Watching Bluelock (Ep 1-7)

I’m back! I was debating if I should write up something for the next few episodes or just wait until I got to the halfway point. I was worried Blue Lock would only have 12 or 13 episodes but I finally looked up some more information and it’s going to be 24 episodes long

And I didn’t actually want to wait that long!

SPOILERS incoming!

So I just realized that I didn’t talk about the crazy looking eyes in Blue Lock in yesterday’s post, which I think is like their thing. I mean, we do have the glowing eyes in Kuroko when the guys are in the zone and Hinata will go feral when he gets serious, but THESE EYES are something else. I haven’t decided if I like them or not. I think part of the reason is that it’s linked to a “demon” inside of the characters, which we do see often as a lurking shadow near the characters. I get what it’s supposed to be but my brain is like hmmm, no??

Or maybe it just depends on who the character that goes off is. I mean, Isagi is usually pretty cute, just look at that screencap!


Honestly, with the way things started, I thought Bachira would have more presence. I mean, he’s so cool! But after the first episode’s performance, I feel like he’s sort of mellowed out. Perhaps we’re supposed to wait for his episode before he goes off again. Still, I really like him during downtime too because he’s so cute! I think he really works well with the team…even though he was the one who started trouble on day 1

Am I getting angsty though? YES, especially after this little booger betrayed Team Z. I don’t want to doubt Bachira but he does want to be number one, right?! What if he’s also just biding his time for something?! I don’t know if my heart will be able to take it

I think we need another sports anime death

I’m actually not sure why I’m so upset. I KNEW things were going to be messy once they started climbing to the top, but perhaps there was a part of me at the back of my mind that was like “they can be BFFs!”. I mean, they were getting along really well but, in hindsight, I realize that was his goal. MANIPULATIVE BASTARD

I’m actually curious as to how things are going to work out now. He can’t really be trusted, as we do see him trying to work with the enemy team AGAIN at the end of episode 7. I remember that Ego let his bastardness go during the game, but like, what now? Does team Z just have to work around this? I mean, they could isolate him but that still leaves them at a disadvantage. Will they manage to bring him back from the bastard side or will Ego interfere?

I must take deep breathes and focus on my babies, which are currently these three

Yes, there is now a third character I have adopted into my fold. I call him soccer Ichigo because I don’t actually know his name (Kunigami, I just looked it up!). He’s RIPPED. I don’t care for muscular guys but I had to mention it. That’s another reason I call him soccer Ichigo. But the reason I like him (aside from his pretty face) is that he’s so honest and straightforward about things.

Not a backstabbing bastard like other Bleach lookalikes. I also may or may not be forming ships already like the OT3 potential here is HIGH. It’s Bachira, he’s the link

ALSO, during one of those cute after credit scenes he’s seen offering his steak to Isagi and buzz cut, who have terrible lunches. HE’S TOO KIND FOR THIS SYSTEM

Speaking of the system. I also realized I didn’t talk much about the mechanics and I just want to say WHAT?! So apparently you get to wear this really cool outfit that has some sort of technology imbedded in it because they’re able to see their rank on the uniform in real time. So, after they did some tests to see where they fell physically (stamina, jumps), the number changed on the suit! Does this exist?! Why am I now getting scifi vibes from this?! Am I just easily impressed by anything tech?!

Also, why are they always barefoot? It pains me. The floors don’t look very warm or comfortable (though I guess they could be heated…hmm)

And their food! It’s served based off their rank! So if they suck (supposedly), they’ll have sucky food. I mean, nattos not that bad and I hear it’s good for you, but is it enough to sustain a growing boy during this soccer boot camp?

Episode 7 does end on a good note, though I can’t say it was as exciting as I hoped. And by good note I mean That Bastard got kicked around (too bad he was saved) and ANDDDD, we met this beautiful white haired boy. I AM NO LONGER MOURNING. In fact, I can’t believe I was crying over Kira being eliminated so early. I should have caught it from just his name that he wouldn’t be part of my children. But this guy, THIS GUY. His name is Nagi

I hope he goes far, my sleepy child!

You know that purple haired guy from Kuroko? He’s giving me his vibes because he’s so low energy and bleh, but clearly he’s got skills. He’s on a top team! I want to see what he’s got. He also kind of reminds me of Near from Death Note…

There are a lot of people on Team Z that I don’t care for, which is sad considering we’re already on episode 7. Imagine the impact of eliminations if I actually loved them all. They’re just so loud and don’t do anything…Maybe I need to give them a chance, the games haven’t exactly been to their advantage

Well, I’ll stop there. The next episode comes out in like a day or two so I’ll probably check it out since I’m not too busy. And maybe I want to do a bit of screaming. Also, I was looking at some videos that summarized the World Cup and they mentioned striker and I was like “hehe, I know what that means thanks to Blue Lock, hehe” Orz

But how are you all enjoying this? I feel like I really like it but like in a bashy way, LOL

ps. I talk about this on Tiktok!

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