[Review] An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat by Niyama, Where Older Men Reign Supreme

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It’s been a hectic start to the week and I thought I would do a bit of healing by revisiting this really cute manga about a super adorable and sexy 39-year-old baby in a love crisis!

This manga follows Yagi, who has been slightly coerced by his friend to go to a mixer. The mixer is targeted toward people who are in their 20s and 30s, but Yagi is on the cusp of turning 40, jaded about love, and believes himself to be too fake for any type of relationship. There he meets Tohru who is much younger than him and doesn’t seem to get the hint that Yagi does not want to keep interacting.

Yagi thinks that will be the last time he ever sees Tohru, even fervently hopes for it, but suddenly they keep bumping into each other everywhere

This was such a cute read!! I instantly picked it up because the cover is BEAUTIFUL but I stayed for the romance crisis and Tohru’s bluntness. Like wow, I feel all of what Yagi is saying and I would probably go all red like he does if someone like Tohru entered my life and just threw punches like those. COWARD?! Please, I can only take so many hits! But I also think that Yagi really needs to hear some of these things and it just happens to be a plus that the person making him confront his faults is a hot puppy

These two are almost polar opposites. Yagi is very concerned with his appearance, wanting to always leave a good impression and not wanting to cause others trouble. He looks AMAZING in all his expensive and fancy clothes and HIS HAIR, oh my yaoi gods, I love it! This is why older men in BL reign supreme!

Yagi always pushes away others, but it seems like he’s met his match with Tohru. Tohru, like the title says, is a complete puppy! He’s the type of character that does and says whatever comes to mind first, which does cause some friction between him and Yagi (and not the fun kind). And others are naturally attracted to his personality, which is something Yagi comments on a few times

He also has an appreciation for food, which I love because me too!

Also, perhaps because Yagi is older and Tohru is very direct, I feel like things like embarrassment and misunderstandings are very toned down, which is something I really enjoyed. I mean, I love it when Yagi blushes (Tohru too but Yagi’s face is Just My Type) so please, embarrass him more, but specifically, I enjoyed that they didn’t let their emotions fester too much. It led to some delicious scenes and even some worthy to be featured in a K-Drama. Maybe.

I think that when it mattered, they were really mature and yes, I do believe that Yagi was in the right regarding the pudding!

We also get a lot of domestic fluff, which I DEVOURED. I love these two being soft and just couple-y (another moment of maturity that I enjoyed). In fact, I think it would be amazing if we could just get more content (and the more should be domestic shenanigans)

I would also like to give a shoutout to Yagi’s friend because if it wasn’t for him, I feel like many things wouldn’t have happened. One, perhaps, is that Yagi and Tohru wouldn’t have met in a casual setting. Casual enough for them to really interact. But also, throughout the story, even though he was annoyed at their flirting (do I detect another lonely 39-year-old?!) he did help in many ways. One that I’d like to mention is the talk he has with Tohru about Yagi’s sexuality. We do have the typical gay crisis cliche in this story but he was nice enough to show us that things like that don’t actually matter

…but I didn’t especially like him, which is kind of sad because I do know he has his own book and I have been avoiding it, LOL

You can read this book on Renta! and it costs $11 ($1 per chapter). The really cool part is that the manga is in color! Have you read this manga before? It’s probably one of my favorites and an instant buy!

4 thoughts on “[Review] An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat by Niyama, Where Older Men Reign Supreme”

  1. This sounds really cute! Yay, that manga includes adults! Someone recently pointed out to me that there isnโ€™t nearly as many adult main characters in anime and manga compared to high school aged characters. Once that was pointed out to me, Iโ€™ve been on the look out for anything with grown up characters. The search is a lot tougher than I expected! Thank you for adding to my mental collection of manga that have main characters that are more mature!

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