Long story short, I got sick and was coddled and then I allowed the coddling and next thing I know, the laziness hits. But I am feeling way better now and I’m starting to wonder why I repeatedly get sick in January. Last year, I was also sick for most of the month and I remember starting the year in bed with something a few times before that. Suspicious? HMMM

Anyway, I’m good now and that means getting ready for weeb stuff, particularly a watch and readathon that is running the month of February. Honestly, I don’t know too much about it aside from what’s in this tweet

With my being sick, I also stopped reading One Piece and any sort of TV watching I may have done. Well, that ends now! I plan to get back to reading this month. Aside from that, I don’t have too many goals

  • One Piece: read as many volumes as I can and write a few reviews along the way
  • Blue Lock: continue watching. I think I left off at episode 6 or 7 and since then, I’ve heard it’s gotten gayer so HEHEHE
  • Gay Dads: sorry, I don’t actually know what this one is called but maybe I should start watching it? I’ll see. I don’t really want to wait weekly…
  • My Hero: both reading and watching. I must reignite this passion! Is it over? I don’t think so, right? And I’m dreading some stuff I’ve seen but I think there’s enough content out at this point for me to pick it up again
  • JJK: I really want to pick up the manga again but like…is it safe? Will I cry? Maybe I should put this off a bit more? Ahhh, idk…

As you can see, I only sort of have a plan. Also, I would like to reintroduced the BL because what is the point if I don’t?! Definitely expect a few reviews for BL manga at some point this month

Now then, I’ve stolen enough time from work to write this, I’ll be back later!

Do you have any plans for February?


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