[Dream Daddy] Joseph Dates Not That Bad?

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Ok, here is part two of what I played the other day. I mentioned that I did two dates with Mat and talked a bit about how I felt my dates with him were a bit of a fail, especially the first one. WELL, now it’s time to talk about my dates with Joseph

Similar to Mat, my first score with Joseph was in the B range and then I managed to get that up into an A range. What I wasn’t completely sure about was how it compared to Mat’s dates. I mean, I felt like Joseph and I clicked a little bit more, probably because of how our kids all kind of played a role in our dates. Versus with Mat, it was just the two of us. You’d think that would be better, but somehow it wasn’t? Maybe we’re just too awkward (me IRL)

Yet I still only got a B. Craig, come back to me! I can only score high when I’m with you~

Also, as you can see in the score breakdown, I was not very holy. I didn’t even think about that when I sent him that message, but then Axel started talking about how he was going to not be super conscious about the religious aspect of the friendship and I thought, how WOULD I act around pastor friends?! Maybe I would fight them, LOL. Just kidding…that would be a sin…

I’m also starting to like the twins a bit more. Yeah, they’re still creepy, but at least we’re sort of on the same page…for the time being. I am also very confused. Joseph has four kids?! Who is the fourth? Why can’t I remember? He has the twins and then he has the brooding boy who opened the door for me when I stopped by…who is the fourth? Maybe I will find out soon

we uh, fixed the sign

Unlike the other dads, Joseph is also MARRIED. This was something I worried about when I started playing the game but that I completely forgot while dating him. I only remembered after his wife, uh, very directly confronted me. So not only would things not really work out because he’s already married but he’s also very faith-devoted. Why the heck are we even this close? Isn’t cheating a sin? I don’t know but it sounds like it would be and if he got mad at me over a little lie…

Come to the dark side~

I wonder if this is going to be more trouble than it’s worth


I had another unofficial date with him during this time and just, I always go beyond expectation when it comes to him. Just look at my score!

Did I no longer feel my finger after this interactive session? No. But I would do it again just for him. Let’s go virtual running bro~

Overall, I think I had more fun on my dates with Joseph, which included a (failed) baking session with his kids and then a chaperone party with a little cozy heartfelt alone time. I think I enjoyed that we were both kind of dorky and even let loose. Good to know Axel is as bad a dancer as me. I’m curious what the third date will be about. Surely it’s gotta be one where it’s just the two of us since it’s the last date, right? I hope I get at least a kiss. Don’t resist! I know you want to~

The gameplay for him starts at about 1:10:00

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