7 Cuties I’d Like to Bully (P1)

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Ok, I really enjoyed writing up that 10 hotties post, so I thought, why not do the reverse? Yes, I have learned that I have a sadistic streak in my veins. While I used to hide this terrible part of my personality, BL has taught me that someone out there is a masochist and I am now here to BULLY MY CUTE CHILDREN. I’ve also decided to break this list into parts, hoping to add to the bullying as I encounter more cute children on my reading journey. Hmm, maybe I should do the same with the hotties…

Let’s begin~

Kotarou from Clumsy Love Step

Confession time! While I was writing the bully me list, Kotarou was the one that inspired me to write this list. I have to agree with Yoshino. Kotarou has the most EXQUISITE expressions when he’s being harassed and when he cries, AHHHHH. It’s like his cuteness levels rise by a thousand. And he’d be so willing too! I like a guy who isn’t afraid to try new things. Don’t mind me~

Loid from Spy x Family

If anyone was wondering if I’d let Loid bully me, the answer is that I would rather bully him! Even though he’s so suave and a cool spy, I feel like he’d be so perfect to bully. Like, no it wouldn’t be in the same way as Kotarou, but I would still want to send his genius brain into overdrive. I think Loid overthinks everything and it would be so much fun to be the reason he overthinks, to make him sweat bullets, to see those tiny blushes cover his whole face! Kekeke

Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen

If there was no mention of a JJK character on this list, would it even be MY list?! Haha. But yes, speaking of cool and suave characters that would be easy prey. Megumi, oh my god, yes, I want to BULLY HIM. I want to tease him and make him embarrassed in public and see him blush and be all pouty and expose him like the cutie he truly is, forget the bad boy act, we all know how soft you truly are! THE POTENTIAL

Minwoo from Woof Wolf

Would you be able to resist bullying someone as cute as Minwoo?!?! Because I can’t help myself!! But Minwoo is special. I feel like he’d be the type that can pull off bully me and gets bullied, depending on what his partner is into, ya know? But personally, I would love to get this boy to blush (24/7 if possible). Make sure to give him lotsa love and teasing, body worship the heck out of him because not only does this soft boy deserve it, his sexy body does too, get him into some sexy clothes, I MUST HAVE HIM ON DISPLAY. That’s the type of bullying he needs

Naohito from An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat

Ok, part of me thinks Yagi might be a bit of a challenge but also SO EASY. I mean, if Tohru was able to make him go into a crisis on their first meeting, my chances must be high, right?! I think my bullying for Yagi would be a combination of being mean to him but then he might make me work for it if I want a full body blush, the type that has him on the verge of tears. Maybe it’s because he’s older and even a bit childish but I feel like I could very easily dip into upsetting him (don’t take his pudding) but also…maybe if I upset him enough I might still get some tears…oh god when did we get here?! *steals all the pudding*

Ben from Dear Door

Ben is a special boy. He is so weak to his Master and all-powerful Demon King, which is when I zeroed in on him because I like me the whipped babies. My easy-to-bully senses started to tingle and I was not disappointed!! Ben is most definitely an alpha tough guy but get him in the right situation, touch him in the right places, EMBARRASS HIM WITH SEXY TALK and PRAISE KINK HIM INTO OBLIVION! I would love to see that red blush on his cheeks, to see him being all cutesy and innocent, let me bully you and give those big tiddies some love!!

Wolfgang from King’s Maker

Speaking of whipped children, Wolfgang is definitely one I would love to mess with. I mean, he’s not really the type I should probably be messing with, especially since I got some yandere potential vibes from him a few times (and now I’m realizing maybe he would fit both categories) but whenever I see him blush, I just can’t stop the urge that overcomes me. I keep thinking, yes, MAKE HIM BLUSH MORE. I want to embarrass the heck out of him and I am not above using Shin to achieve my goals. I know your weakness, my king. Here’s to hoping I don’t die, oh the thrill, hehehe~

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