Looking Over Blaugust2022

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It’s over!! I actually managed to write 31 posts in 31 days! How cool is that?! I didn’t think I had it in me and so I will now applaud myself (and maybe do a bit of a happy dance)

I went back and reread my Blaugust Masterpost and it really sounded like I was half-heartedly doing this. I wanted to complete the challenge but a part of me was also like you never finish anything, what makes you think this time will be different? Well, take that negative thoughts, how you like me now?! Ok stop wait, don’t hurt me

So I thought I’d make a closing post where I talk about how the blog did and how I felt (and whatnot)

Thank You!

First off, I’d like to thank my new followers! I had 10 new people join us this August so now we are at 106 followers. You all have my heart!! I’m sure it’s not a secret but you have signed up to be bombarded by my yelling, which is usually focused on BL manga and webcomics, but also just anything that catches my interest in the otaku, gaming, and Asian media umbrella

Please yell back at me in the comments if you have the chance~


I look at these stats and slightly weep because if I didn’t wait until so late into the night, we might have been able to make that 1K in views. We were so close! But 919 is (very clearly) a definite improvement. It looks like the last time I got that many views was…last year, LOL. Not that I didn’t have nice views at random intervals this year but I actually tried this time so I feel more conscious and proud of these numbers

The visitor count seems to be about the same as last year and throughout this year. There were some months when I dropped to some 300-450 range but that’s not too bad! I think that oftentimes things like visitor counts gradually grow, not spontaneously (at least not in my case)

What HAS blown me away though is this graph! We ended up getting 257 likes, which is a complete landslide against the whole year and 2021. I can’t vouch for how accurate the numbers are from 2020 since that might have been the time I “restarted” my blog, but don’t quote me

We can see the same with the comments! I’m hoping this doesn’t count pingbacks because I generally do that a lot in hopes of enticing unsuspecting visitors to more of my blog’s posts, hehe

These were the most viewed posts and pages and at this point, I would be surprised if anything ever dethroned that JJK hotties post. I promise I am hard at work on that part two I promised, what? more than a year ago?? Actually, I’m like 80% done with it so expect that to come out in the near future!

But the top 5 Blaugust posts were

  1. Sunshine Blogger Award: Music, Anime Duos, and the Community
  2. 7 New Titles in My Steam Library
  3. A Blogging Journey: How Do You Stay Motivated?
  4. Masterpost: Attempting Blaugust 2022
  5. Marriage to the Wolf: BLCD Mini-comic

Also, I am really surprised that the Arcane deep dive post is on the top 5 list because I was pretty sure that was going to flop. The post is super long and currently only has 5 likes…

That’s something else I’ve noticed. Even though the views are pretty decent, the amount of likes and comments on my posts is very lacking. Maybe I’m doing something wrong

In terms of where my visitors are from, I got a really nice variety of countries again! We got 61 countries with the top 5 being the US (not surprising), Canada (also not surprising), Philippines, Australia (semi-not surprised but only because I know that a decent amount of my blogger buddies are Australian), and Indonesia. Also, I got 10 views from Japan and now I’m here just like oh god don’t look!

I always love seeing the countries I manage to reach because it shows me how scattered BL lovers (or just nerdy people…but probably mostly BL lovers) there are around the world!

I don’t usually look at this stats box but I thought, why not? It looks like BL and Blaugust posts were the most viewed, which makes sense because that’s mainly all I do. I think if I had more variety in content this might be more useful? Featured posts also got nice numbers, which makes sense since they’re the posts that are displayed so nicely as a grid on the front page of my blog. Those tend to be about manga and reviews, which is probably why the views are the same for all 3 of those tags

I am very happy JJK made it to the top of this stat box because that’s all I’ve been writing about recently

Most of my views also came in around midnight…which also makes sense because that’s the time most of my posts went live, LOL. Also, Wednesdays seem to be popular so once I start cutting back, I might try to focus on this day? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m curious, is that actually true? When you all visit blogs, what days are you more likely to do that? Or do you kind of just visit whenever?

A stat that I don’t see on WordPress is word count. I was so curious to see what my word count for the month was and after throwing everything into a Google Doc, it looks like I wrote 34,951 words on this blog. According to Google, if you read all my Blaugust posts, you’ve read a short novel (~100 pages). This is where I also reveal another thing.

I didn’t write 31 posts in 31 days. I wrote 48 posts in 31 days. I had planned to post more but I lost some steam at the end of the month because work finally started up again. My total word count for posts was 48,585, which now starts to even everything out, giving me an average word count per post of about 1k words!

But wait…there’s more! Including other projects, I wrote 54,052 words in August. I should have written more but uh, I’ve been in a slump. Still, I am very impressed with myself!!

And that wraps up the stats portion of this post. I will now proceed to forget everything except maybe my word count, hehe

Favorite Posts

Now I will reveal which posts I had the most fun writing! Because there were some that I liked more than others

  1. Marriage to the Wolf: BLCD Mini-comic: This post took the whole day to “write”. It was also an unplanned post. I was studying (hence why it took forever), and then the next thing I knew, I was going over my studying as a post. Not a very long post but it probably took me 12+ hours to do. This is probably why I won’t be doing these too often
  2. Why I Love Fanfiction as a Writer (and A Glimpse At My Stats): I don’t really talk about being a fanfiction writer so this was actually really fun to write!
  3. 10 Hotties I Would Let Bully Me: I hope this is self-explanatory but aside from the topic, I also just enjoyed the pain that comes with trying to make a list, especially since this is not my forte. I don’t take notes, physical or mental, so it’s very hard for me to do things like this. My brain just goes POOF and I forget everything. It was an interesting challenge!

I also enjoyed writing like 90% of the posts I posted but I had to be strict. Just the top posts.

Final Thoughts on Blaugust

I’m really glad that I ended up joining this event and that it was brought to my attention. I think that if Magi hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have seen it since the crowd that joined (from a glance) were mostly gaming people/ bloggers (I did see like one book blogger and maybe two general bloggers but I think that was it).

I did end up completely confused about the sign up sheet aspect of the event. I thought we were supposed to get awards but like, I don’t think I ever got any info regarding that? So I guess I will just browse through the achievement list and assign some to myself (were these the awards? that’s what I assumed but tbh, still confused)

I ended up with 12/19 achievements

A bit bummed since I’m the type to want to get all the achievements to games, but some of the Blaugust ones were things I didn’t really want to do (like post pictures of my pet, co-playing a game, or being a sales rep, etc) sooooo lol

Well, it’s time to say bye to Blaugust. Maybe I will join again next year! And again, thank you to everyone who visited the blog this August. I haven’t decided what my future posting plans are but do expect to see me around more frequently. The hiatus is now officially over~

Until next time

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