Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp (First Impression)

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After finishing up Dream Daddy, the first game on my list to start was Monster Camp. Actually, I knew there were three games but I wasn’t sure which one was first and since Camp is the one that stood out to me the most, I picked this one. Turns out it’s the second game, oops!

Monster Camp is a dating sim where you play as a very desperate and horny monster that hopes to sway one of their hot and sexy monster campmates into a passionate summer fling.

Oh, yes~ We’re going to have to add monsterfucker next to furry on my profile because wow. WOW. I did not think I had it in me pfff who am I kidding, fanfic corrupted me long ago. I mean, all of these monsters are so hot, please, someone give me a chance!

Even before playing the game, I really like all of the settings we’re allowed to mess with. I left all of the trigger warning filters on because NGL, some of this humor is my favorite. And it did not disappoint! Especially the toilet humor. That’s a hit-and-miss but there was one particular scene where I nearly died. Partially from mortification at being called a pervert but mostly because it was hilarious

It looks like this is where we also get a summary of the DLCs we have. I think I only got some playable characters but am not sure for which game they were for. Probably not this one

In terms of who we are, these are the four options, and can I saw OH MY. I instantly gravitated towards our sleeping and drooling zombie because ok, he’s hot, but also, zombies. I like zombies. I also really liked our brown creature sitting next to flaming hot. I haven’t figured out what monster he’s supposed to be though…

As of today, I’ve played with both of them the most. Zombie boy is number one but I can see yellow T catching up. I also played with the Frankenstein next to Zombie boy, but I didn’t feel especially attached to them so I kind of stopped. I haven’t used the last character and I’m not entirely sure I will? But here’s the next best part!

WE CAN CHOOSE PRONOUNS. I don’t know how to feel about this. I’m like super excited this is a thing and am screaming, but also, is it ok to be this excited over something so simple?! Also, I named my zombie boy Luc because I’m still crying over Boyfriend Material and I mean, he looks like a Luc, right? He’s giving off Luc vibes

This is all before I even jump into the game!

There’s also a section after this where I’m asked to pack three items. I am not 100% sure what this is all about.


I’ve played a few rounds of this (~12 hours worth) and am starting to think that your beginning stats are based on what you choose. But I’m not sure. All I’ve noticed is that whenever I choose an item, an emoji corresponding to a certain stat appears

After finally getting my character set up, I pretty much start the game.

First up is the icebreaker Q&A. This apparently determines who your target campmate is. I’ve sort of figured out which prompts go with who at this point, but sometimes I’ll get a question where I’m like oooo, I wonder who it will be! Did I have a certain monster I especially wanted to bang? YES. My number one is Damien, the prince of Hell!! I mean, if I’m going to have a passionate summer fling with a monster, I gotta choose the best. GO HARD OR GO HARD!!

But after playing the game a few times, I also started to feel butterflies for Milo, who is a Grim Reaper (and SM celeb). Sadly, neither has any time for me!

Actually, I was starting to think I was really bad at the whole dating sim thing, but then I started to get better as I played some more. I still think I’m doing a bit poorly considering I’ve already played for some 12 hours, but I’m having fun and that’s what matters

Except, why do they all have to constantly reject me?! MY HEART CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH

There’s so much more about this game I’d like to gush about, but before I do that, let me unburden myself.

As much as I really enjoy the game and its seemingly endless interactions and endings, I also don’t like how I have to play through a whole game without being able to save or load. I suppose in that sense the game is saying that I have to live with the consequences of my choices! And oh, does it hurt

Something else that I was initially not feeling was the way I interact with the game. This is the map of the camp and all I do is flit from one place to another, and depending on which game length I choose at the start (30 vs 60 minutes), the number of weeks I have to seduce my campmate changes. But the more I played, the more I realized that what makes this work is that there are tons of stories, and the stats matter

Each location gives you a certain type of stat but you can also easily earn or lose a different type of stat depending on how you interact with your crush, which you will always encounter at each location you choose. And there’s a bar that can either help or hinder you in your horny pursuits!

During your stay at the camp and on your quest to get a date to the Meteor Shower (aka. summer fling), you get to have two drinks made by a magical cat! The drinks all have different effects relating to your stats or the route endings. The thing is that when you start, you pretty much don’t have a lot of control regarding which drink you get. Luckily, there’s a store where you can trade in memories you made during each gameplay, and bam! You can start choosing your drinks, ideally so you can better impress your desired campmate

I am still earning some memories so I can unlock some of the secret endings


I’m really enjoying this game even though I wasn’t entirely convinced at first. I thought the gameplay was too simple and even got a bit bored, but after discovering all of the different elements of the game, I’ve become invested! There’s so much I still haven’t even covered like Pappy the CEO and the many checklists under the main menu. And the 49 achievements!! I’ve only unlocked 7 of them as of the writing of this post so I have a long way to go

But I’m curious, have you played this game before? Or any of the adjacent games? Are you enjoying it/did you enjoy it? What monsters catch your eye?


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