10 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy Right Now!

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Hey everyone! And welcome back to another post relating to Bloganuary. I was actually just looking at their website and I saw day 7 and just…Oh god. It involves writing a short story or poem! But maybe I can twist the prompt to my choosing… But I’m getting way ahead of myself. I’m only on day 5’s prompt, which is *drumroll* What brings you joy in life?

Actually, I thought I had already written a post similar to this (potentially an OWLS post…) but I can’t seem to find it. What I wanted to do was a sort of part two and just double check I wasn’t repeating myself, then I thought, what the heck!

In no specific order:


[Review] That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?

Can I just say that BL isekai give me LIFE! I mean, I haven’t loved all of the ones I have encountered but clearly there are…

Sadly, it looks like it’s been a hot minute since I last posted on the blog about my latest BL manga read, but don’t worry, we’re getting there! Also, I don’t even know what it is about BL manga that I absolutely ADORE because it varies by title. But reading BL always makes me happy, especially if it’s cute and funny, which these two ARE. Omg, just thinking about them is making me tear up!

Older Characters in Manga

There’s nothing wrong with almost all the anime and manga that I read featuring mainly kids in high school, but after a while, many of their stories get very dull. I like it when we start getting into the work setting, which isn’t uncommon in BL, so in that sense, I like it when BL characters show they’re aged. I think I’ve only encountered a handful. It’s nice to be a youthful adult too of course, but IDK, I like the idea that in my future, even as an old person, I can still feel love, have crushes, and be a dork. Also, older characters are definitely hotter. That’s why everyone always ages them up. Who wants scrawny high schoolers?! Nobody!


I have no explanation for this. I don’t know why but I just LOVE to ship characters together. Not always. Sometimes I don’t especially have ships for shows, sort of like in Haikyuu. I think I got “into shipping” Haikyuu characters only after I saw fanart and even now I only do it halfheartedly. Like, there’s something about that show that’s very non-shippy (for me, in my eyes). But everyone else? SHIP. That’s what I’m doing with One Piece omg!! I’m waiting for that moment when I get a spark of inspiration. This is only the beginning, hehehe

Fanart of My Loves

THE THINGS FANARTS MAKE ME DO. Like watch anime I said I’d never watch again because I was traumatized, but you know, can’t say no to a character I hardly know! Sometimes I think I’m even more in love with fanart than I am of the actual anime or manga. If they came out with official merch and flashed it at me I’d be like hmmm, ok. Have a fanartist do that and watch how fast I throw my money at them. IM SORRY, but they just put way more effort into things more times than not. Especially the US merch that we get…*sigh*

Also, if it’s shippy fanart, even better, hehehe


I LOVE FANFICTION. I can’t help it. I think I might even love fanfiction more than books. There’s just something so nice about the process of reading fanfiction stories where you get a chapter at a time and then the authors will usually write something in the notes section. I love that sort of communication like you’re in the know about random things from chapter to chapter. Or even when it’s only one 25,000 words chapter, IDK, I can feel the love and dedication put into a piece?? Not to say you don’t feel that in a book or manga, but it just hits different

Maybe it’s the ship. Yup, it’s those gay little babies of mine (hmm, I don’t think I ever checked to see if this fic ever got finished…)

Anime Cafes

If there’s anything I’m happy about it’s that these anime collab events (plus exhibitions) won’t ever go away. At least, I don’t think in my lifetime, which means I have a few more years to go to my first one! I really REALLY want to go to one omggg! It would be so awesome!! They could serve me OJ and I’d pay $10 as long as they slap something weeby on it, LOL. I’ve been in their vicinity twice and both times I couldn’t go inside. Once was a Kirby one so I wasn’t especially excited, but even if I was, it was full. The other time I didn’t know this was a thing and when I went to USJ…I didn’t think to go to the collab restaurant *cries*

I’m game if anyone wants to take meeeeeee!! The other thing is that I don’t even know what accounts I should be following to learn about these, but whenever I stumble upon a post, I get so happy and giddy!

Anime Exhibits

I Went to a JJK Exhibit Last Year!

Yesterday we went back to Golden Week (May), today I’d like for us to go back even further. I’m still looking through my shelves to see what…

Slightly similar except not really because exhibits don’t have food. And food is delicious and amazing. But so are anime exhibits omggg! I was so lucky to have randomly encountered one, what, almost a year ago?! It was a JJK-themed one and it was so cool! It was also really small and I’ve heard that there’s some crazy big and epic ones. My friend told me to go to the Sailor Moon one but I didn’t have time. Apparently, that one was amazing. So yes, seeing these, especially the BL ones, always make me extremely happy because ONE DAY


If it wasn’t already clear from all the things I listed before showing you all this cat dessert, I love LOVE cute things. BL, ships, fanart, stories, the collabs, all of that is cute to me, which is probably why I love it so much. But I also had to show you that my life isn’t all about anime and manga. Only like 95%. The other 5% is a mash of randomness, like desserts. Especially cute dessert like this! I really like this account and really any account that posts things that involve strawberries, desserts (in a cute aesthetic), and miniature items

IDK if you all noticed this RT of mine where it’s a miniature strawberry sofa. AH, it made my day~


I decided to have the heading be “writing” instead of “blogging” because I feel like I do a variety of writing (depending on my mood). Often it’s just me crying about things that I like here on ANFC, but I also just love writing stories, as I mention in this post! There’s just something very fun about it and I always feel so giddy whenever people mention they like what I’ve written. In fact, since I wrote this post, I’ve gotten such beautiful words in my inbox that I’m probably set for the whole of my existence. I can die happy now, LOL


I feel like I complain a lot about having to interact with people, but honestly, people do make me happy. I love interacting with people online via Twitter and my blog, via messages of any kind, and even in person. I mean, I would willingly choose to go to someone’s house rather than call them (although social interactions are a whole other hurdle). So while I’m dreading having to go back into society, the truth is that I really do miss my coworkers, my kids, and definitely the cafe workers (and their yummy cute food!)

And this includes some of my family as well. Some of them stress me out too much to be any joy, LOL. But generally, I love long talks on the phone with my mom because that’s how it is now. I’d prefer in person but gotta wait

There are certainly way more things that bring me joy in life such as all of my individual 2D crushes. I’m currently simping for Yuuta Okkotsu but I know Toji is going to be animated soon so maybe I’ll go back and forth between the two. Oh god, it’s going to take eons before I see time skip Yuuta, isn’t it?! I’m not so joyful anymore!!

Sukuna’s voice always makes me happy too like oh boy yes please tell me how you wanna kill me

Food also makes me very happy. Ideally, if it’s homecooked and not made by me. Looking at art is always an experience but I don’t like all art either. I’m very picky. Buying stationery always makes me happy! Actually, shopping of any kind usually feels really nice, but I don’t, especially like that it dents my wallet…

What about you all? What makes you happy/brings you joy in life?

9 thoughts on “10 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy Right Now!”

  1. Wow, you have a lot of things that bring you joy! I totally agree with you, on the outside I think that isekai is totally over done, but in my heart I still love reading isekai manga! Particularly the historic/fantasy romance kind!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. im easily pleased and distracted LOL i think it’s totally ok to like things that are overdone, i think they’re popular for a reason 😀 i know i like isekai too even tho i always say i don’t xD what would you say is your number one?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Villains Are Destine to Die. It’s definitely on the dark side, but I just love how strong and determined the hero is! The artwork is really awesome and the character design is lovely! I also like that the love interests in the story are also the main characters adversaries.

        Liked by 3 people

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