[Dream Daddy] I Found My Hubby!

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I had A PLAN but then I spent the end-of-year holidays playing games and now I am here writing this post! Actually, I really wanted to hurry up and finish this game because it’s been ages and I need to move to other games, and I didn’t want to without writing a proper review for it. But the more I thought “oh, I’ll write a review with what I got so far” the more I panicked, thinking maybe I wouldn’t write a good enough review. A review that completely encompassed the game

So I decided to quickly play through the last three dates and O-M-GGG. I am so glad I did that because I have SCREAMS. I have lots of screams

ICYMI (because it’s been a while), here are the previous Dream Daddy posts I made

And for the sake of saving time, but also because I kind of went for a 2-for-1 playthrough, today I will talk about the Robert and Damien dates!…or at least the dates I went on with them first. Let’s just say one of these two bad boys surprised me and instead of spoiling it, I’m just going to allude to it in the next Dream Daddy post I put up (which, spoilers? will be the Final Review post)

As a refresher, both Damien and Robert were NOT in my immediate dating books, which is why I’m only getting to them now. Robert is kind of…not my style. I don’t know, there’s just something about his very standoffish attitude that doesn’t scream “come at me baby” so it’s very hard (for an awkward Dad such as myself) to approach him. He’s the type of guy where you’re not sure if he’s joking or if it’s ok to laugh…like, if he told me he killed a man I wouldn’t be sure if he was seriously confessing to being a murderer or if he was, you know, joking…

But I tried. I tried.

And he kept leaving me on read!

Here’s a not-great recording of my playing. I think the angle isn’t great but it’s what I had at the moment

Only contacting me when he wanted to have sex, which, as a very young and sometimes horny Dad, I was up for. But after he kept ignoring me time and time again, I grew a backbone (and some self-respect) and dropped him.

Haha, just kidding. He dropped me. As if I would learn self-respect

I wish I had a screenshot of the “dates” we had but I recently wiped my computer and (apparently) along with that went my mouse settings. But this was the lowest score I ever got! I was at D level!! In my defense, these weren’t dates and Robert never let me get anywhere close to him. I tried by rejecting the hookups (in hopes we would, you know, go on a proper date instead) and he was like “ok bye” *sigh*

But I think he was hoping to bang with Craig and as Craig’s BFF, I had to protect him. Only I can go there buddy! (lol). GOD, Robert made it so obvious he was just using me, too. I’m still so mad I can’t help but laugh

After going down that very disappointing route, I decided to go out with Damien next. I figured that with all the rejections I’d been getting from this game, surely another wouldn’t hurt as much, right?! My Daddy heart has turned to stone. I can handle the next one

Dating Damien was WAY longer than I expected! But oh, I LOVED IT.

Moya, you definitely have a better eye for men than I do.

Even though I LOVE Craig, I felt like I wasn’t genuinely myself with him. And my “I” I mean both me as in Crimson and me as in Axel (Dad character). I felt like we were always trying to choose options to please him and kind of going into slightly uncomfortable (for me) flirty banter. I mean, I was happy. I love him, he’s so sexy! But it was clearly not a great match. What can I say. I think I am Axel Ace and he is me. We are both not into exercising and we’re OLD

But being with Damien was so…natural?!

I don’t know how to explain it. We didn’t really have too many things in common, what with him being very Victorian Vampire and living in a home full of gargoyles, but it worked. I felt like the way we connected, if a bit awkward at first, just went perfectly.

So like, clearly, I MUST MARRY HIM. Daughter, I found you a papa and he comes with a brother.

And getting to do fun things with Damien wasn’t just an “us” activity. I felt like I really connected and did more fun stuff with my daughter because of him. Am I in love? YES. YESSSSS. Just listen to me screaming, I CANT

Also, not to brag HEHE, but I got S-rank on ALL OF OUR DATES. Ahhhh, he’s so perfect. Why does this game stop at just three dates and at Amanda’s graduation backyard party?! Damien and I clearly need to get together

I felt like I scored with all of the choices I had to make with Damien, except for one part where I didn’t get hearts and dicks. I got that menacing black aura but I still managed to get the S-rank score so it wasn’t too bad.

I’m sorry Damien, but I have to go on a few more dates with two more Dads. FORGIVE ME.

Depending on how I feel about the next two dates, I may or may not drop another update. It depends on how much screaming I feel I need to do.

And honestly, I don’t feel like I will be screaming much? Brian is always competing with me so I’m not sure how successful our dates will be and Hugo, well, he’s classical nerdy and my character (apparently) is not. I hope it will be successful dating though

As a side note, another character I was surprised about during these two routes was Mary. Apparently, she doesn’t always want to poke out my eyes I mean, I was seeing her man so can’t blame her LOL because in these she was so…amiable?! Or as close as she can be. I honestly felt like maybe we could be friends one day!

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