Lessons Learned: I’m Not a Daily Blogger

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Do you all ever reread the stuff you write? I feel like I always do that. Not just because I sometimes need a refresher on what I’ve written (though that is often the case), but because I like what I write. I think I’m kind of funny sometimes and I’ll often read something thinking ME TOO, LOL!!… as if I wasn’t the one who wrote that post…haha. Also, if it’s been long enough, I like to see how I used to write and express myself. Am I the only one who does this?! I hope not, hehe

The thought came to mind while I was thinking about what to write next. I’ve talked a bit about what keeps me blogging (short answer = me, long answer = read this post) and even asked you all what kind of environment you prefer when writing (Do You Listen to Music When You Write?), but then I got to thinking, sometimes the thing that keeps me from blogging is the writing process itself

These last four days are dedicated to talking about what we’ve learned. I think today’s post will touch a little bit on that and then I’ll do a sort of roundup on the first of September

Now then, these last 28 days have shown me something – I CAN do it if I put the effort in. I could blog daily, but it’s tough. There have been days when I don’t have much to do so, being bored, I automatically gravitate towards my laptop and just write. This has happened a lot during the weekends. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and write out some 5-7 posts over the weekend, but other times writing doesn’t come to me. I’ll sit at my desk, WordPress open and ready for me to start writing, and nothing will leave my brain

I think this is also why I can’t play other things when I need to write. Not only will things naturally distract me, but I will also often let them distract me. I won’t want to write so why not take a break and sing a few songs? watch a bit of TV? listen to this podcast? you know what, I’m suddenly hungry and I haven’t cleaned my house in three months. And the excuses keep piling up until it’s 9PM and I am scrambling

Writing is tough. Sometimes I’ll have an idea in my head, a single thought, but I won’t really have a point. Like this post! It took me half the day to sort of put together a few ideas that seemed like they worked well enough together where I didn’t feel like I was posting for the sake of posting. NGL, some of the posts I wrote this month really did feel like I wrote them just to make a quota. Can you guys guess which ones they might have been?

I think that’s a big reason why I could not do daily blogging for too long. There would be too many filler-type posts and one thing I believe in is that I want to have quality posts (over quantity). I mean, I hope I have quality posts. I try, lol. I want to really be satisfied with what I’ve written, maybe not at 100% all the time, but at least somewhere in the 80% range. I am of the belief that oftentimes we won’t see the value of our writing in that instant, which is another reason I like to read some of my old content (not just on the blog)

Once you remove all the stress that might have been associated with that piece of writing (ie. deadlines, grades, expectations), then you can truly make a more honest opinion about your writing

I think many people will say, well you can just write in advance and schedule posts. I can and I’ve tried (to mixed results), but have you ever had slumps? I get them A LOT. Actually, I’ve noticed that I get them a lot more the longer I blog. I think part of it is that it feels like I’ve already said everything I might ever want to say. Then, I’ll see a post in my reader and think wow, I’ve never written about that, why didn’t I think about that? Another might be life. For Blaugust I was free from any real work. I was on summer break so aside from having to show up for the sake of showing up, the rest of the time was mine to do as I pleased. And I did a lot of sleeping and thinking. Brainstorming is something that is hard to quantify because you can get a thought on Monday and then not actively think about it until Friday, except you have been thinking about it, in little chunks at a time throughout the week

But this is all the stuff that happens before I even get to typing!

How long does it take for you to write up a post? I take forever. Forever meaning about some 2-5 hours depending on what I’m doing, sometimes even more. If I’m writing a post like 10 Series I Want to Pick Up This Fall Season, then maybe it takes me 1-2 hours. It’s not very hard to find pictures for this type of post and I already have a pool from which to choose 10 series. Also, the writing I have under each anime is only a paragraph long. There is not much thought that goes into this type of post, but I also don’t write these posts often

Then we have posts like 5 Recent Fanfiction Bookmarks (and Why I Love Them). I have a confession to make. When I first started this draft, the number was 10, but as I started writing the post, I realized that maybe 10 was too much for the time I’d allowed myself to write the post. And even when I’d cut it down to 5, I still had to go to that fanfiction story, semi-skim it (it’s been a while since I’d read a few), and then find the tweet the authors shared. I could have just screenshotted the story, but I also wanted to share their SM. I also had to put some thought into the types of stories I chose because I was writing the post based on tags or tropes that I enjoy (and picking them was also a process). This post took me a few days to complete but in total, perhaps 4-6 hours. It’s hard to remember. I lose track of time very quickly

I have wanted to write more list-type posts since forever ago, but knowing it takes so much time to write them has pretty much stopped me. As of today, I do have a few in my drafts, but it’s been a slow process for research reasons but also voice reasons. Have you guys noticed that I speak/type differently in those posts compared to (let’s say) a review?

But even a simple review can take a long time to write! I think I’ve gotten better at writing reviews so it takes me less time to finish than before, but sometimes it isn’t the writing portion that is time-consuming, it’s picture hunting. For example, for my latest review (Dear Door), not only did I have to figure out what images to use for the post, but I also had to stitch many of them together! And again, this isn’t even the end of the writing process. I’m constantly rereading my posts before hitting publish, making sure I haven’t forgotten a word somewhere, that it’s fairly readable (paragraphs are not too long, use of visuals), and that I’ve said all I wanted to say

Because of this, many of my August posts were published 1-2 minutes before midnight. Yes, I got that 28 (as of today) day streak, but only barely

I know there are probably workarounds. I mean, I know some people take notes but I would never be able to. I’d either forget to or just not enjoy whatever I was reading/ watching because I was too focused on notetaking. Also, I have tried bookmarking pages before but I find that I over-bookmark, and then that sort of defeats the purpose

So now I just suffer

I still love writing and will always write, but sometimes the process can be a pain. Does anyone else feel like this is the case? Or do you feel like you don’t struggle at all?

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: I’m Not a Daily Blogger”

  1. such a relatable post!!
    I’m opening WordPress after probably four months only to see its my two year anniversary on here lol
    i always wonder how people find time to be so consistent and write so wonderfully
    anyways kudos for successfully completing blaugust!!

    Liked by 1 person

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