[Review] That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?

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Can I just say that BL isekai give me LIFE! I mean, I haven’t loved all of the ones I have encountered but clearly there are gems out there and I very much want to share this one. I found this one by coincidence and it started my journey to annoyance at technology. I mean, why is it so hard to navigate the Renta app?! I got so upset I deleted it and decided I’d just use the browser. Now I’m taking out all my frustration on WordPress by writing this review

The title is pretty much self-explanatory but here goes a quick summary. Hajime, a young mafia boss, gets shot and killed by some of his own men who had betrayed the gang, however, instead of dying (or being seriously wounded) like he expected, he wakes up in a forest, completely unscathed and…not in his own body?! Before he can even try to piece together what is going on, he’s found by a strange man who is surprised that Hajime doesn’t know who he is.

It’s only until a very late introduction that Hajime, renamed Ranmaru Mori, is introduced to the strange man. He is THE Oda Nobunaga, which means that Hajime has somehow been transported into the warring states era?!

why can you not breathe?! all i see is cute lap sitting and fingers enwined

I’ve actually been eyeing this title for a long time but it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally picked it up. In fact, I’m very confused (and imagine this has to do with licensing), but apparently, Futekiya released two chapters of this and that’s it. The titles are slightly different but it’s all the same. So, if you want a peek and you have a Futekiya account, go on and check that out

Anyway, I LOVE this! I mean, the start does have some noncon so if you can get passed that, I think the story really sells itself. I mean, even the constant refusal of Hajime’s wishes feels very appropriate to the time and Nobunaga’s station. He’s a lord and if he says he’s going to do X-thing, he’s probably going to do it (unless there’s a stronger opponent to challenge him), which Hajime is not. In fact, Hajime laments that he doesn’t have his body and constantly mentions that the body he is in now is foreign. If you ask me, he looks almost the same, but perhaps the difference can be seen more in color (vs. the black and white we see)

ok his old body looks a bit taller, i would be upset too

What is the same, however, is his personality and I love it!! It’s the reason that Nobunaga decided to take him in and it’s so refreshing. It’s hilarious to see him use contemporary phrases and slang, especially when the other characters repeat it or are like what the heck does that mean? Or when he laments the fact he can’t just Google Map things. I feel ya. But aside from the time differences, I also just like how much energy he has. It might be because he was a gang boss but he has so much pride, isn’t afraid to backtalk, and doesn’t know how to do anything

Those moments are so beautiful. I would also like to join in the bullying because as Nobunaga’s page (a respectable position) that is the only way people can “get at him”. Not that there’s much malice there but still, I want a piece of that too!

As for Nobunaga, I don’t dislike him. I mean, he’s so beautiful. I don’t usually like guys with long hair but please, I can’t deny how amazing he looks. Did he look this amazing IRL? I know nothing about the real Nobunaga. And he’s not a terrible person, which Hajime so very nicely contradicts when he realizes who he is (he gives us the quick history spiel). I think that’s why I’m alright with him. He seems to care about the people under him, the people of Japan (the town), and, in his own ways, he also cherishes Hajime. But that’s all he is so far

I think the main attraction of the book is Hajime. Perhaps it’s because Nobunaga is busy being a lord but he’s not often around and when he is, it’s because he’s watching Hajime or getting steamy with him. I don’t mind the sexy times, but I wish he was more than just a pretty face. Maybe we’ll get that later

Speaking of steamy scenes, they are so beautiful and hot. The blushing faces, the wanting, the anatomy. I’m weak to nice grips

The other thing that interests me a lot is the whole isekai situation. While Hajime has come to terms with the fact that this has happened, it doesn’t stop him from trying to find clues with what happened, which makes me wonder. We’ve already seen a few hints of what happens when he tries to “interfere” so then my question becomes, does that mean there’s no helping Nobunaga’s death? Can I take the cover to assume there MIGHT be a possibility of a reverse isekai?! That would honestly be so cool. I bet Nobunaga would be so cute!

And if there IS a way for Hajime to go back (assuming he’s not dead and maybe just like, in a coma or something) what does that mean for his warring states body? Nobunaga was attracted to his personality so what happens with whoever he “possessed” if that does happen? God, I’m getting flashbacks to this Misawa fanfiction story I read before. We didn’t get answers to that question either

In the same vein, will Nobunaga ever know that Hajime is Hajime and that he’s from the future? I feel like everyone kind of just assumes he’s a bit weird and I’m screaming here like NOOOOOO

Anyway, there’s much more happening but I don’t want to spoil! The story isn’t complete yet and I’m not 100% sure how this works on Renta, which is where you can purchase this masterpiece (each chapter is $2). So far there are 11 chapters out but I didn’t see this title on the upcoming manga page…so when the next chapter comes out is a mystery to me. My vibes for this title were masterpiece, stunning art, steamy, plot-heavy, and noncon (for the first time). I did want to click on the wholesome button but considering how it started, I couldn’t.

But yeah, have you all read this one before? I don’t think I’ve heard much about it, which is tragic. And now I must go hunt a physical copy~

2 thoughts on “[Review] That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?”

  1. I haven’t read this before (I don’t have a Renta account) but it certainly sounds good! I’m kind of surprised that Nobunaga is portrayed as a smoldery guy. In anime or manga he’s usually portrayed as overly violent or really dumb. I’ve gleaned from Japanese media that he isn’t a popular figure in Japanese history. Though he is in quite a few anime, I’ve never seen him shown in a positive light. So this is a bit of a change from that and it makes the series even more interesting to me!

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    1. oh! interesting! when hajime realized who he was, he did make out nobunaga to be not very handsome and a ruthless killer but i didn’t think much about it xD curious how even though he’s not seen in a good light he still appears often enough in anime and games. yeah, renta is a good place to get a lot of manga digitally! i usually keep to futekiya and webcomic sites but when i saw this on there i had to buy lol

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