(Mini) Manga Haul #17 – More Cuties On My Shelf!

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Guess who just got mail!! I did! I think I mentioned this in my last haul post but I went a little crazy ordering some things online and I’ve just been patiently waiting for things to arrive. Well, one of my packages came in the other night ~

the bundle goodies!

So lately I’ve been trying to keep from buying books online because I like going to the bookstore and browsing through the shelves for things I want. Plus, for some reason, I always blank when I have to search for something online. What was that one book called? I forgot. Anyway, this time I sort of didn’t have that problem

I saw a tweet promoting Suzumaru Minta’s books and I got so excited I immediately threw the “special item” into my cart and then moved on, but instead of checking out, I was caught by the colorful text saying that if I spent X-amount of money, I could get free shipping

I figured, why not? Ha ha ha

Luckily, I had some self-restraint…on this website and on this day. I ended up getting the Minta special bundle, which I believed would be a mini-comic relating to the series Love Song of the Cracked Ball. I was sort of right (lesson learned: read the description carefully). I actually ended up accidentally getting a book I already had. I mean, I did get the special comic I was promised, though it was much smaller than I was expecting…

Why am I disappointed? Didn’t past me see the promo image?! My current me is berating past me, clearly, there was a giant 8P on the image. Although, I will argue it’s more of a 6P, lol

But the reason this bundle cost $10 is that it also included the actual series book, and that’s why I ended up with a duplicate. I’m not very upset. I think it’s because I love this author and, I mean, I really wanted that short comic!

I wonder if maybe past me DID know what I was doing…

One of the other books that I ended up throwing into my cart was Takara no Biidoro! This one is a cute story about Taishin, who leaves his hometown to look for a guy who made an impression on him when he was at his lowest. When he arrives in Tokyo, he (very luckily) learns the guy’s name is Takara, but having found him, he’s not sure what to do next. He’s such a cute baby!! And apparently running across the country to find your OTS is like the biggest confession of love. It’s a really adorable story, the art is beautiful, and it’s just SO SOFT, this author writes such adorable stories!

But my cart was still not at the X-amount that Animate needed, so I went through my wishlist and ended up getting two books by Kuroi Yodaka! Actually, I should probably update my wishlist so I don’t accidentally buy duplicates again

This is an author I recently discovered. I found Witch and Cat first. This one is a story about a witch who is being hunted. He doesn’t usually stay in one place for too long but he’s recently been able to keep hidden, however, this changes much too quickly and one of his neighbors gets caught up in the mess. Actually, he ends up dying so Uno (the Witch), ends up “reviving” him as his familiar. It’s definitely a more M-rated BL story since there’s quite a bit of violence and sex, but I really enjoyed it because it’s a darker story and the characters are older!

From there I jumped over to Omega no Mukotori and reading it reminded me of Unmei no Tsugai ga Omae da Nante! because we follow a very unomega omega. I suppose it helps that this is also a yakuza story but still, I just love how wild he is and how he won’t settle for anything but what he wants. Also, uh, he gets drugged a few times because of course that’s what slimy alphas will do in order to take over his gang. What they weren’t counting on was his tenacity and determination to disembowel them (I bet he wanted to)

This author doesn’t have too many titles but I think I will enjoy more of their stories.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my haul. With the two books by Kuroi, I was able to meet the free shipping requirement and I quickly checked out before I could add anything else. I’m really happy with my new titles and I will be using those little comics to do more practice like I did before

Also, it looks like another of Minta-sensei’s titles is going to be on Futekiya soon so that’s exciting! In the meantime, you all should check out her other titles. Also, WOW, I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed those on the blog yet! I must remedy this problem soon

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