My First Official BL Merch! (Unboxing)

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I kept telling myself I would come back. I would not abandon the blog! But I’ve also been so tired lately. It’s not been a good week. Then, I got this package and I thought, I MUST share it! That was a few days ago. Then I got another package today and just…there’s a lot of unpacking to be done. For now, I’ll only share this one because I’m too tired to open the most recent box. It’s judging me from the edge of my bed

So I interviewed myself last month because EHE why not?! Let’s make talking to myself more official and public. Well, one of the questions I asked myself was about BL merch and as I was writing the answer for that question, I realized I didn’t actually own any merch that was officially BL merch. I owned maybe 1-2 fanmade keychains and a few doujin, but nothing else. I mainly just bought a ton of merch of my favorite characters. And I just happened to ship them and call this merch “BL merch” because that’s what it was, secretly

Well, no more! I now officially own ACTUAL BL merch from BL series!!

It all happened one day when I was browsing the internet…Next thing I know, I own this stuff

In the video, I also mention that I got an acrylic stand for a series I don’t recognize. The same can be said about the clear file but I didn’t mention it because I was MESMERIZED. I thought it was adorable and slightly affordable and now it’s mine. The acrylic stand, not so much. All of those were actually pretty expensive so I was trying to be really selective. I didn’t realize they’d actually be a decent size! Yeah, I don’t know measurements. I just buy and hope I am not disappointed later

And I was not disappointed with these! They were around $15 and considering that I sometimes buy $10-$15 charms, which are much smaller than these…this is a steal

But back to that acrylic stand that I bought because I thought it was nice, I also bought it because I vaguely recognized where it was from and had heard good things about the series. Now, I finally remember it’s from a manga called Black and White. I’ve been meaning to read that book and other titles by Sachimo. Actually, I read her Destiny books a while back, which I LOVED, so I’m hoping I like Black and White as well

Regardless, I think the stand is very pretty!

I have a few more items in my cart, oh boy

Lately, I’ve been enjoying posting more on TikTok because they have nice music choices and the video length is not as limited as IG (10 min I think is now the new limit), so if you have an account, consider following me! I also crosspost to IG (but sometimes have to split the video) and eventually, maybe, I will also post to YT

TikTok is weird. I find it so much easier to post there but the people following me…most have suggestive Asian pfp, which ok, to each their own I have (and had) some suggestive pfp and headers but these are sus. I’m like are you real or what kind of accounts are these?! Is it because I tag my accounts with BL?! I check out the profiles and they have no videos but they’re following a ton of people and sometimes they’ll be suspended accounts (I delete those)

Anyway, yeah, I have other unboxing videos on there and maybe more stuff to come. I’m sporadic and I’ll usually share anything BL here (eventually)

4 thoughts on “My First Official BL Merch! (Unboxing)”

  1. I think those accounts on TikTok might be bot accounts, Crimson.

    Can’t say I have a lot of BL official merch or fan-made merch myself. I mostly buy BL manga and BL artists artbooks. Like I am planning on getting Rihito Takarai’s BL artbook, Mirror, very soon. But I do not tend to get small BL items.

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    1. yeah, that’s what i imagined xD i wish there was a way to prevent them from interacting with my account but idk if that’s possible, sigh. that never happens on my twitter ๐Ÿ˜›

      same, i think i mainly invest more on books but sometimes temptation is too great xD ooooo that’s so nice!! I’ve been wanting to get an artbook but they’re so expensive. like, it’s def worth it but I’m not there yet Orz

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