[Review] Wan Sheng Jie or The Cute Mess That Is Apartment 1031

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I am choking on CUTENESS! AHHHH. So I was doing some research for a post I’ve had planned for ages and the next thing I know I’m browsing through lists on Anime-Planet. And then after that, I’m sitting here watching one of the cutest anime ever. IM CRYING

Wan Sheng Jie is a Chinese anime based on the webcomic by Lingzi. It’s also called All Saints Street: 1031 because the story follows a group of (extremely adorable) supernatural creatures that live together in modern-day China at Apartment 1031. The comic has not been translated but if you can read Chinese you can find it on BiliBili Manga

This show has three seasons and each episode is less than four minutes long. Like any other anime, the first couple of episodes are dedicated to introducing our main characters, which I will scream about soon. And while most of the series is just everyone doing adorable shenanigans, there is a plot that becomes really important in season two. The Demon King has escaped hell and it’s up to all the supernatural creature clans to work together to get rid of him!

the demon king ISNT HE ADORABLE

Neil or Nini reminds me of Yagi from the BL book Yagi the Bookshop Goat, which means I extra love him. I mean, he also has white hair and last time I checked, all white-haired boys were precious. AND HIS PERMANENT BLUSH. He’s honestly the cutest thing I’ve seen recently! He also happens to be the King of Hell everyone is chasing after, which is an interesting depiction. There are many signs of him being a creature of hell, such as his horns, the maleficient creatures he pulls out of nowhere, and his inability to stop from draining the life from living creatures buuuuuuut…he’s also one of the most harmless babies from this show

Actually, I feel like many of the characters in this show have very interesting personalities. I mean, if you were a vampire, what would you do? Ira, my beautiful undead boy decides to dedicate his eternal life to laziness and video games…and then later to bullying. Fair, I respect that

Surprisingly, or not, Lynn, our resident angel is the most human-like. He’s very concerned about money, which is why he tells Ira to look for some new roommates, which he does very well, bringing Nini and later “Long Hair” to 1031. Lynn is also easily swayed by things like praise, which Nini is always very nice about giving away, and even his personal looks and “worldly comforts”. Not to mention his overprotectiveness toward his sister!

But he’s also SOOOO deadpan about things…which makes me want to make a mess of him. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who thought so because EHERM, there’s Nini’s brother who can always coax different expressions out of this cutie!

NGL, the shipping potential in this series is SO HIGH, but my favorite is probably Lynn and Nini’s brother Nick. It’s the classic demon and angel rivalry except it’s super cute because Nick is so easily bullied! He acts like he’s so tough but then Lynn does something to put him in his place and I’m here cheering like YESSS. But he’s not always easy to push around and then the two will go full-out power fighting over the simplest things. Fighting like an old married couple? I THINK YEAH

Similar to Long Hair, who I will show you all next, Nick had a purpose in going to 1031 and that is his brother. He does start shenanigans a few times and was even arrested once, but he also kind of grows on you. I think that’s why Lynn, even though he gets so irritated by everything Nick does, still lets him stay

If there’s a warning for sensitive media, no worries, it’s not NSFW. It’s just protecting your eyes from the CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Also, I could really use some more fanart and some fanfiction for these two, does it exist?!

Also, OMGGGGG THE BLIND DATE EPISODE!!! I AM NOT IMAGINING THINGS BLESS that was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, I’m so emotional right now! STAKE YOUR CLAIM

But EHERM, yes, the rest of the show.

Long Hair is next because yes, we love our werewolves too! And honestly, if Nini wasn’t a complete baby, then that title would go to this guy right here. Yes, he is total simp material and Ira knows it the best, but this guy is also the most naive wolf-boy I have ever seen. He came to the city so prepared for things like theft but clearly, he never thought that there would be more ways to bring down such a cute country boy

Also, he’s a spy but very easily swayed

Like, give him a bone, throw him a ball, touch his fur and call him a good boy and he is PUTTY. As Ira often does, hehe

The art is very simple but fits everything so well, not just the hilarious domestic times but also the more action-filled episodes. The plot also gets resolved quickly. It probably only took two episodes and then we were back to just your random crazy happenings. We met a lot of characters, some of them only appearing a few times, IDK, randomly and with no purpose (like one of their neighbors…), while others (who initially appeared to be random) actually began to play a larger role as the series progressed (like Lily! Lynn’s sister).

There’s some stuff happening there with the whole hell and heaven dynamic but also, I can’t tell if she’s not interested or doesn’t realize…poor Nini!

Similarly, there were characters that were introduced from the start who kind of just faded into the background and I wish we’d gotten to learn more about them, such as our mummy roommate!

In terms of development, I don’t think there is much to talk about. It’s just not that type of show. I mean, there was a character named Evan that appeared to create some conflict with Nini because Nini believed he was a romantic rival, but it didn’t cause any growth if you ask me. Nini was still his usual cute and adorable mess from beginning to end. Since this is based on a comic and the end of S3 didn’t feel like a true ending, I think there’s still room for development. I’m not sure what that would look like though… I mean, I think it’s perfectly alright for Nini to be a soft baby. Yeah, he wants to be cool in Lily’s eyes but he doesn’t have to be

If anything, the only development that I could really see is how everyone grew on each other. They are all different creatures, some of them mortal enemies, and yet they somehow find ways to live together and be friends. Even be flirty~

As you can see, I had a lot of fun with this series! I told myself I would scream too much but I just couldn’t help myself!! But I’m curious, has anyone else checked this out? Also, this art style reminds me of those picrew images! The eyes especially remind me of this one. I thought there was another one that was a bit more similar but I couldn’t find it. Did I imagine it?!


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