[Music] Stacy’s Brother by Mad Tsai (Reaction)

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Can you all hear the CONFLICT in my SOUL happening right now?! I wasn’t really sure if I should post this here. I know, I know. Why worry so much? But I just don’t really do anything outside of otaku and geeky stuff and while I have done a few music posts they also fall under those categories. But this? Nope. Not this (or the other post I want to do that is even less adjacent than this one! What should I do?!)

Now that I’ve crisised, let’s move on~

So I’ve been listening to this song for a while now and have been itching to write about it because THE LYRICS. Also, it’s gay. My blog is gay. Perfect match, right? Also, when I said “a while” I thought it was longer than potentially 1.5 months but the video premiered in November so maybe…I’m wrong?? Or do songs come out before videos? As you can see, I’m not a music expert…

Anyway…today is actually the first time I watched this video. I’m not really impressed with the choreography/directing. I mean, I really like this song. I heard it once and instantly put it into my likes because of Tsai’s voice! And the lyrics are funny in a not-entirely-funny kind of way. But the video just doesn’t feel right. It feels novice, which is maybe strange for me, a music novice, to say, but it’s one of those things I can’t explain, I just Feel it

So I won’t talk about that. I’ll focus on the lyrics


stacy’s brother

Can I just say, WOW. First, it’s Stacy’s mother and now it’s her brother…! NGL, I kind of feel for her. I wonder when she’ll get her moment? Am I silently hoping that when she does it will be her gay awakening? Oh snap, what if it references “those two guys” she tried to be straight with but like, she was secretly glad that they didn’t like her because she wasn’t even all into it, and then she meets HER/THEM. Oh my, I think I need to write some fanfiction…

EHERM. I mean

It doesn’t sound like she’s entirely unloved?

When we study chemistry she unbuttons her blouse

Clearly, she’s pushing it and if everyone at school thinks they’re dating, then it’s because they’re both being flirty, right? Or at least she could be and since he [“Tsai”] is playing along for reasons. Not that flirting means anything really buuuuut

Every weekend when we hang out

Would you really be on good terms with a guy you’re trying to (potentially) hook up with/date if he kept brushing you off? Like, it’s not even them just hanging out and Stacy being great at biology and chemistry. She also invites him over!

I’m gonna stay the night at Stacy’s

Which brings us to the DRAMA because this bro…

Every weekend I’m sneaking out through the window of her house

Should I assume that she’s desperate? Because if you’re unbuttoning your blouse, doing the bio and chem lines, AND inviting him over every weekend and still you aren’t the one he’s undressing…UNLESS…this plays even more into the idea of her being gay. OH SNAP. I just had another story element idea *CRIES*

And the truth is it ain’t Stacy I undressed

Ok, last line that I felt was very Stacy centered and then we’ll muddle through the gay because I just love the story that’s happening here

You’re not the only one on my mind

Can I assume that “Tsai” is bisexual? Like, why is he saying that she’s not the only one on his mind and then mentions his feelings for her brother?! It makes me think he’s putting them both in the same box of potential love interest. But I suppose it could also mean that she’s also been on his mind but for different reasons. Perhaps reasons related to guilt? (vs. love reasons)

The way that I’ve behaved is a crime

Is there an unwritten rule that you can’t date your friend’s siblings? Or does this fall more into the “ex’s siblings”? Though I don’t think they’re technically dating? Just…feeling things out? HMMM. I think it’s the progression that makes me question things. For example, when he starts talking about her brother, he says

She’s not the reason I’ve been thinking bout love
Every weekend when we hang out I lose my cool when he’s around, And I don’t know if this is just a crush. How do I find the words to tell her I’m in love with Stacy’s brother

He starts off by saying he’s crushing on her brother and calling it love. And not long after we learn:

She’s not the reason for the bruises round’ my neck

AGAIN, do I assume that Stacy is desperate, oblivious, or like IDK. I suppose she can also not care? I don’t know how people do (pre) dating these days (or any days) so perhaps this is no big deal. Or maybe he covers the bruises? How big are these bruises? Is he talking hickeys or are they doing some kinky shenanigans…Ok, probably not kinky because they’re supposed to be in HS (*exposes self*)

Every weekend I’m sneaking out Through the window of her house

And we’re coming back to this set of lyrics because if it wasn’t obvious where he gets his bruises from…Also, is it easier to sneak out of someone’s window than it is to sneak out through their door? It just seems like a lot of extra effort? I mean, maybe it’s not cold so she won’t feel anything, but I also don’t know of many places where bedrooms are on the first floor? …

I hooked up with Stacy’s brother

Although now I’m questioning if the hooking up is happening in the house or if they both sneak out somewhere. I think maybe that would make more sense? Except THE TROUBLE. Wouldn’t it just be easier to hang out with the guy as just a natural progression of “dating” his sister and then do a “guys’ night” at some point? Like oh yeah we both realized we like this thing that’s totally not dicks and started to hang out : ) hehe. Oh god, what am I saying? It’s the telenovelas, I swear

Stacy here’s the truth.

Also, I really like that he confronts Stacy about things. In the video, he does this via a phone call, which is a meh move, but again, that’s not how I imagined it. If it were me, I’d probably just disappear into the void without a word though so he’s one-upped me

I still want to be best friends But I don’t want to pretend The way that I’ve behaved is a crime

And thus, my bisexual dreams have been crushed? He’s calling them best friends so I can assume nothing truly happened between them? Can I also take this as Stacy not actually being interested in him and say that everyone thinking they’re dating is just the hetero-agenda that always happens when a guy and girl are “friends”? Does this require another set of quotation marks? Is he trying to keep the peace? Or maybe he wasn’t 100% uninterested at the start but now is because he’s way more into her brother?

So many burning questions!

Have you heard this song? What are your thoughts? Does anyone know if Stacy gets her own good ending? LOL. If you want to see the full lyrics, they’re in the YouTube description. I didn’t really want to copy them all on here because that’s a chunk of text. You can also see them here if you don’t want the video to play. This was fun to write. Maybe I’ll do more?

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