So I Started Watching Bluelock (ep 1)

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Hey everyone! So it’s been a while since I last logged into this site and just, everything looks so different?! Actually, I wasn’t going to post until next year but I started watching Bluelock and knew I had to come back and do a bit of screaming

I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to watch this. I’d seen the manga plenty at the bookstore and I even found myself buying a few Bluelock sweaters (because they were on sale) but did I truly know what this anime was about? No. I only knew that soccer would be involved but why were they wearing chains?!

Well, now I know.

Bluelock starts off like any other sports anime and by that, I mean that the main character, Isagi, experiences a loss in a game that was maybe important to him. It doesn’t seem like it at first since he seems pretty chill about things, but then we learn that this was actually something very big. He had only been trying to detach himself from reality but we did catch him wondering about “what ifs” and he did have that breakdown on his way home

And I feel like this is where the similarities end with other sports anime (that I’ve watched)

Was I invested in the show thus far? Not really. I mean, I had to look up his name just to write this post! I think that what other shows I’ve enjoyed (HQ, KNB, DNA, etc) do really well in the first few minutes is create a main character that I can’t help but like and want to root for. Bluelock doesn’t do that. I have no emotional attachment toward Isagi and I wonder if it’s because I’m not feeling his passion for soccer

Except he is passionate, or he wouldn’t have agreed to go to Bluelock so quickly!

After he losses his game, his parents tell him about some mail he got. Apparently, he and hundreds of other soccer players were invited to be part of a program called Bluelock that would unlock their potential as strikers. They would be locked into competition with each other and Ego, the coach who created this system, would push them to develop their egos, which he believes is what is keeping Japan from winning a World Cup (their lack of ego). The last person standing would undoubtedly be the best and would be able to play as the striker in Japan’s national team

Meanwhile, everyone else who losses would forfeit the chance to ever be part of the Japan team

As someone who has nothing to lose and much to gain, Isagi is the first to accept this opportunity.

Do I think this is a sketchy program? Yeah? Like, nobody knew who Ego was and he was being a little crazy but I suppose since he’s backed by the JFU, he was legit. I’m also curious as to how this is possible, like, aren’t these kids supposed to be at school? The facility seems to be soccer only so are they just…not going to school? I mean, I guess HS isn’t mandatory in Japan but they are technically enrolled in school so like…how do their parents just go “yeah go away for six months, it’s all cool”

We do meet a lot of the main cast in the first episode and oh boy are they quirky. Considering the terms of the program, many of the characters don’t get along like they normally would in your typical sports anime that highlights friendship and memories. Here, it’s all about being the best, even if that means picking on the weak, and Isagi and his new teammates just so happen to be the weakest of all the competitors

They also happen to be the cutest if you ask me

I got attached to two characters by this point. Bachira the cute little koala clinging to soccer Ichigo there is one. There’s just something about his attitude that is so refreshing and carefree, which, considering the circumstances, is nice. He’s also very athletic and flexible so I was instantly like omg he’s boss. He’s also that type of character you just want to root for!

The other is my white-haired anime boy. I made a passing comment while watching this because there is a history of white-haired boys dying in anime…PLS I TAKE IT BACK GIVE HIM BACK

I have conflicting emotions about this whole series but I can’t help but keep watching. I mean, I don’t know a lot about soccer so I can’t say Ego is wrong, but also, I thought I would be watching something fun and low-stress. This is not low-stress

I’ve never watched Squid Games but this feels like soccer squid games

How far will the #1 go to be #1?

ps. I talk about this on Tiktok! I will be posting the ep 7 quick thoughts maybe today. I have time to watch the next episode

3 thoughts on “So I Started Watching Bluelock (ep 1)”

  1. Hey, long time no see! Welcome back! A couple weeks ago WordPress change its lay out and it totally through me for a loop. Yeah, a lot of anime fans have really been excited over Blue Lock. I hear it’s very good. I’m not a huge fan of sports anime, so I probably will be experiencing this one vicariously by reading everyone else’s post about it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Yeah it looks so strange! But I’ll get used to it lol i don’t usually follow anime but like i couldn’t not check out bluelock, i was so curious xD it’s alright, entertaining def and same to you ๐Ÿ˜€

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