[Dream Daddy] Escape From Margarita Zone – I want more?!

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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that after “finishing” Dream Daddy I mean, I still had to finish 2 dates but I was as close to finished, I went online to look up what those hidden achievements for the game were. I wanted to get them all because I believe in being the best (…)!!! That’s when I learned about some of the bad endings of the game, which kind of blew my mind. Dream Daddy was such a no-stress and feels-good type of game, now you’re telling me I COULD DIE?! How fun!

So I did everything I could to get those “you died” moments, which were somehow still feels-good because the cause of my deaths were so insane, they were hilarious!

Then I found the gem of GEMS.

Apparently, there’s an achievement involving a secret ending!

I knew I had to get more details and I finally found…some answers. I actually tried thrice to get this achievement and it only worked after I set up a few things in the second replay

You see, you can only get this ending if you have a very specific daddy. The guy had to be named Jimmy Buffett and his body build and clothes have to match this image perfectly. That’s what I did on my first try, but it didn’t work. I think I cried when it didn’t

Build: Thick tank bod, Oval head, Balding hair, Wide eyes, Roman nose, Cheese mouth, Wizard brows, No facial hair, Pilot glasses, No piercing, and Tommy bananas suit

After failing and not knowing why, I went on my merry way and dated my next two daddies (and continued to look up on the internet WHY I couldn’t get the secret ending). Then I found it! The answer!!

I think it was in a Steam chat or forum. I’m not sure how that all works, but apparently, for you to get the secret ending, you first have to (with this specific daddy) go on two dates with Robert. Two successful dates. On Robert’s second date, he gives you a pocket knife, which is vital in the secret ending.

p.s. Just to be safe, you can also input a very come hither Joseph dadbook profile during that first build: Polish and sort my coin collection, A boat, obviously, A well-manicured lawn, Salty boat captain, Romantic comedies, Doing a 1,000 piece puzzle together, A sensible cardigan, and Potential ends of the world. I think they’re pretty obvious.

I remember inputting that information on my playthrough but I can’t say if it did or didn’t affect my ability to get the secret ending.

After finishing the second date, I went ahead and made a new Jimmy Buffett profile and I kid you not, I was playing this game at night and felt the need to turn on the lights. The fun music stopped and it was like I entered a haunting

I very confidently chose GIVE ME THIS NIGHTMARE!! And it was so messed up.

Part of me wonders if maybe this is the conflict I had with Joseph. Maybe I could sense his evilness and that’s why I couldn’t stay away. I’m all for those bad romances. Also, I just really REALLY liked some of the revelations that were made in this explicitly stated non-canon ending. I mean…Joseph is right. Why indeed were there so many hot single daddies with spouses that met tragic endings? And Robert is full of air but also, we DID see something strange that one night…

The spooky vibes were on point and I’m actually not going to say anything else about it because I think it’s a really cool route and I wouldn’t want to spoil it! Just know it’s about a cult and, well, you can see that Joseph is involved. Also, apparently, this takes place “during” our third date so like…yeah, beware~

And, of course, I couldn’t help but wonder about the way things ended. I mean, what was up with Joseph’s kids? As in, where were they now and how were they to survive if, I’m assuming, Mary wasn’t going to continue what Joseph was up to? Because if she didn’t care, then why interfere, right? And what exactly caused all of her misery? Was it guilt? That she knew all of what was happening and didn’t try to stop it? It’s not canon but I really wish we could have seen the rest of this story! Plus, just in canon, I’m really curious why Mary goes out and drinks and flirts. Clearly, she’s not happy regardless of the ending

I think it would have been really cool to see this through, especially considering that many players have made many connections between the canon and this cult ending, but I also understand wanting Dream Daddy to be a feel-good game

Have you guys played this cult ending? What did you think? Did you catch any of these ominous vibes? Actually, just reading that list is making me want to replay the game and see if I can catch what they’re talking about!!

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