My Steam Library Keeps Growing?!

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This is kind of embarrassing, especially since I still haven’t finished playing through the games I bought the last two times there was a sale on Steam! But of course, I couldn’t ignore the call of the “all your items in your wishlist are marked down give us your money”. Except that this time it was an adventure

So, apparently, the fact that I no longer live in the US is a big factor when it comes to purchasing games. I thought, cool, that’s fine. Except that it wasn’t entirely. First point being that I don’t have a card I can use to splurge on all the temptations of the internet, which is why I have to go to a convenience store and buy those prepaid cards. I have never used one before! So I was a bit nervous, especially since I don’t know the brand. To stay on the safe side, I decided to look up where I could buy a Steam card. Figured it would make sense to buy a Steam card for Steam

Nobody told me it wouldn’t be compatible and I nearly panicked when I couldn’t load the $100 I spent on that card. Long story short, I had to do this whole process of changing my region by buying a game using a local payment method. Except that I didn’t know this and I did all these extra steps I didn’t need to. I was doing this at like midnight and I nearly cried. I was so stressed. Eventually, I figured things out though and BAM, money spent

So before I start to unpack everything, I don’t actually own 13 new games. It’s more like 8 games and 5 DLCs. Also, this time I took my time in going through games that I felt I would enjoy more than games that I thought were cool. I mean, I enjoy those too, but sometimes I can’t play them because I only have my laptop on me right now. Also, sometimes I just want a game that doesn’t stress me out

First up are these Beautiful Glitch games!

These were actually the last ones that I bought but I wanted to show them first because I got 3 of the games and 2 of the DLCs. I don’t even know if I’ll actually like this game but the videos on each game’s page sold me. It’s a dating sim except the characters are all some type of monster and it’s LGBTQ and indie. Plus, I LOVE the art!! And the VAs sound great! I’m actually super excited about playing these. The DLCs are additional playable characters and even now I’m debating if I should go back and just get all the content for this franchise

My goal is to start playing this before the sale ends and if I do like it, I’ll go back and get the outfits and the soundtrack. Gotta support things we love!

Gunfire Reborn

Another one I instantly fell in love with (for different reasons) was Gunfire Reborn! This one was a bundle and came with the main game and a DLC that looked like it would be an extra map so I really liked that. I like DLCs that involve more game time! What got me here was the art. OML, everything looks so beautiful! And it was recommended to me because it’s similar (I guess) to L4D, which is one of my favorite games. I knew I was going to get it as soon as I saw the look but I was even more convinced when I saw that one of my brothers had purchased it as well (and it looked like he was enjoying it if his achievement progress was any indicator)

Neko Navy

I don’t usually get games like this because I am usually lured by nice art, but like I mentioned before, I wanted to get fun games. Games that didn’t require too much effort, not just in terms of how I play it but also just a simpler style. Also, the price wasn’t too bad. I think it’s about $5 right now! This type of game also reminds me of the 2D games I used to play as a kid so there’s also that nostalgia that made me get it

Random but there’s a bundle for this game that has EIGHTY-ONE games?! I have no words


I ended up finally getting Hades! It’s a game I’ve been meaning to get for a while now because LOOK AT IT. I love the visuals, it’s got really good reviews, and it’s affordable (for me now). There is a bundle that is available, but I already owned some of the content that was included and then some of the other stuff is what I consider fluff. It’s just content I’m not really interested in. I’m really excited to play this one and I’m still on winter break sooooooo

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

Next up is this game! I’m actually not sure how I found it because it’s not being recommended to me like some of the others, but I had to get it because of the very Japanese vibes it was giving off. I thought it would be an interesting game to play, but now that I’m writing this, I’m seeing the “difficult” tag on the store page and am wondering if I chose correctly, lol! I think I’ll have fun with it

ARK: Survival Evolved

I was trying to figure out why I got this game because it wasn’t ringing any bells, but after revisiting the store page, I remember. I really like games that are in this POV and the style looked nice. I’m kind of going in blind with this one because I haven’t really heard of it (not that I’m in the gaming community all that much, but still) but the reviews looked to be all positive and I figured, may as well!

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book

Last on the list of my recent buys is this. Was this always there?! Why didn’t I see it?! Or maybe I did and I just don’t remember. But it’s apparently been out since 2018… I’m writing this post (and scheduling it) on the day that I bought these games so I haven’t had a chance to even check this out even though it’s only a comic book. I really want to! But I told myself I’d finish the game before I jumped on this. I am so excited!! It looks like the comics are all in different styles, or at least I’m assuming so based on the slides. So yeah, the reason I’m trying to get through Dream Daddy isn’t just so I can write a review for it. It’s also so I can read this!

That pretty much wraps up my winter sale buys (maybe…). I actually am making it a goal of mine to start going through my games and since I only really buy more when there are big sales, I’m pretty sure I can at least sample a few before the next big one. Also, I will hopefully be reunited with my desktop in the summer sooooo, even better!

There was one game I really wanted to get, but it was too expensive. I’d heard there was a Demon Slayer game so I looked it up and it looks so cool! I really like playing anime games like this. I feel they’re very simple, which is great for a gamer like me. Maybe I’ll buy it next year (hopefully it’s less expensive too, lol)

Anyway, feel free to add me on Steam! I have no idea how to share a link but I’m listed as Lisette and have Suga as my pfp

Did you all buy any games?


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