Dating [Dream Daddy] Mat Was Tough, Let’s Keep Trying!

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It’s that time again! Actually, I kept thinking that I wanted to get back to this game but was a bit busy this past week and even today I should have been doing something else but…I chose to be a nerd. Now then, let’s begin. First up, I didn’t realize that my route with Craig hadn’t officially ended the last time I played so today when I continued playing, I actually finished up that chapter. Oops. I could have had an extra achievement last month but I didn’t realize. This also led to some, uh, interesting struggles

BASICALLY, I didn’t know what to do after the ending credits. I figured the story was just continuous but that was also something I wondered about while playing last month. I was worried about how everything would play out. I mean, if I was hitting on all these guys, wouldn’t that mean I’d get a bad rep? So of course, in hindsight, it makes sense that the game would “end” after I’d had all the dates, right?

I was like wait why and I’m confused and just screaming at my computer. Feel free to witness that in the video

Eventually, I figured things out and went back to an earlier save I had. Thank you me for testing out that save function at least once. Now, my next dilemma was deciding which Daddy to seduce next. I debated between Joseph, Damien, and Mat. I ended up choosing Mat!

Can I just say that it’s probably not a good idea to be screaming over your first date while trying to seduce another? LOL. Yes, I was focusing on Mat but I feel like we were just not clicking. I mean, I don’t know anything about music so things like music puns and the concert we went to (though fun), just weren’t my thing? And it clearly communicated because I did SO BAD on the date

I think I was scoring S-scores with Craig but with Mat I got a B-score. A B!! I was so upset, but it was also just really awkward between us. Here are a couple of scenes I mashed together to show you the disaster that was our first date. I hardly got any hearts sent my way, forget trying to get the D

After my date with Mat I actually got a message from the love of my life and I think I ended up cockblocking. I mean, it was clearly intentional from Craig’s POV because I was getting some I want in his sweatpants vibes from Robert, which doesn’t surprise me. I mean, he tried to get into mine when we first met. I should have said yes, the missed achievement haunts me!

But more importantly, CRAIG IS MINE. I mean, maybe not in this route but STAHHHPPPP, don’t try to get with him, I’ll cry!

After that, I went on a second date with Mat and ended up getting a better score (an A). Still not the best but at least I felt like I was making progress. I probably played for almost two hours today. But I didn’t want things to end like they did with Craig and by that I mean too soon. This time, I decided to try focusing on “multiple routes” and on my third “date” I actually contacted Joseph instead!

I’m not really sure how this will change things (or if they will). Like, what will happen once I complete the third date with Mat? Will I get the ending credits like I did with Craig? What will happen to the progress I made with Joseph then? Will I have to start over? I’m not sure. I guess I’ll have to find out! I wonder if it’s possible to start drama *flashbacks to my multiple Fable wives*

There were a few interesting game interactions during today’s playthrough. They were very confusing and taxing on my hands, haha. And possibly for my computer too. My poor old computer. But yeah, they were very fun and interactive moments. I wish there were more like this

This is the one that was during my first date with Mat. We went to a concert!

I’ll talk more about my dates with Joseph in the next post. I wanted to try and keep this one focused on Mat, though perhaps I didn’t completely succeed in that. Craig is just *muah* Now that I’ve got these two guys at two dates, I think my goal for my next playthrough is to move onto the third date with one of them, most likely Mat since I started with him. Then I’ll kind of see where things go

Also, I didn’t mention it in writing (it’s somewhere in a video) but I want to get Amanda’s bad ending. Just saying it PAINS ME but alas, I must ruin my perfect relationship with my daughter for the achievement. I dread the day I succeed

And if you are brave enough, here is my playthrough for today

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