[Review] Dear Door – The Story of the Demon King and His Door by Pluto

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I’m not sure why but recenlty I’ve been in the mood to check out what happened to some of the webcomics I started a while back. I’ve (sadly) found out that some of them are still on hiatus but then was surprisingly happy (??) to find that others are now complete! One of those webcomics is Dear Door and I’ve been devouring it these last two days and O-M-GGGGGG

p.s. I am reviewing the Mature version of Dear Door so expect some slightly NSFW images. Actually, I have no idea how this can even exist in All Ages because the M version is nearly all smut

Dear Door is a Korean webcomic by Pluto. It’s set in a world where there are humans known as “doors” who have a demonic symbol tattooed (magically) somewhere on their body. Demons use these as portals into the human realm, almost always resulting in the death of humans after just one “use”. Recenlty, this has become a big problem as many demons are crossing over and creating chaos. The police are up to their necks trying to find out what these “cults” are up to and how to stop them, but so far nothing has come from their investigations

Kyungjoon is one of these police officers who ends up on the wrong side of a chase and somehow becomes a “door” as well. But what makes him stand out is that he’s a door that doesn’t die after a single use, which works perfectly for his demon, who just happens to be the Demon King of Hell. “Cain” he calls himself, and he is currently in the middle of a fight with Satan

What to say about this webcomic aside from SCREAMING?! And I haven’t even decided what sort of screaming I should be doing because there is SO MUCH happening here! Things I never thought this would turn into, back when I was reading it the first time and even now, during my reread

This webcomic starts off really interesting. I think Pluto does a really good job with the character designs (SO COOL) and the world of demons, if slightly mysterious at this point, is also very intriguing. I didn’t notice this at first, which I probably should have, but instead of the usual “humans create magic circle and summon demons to form contracts with”, in Dear Door it seems to be the opposite (minus the contracts part). Cain is the one who chooses Kyungjoon, but that is also part of the problem. Someone, somewhere, is tattooing numerous humans, allowing for lesser demons to come into the human world and there is no sort of controlling mechanism in place to protect the humans. They are always at the mercy of the demons

Even Kyungjoon does not have a say in what happens between him and Cain. Once he’s been marked as Cain’s “door” he can either willingly open the door (via orgasm, very BL) or be subject to a painful spell that forces the door to open

Now, the BL in here, LEMMI TELL YA. It’s aggressive. I mean, it’s really cute but damn, this is probably the definition of size kink / size difference. I mean, I get the appeal. I love it when one of the characters towers over the other, the large shoulders, the giant dicks, but this is probably the only story where (at some point) I was like, If I don’t just accept it as it is, I will be arguing the whole time

I think I can say the same about the anatomy too. I mean, the way these two have sex is just mindblowing. At first it was enjoyable because come on, Kyungjoon and Cain are HOT, but after 100 chapters of the same thing…I-I was like, how?! I suspect it’s because Cain is a demon. I mean, if he wanted to, they would probably have sex in the air. Magic. Totally makes sense. And the way Kyungjoon BENDS. Please…give me your secrets. I can’t even get out of bed without feeling like I’m falling apart

oh he bends more, this is nothing

But it’s not just the bending and smut, Pluto is a GOD when it comes to the naughty. I noticed it during my skimming (for these images) that at the start of the comic, the art is very…small and dull compared to the end. You can often see this in manga too, the way the mangaka’s art improves but here, it gets better in such delicious ways. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful asshole. Kyungjoon’s is really top tier, being able to handle ALL of Cain’s appendages. And the way we get to experience all of this is a marvel. And the glow of his skin…maybe all the sex really does coat people in some happy bright radiance. Or maybe it’s just all of their fluids sticking to his skin

Also, all of the alphas get much bigger…everywhere as the story progresses. I guess sex really does build muscle!

But it’s not just all sex! At least not at the start. I really enjoyed seeing Kyungjoon and Cain interact. We see early on that Cain isn’t like other demons. He’s often shown as being caring and even goofy, but be careful if you ever get him upset. Meanwhile, Kyungjoon is very self-reliant and firm in his actions. He’s not afraid to fight demons and I actually thought this was really cool and a trait that gets lost down the line. I mean, he still sort of fights but it’s not the same…

But these two aren’t the only stars of this webcomic. We also have Sid, who is Cain’s right hand man. Oh boy. He’s actually the reason why I took a few breaks reading this webcomic because if things are already bordering dubious consent, the sex Sid instigates is uh…more non-con. And it’s so painful to read! Which is why I didn’t. I mean, he’s not even that cute…! Or, I mean, he would be if he wasn’t so twisted. But he’s also such a big part of the plot!! Why?!

Another character is Jinyoung, who just happens to be Sid’s door

A part of me feels like I should have more sympathy for Jinyoung considering his circumstances, but it’s so hard to feel for him! I mean, he was okay when we first met him and I even thought he was dorky and cute, but then after the whole Sid incident (very understandable), he comes off as extremely aggressive and even two-faced

I mean, clearly he has feelings for Kyungjoon, who is his BFF, but the way he bumps heads with Cain is just…arghhh!!! Maybe it’s my bias showing? I mean, stuff happens with Sid that involve Kyungjoon soooo, maybe I’m not that off…

But even if you erase all of this, I feel like his relationship to other characters was very superficial. Even with Kyungjoon, I feel like the potential to make them closer was missed. Again, a lot of things cause their rift, such as Kyungjoon’s mourning and then the Sid incidents but still. He’s just…I couldn’t

There’s a lot happening with Sid and Jinyoung, which I won’t talk about in this post, but that I definitely want to soon. I’ll just say that they’re both very complicated and in complicated situations.

We also get to meet a ton of other characters down the line because yes, there is actual plot in this webcomic! Remember that Cain is in a fight for dominance in Hell with Satan? Yeah, it’s hard to remember when all he does is eat up Kyungjoon, but it all culminates into something so grand that my jaw was hitting the ground. Not only are we dealing with demons here but things get so destructive that even the Angels have to interfere. I don’t know anything about Angel lore but I had some antichrist vibes towards the end

There were a lot of interesting dynamics and stories that we were privvy to down the line as well, some clearly fanservice and I ATE THAT UP. I mean, I know I just said I don’t really like Jinyoung but wow, a part of me is still thinking imagine if they’d stayed like that. Except that then we met that one unicorn guy and nope, it had to be him and dog boy.

Yes, there were some really interesting characters

but this little guy was def the MVP

Recommending this webcomic is hard. A part of me is slamming my hand against the table yelling OF COURSE because hello, fantasy BL with hot guys everywhere and an interesting as heck plot?! You don’t get that everywhere, but also, there’s so much smut. I didn’t think I’d ever complain about this but one) it was almost everywhere and it was long sex, like HOURS, probably and two) it wasn’t all nice. If you can stomach some non-con (or skip it like I did), then yeah, go for it!

I really loved Cain and Kyungjoon, and even many of the other characters. The webcomic also finishes off “nicely”, giving us a resume of what everyone is up to after things have settled down. AND, it sounds like there are going to be a few special episodes out soon!

You can check out this webcomic on TappyToon and Lezhin. Both sites also have the All Ages versions (TT & LZ). I am so curious about the version but am not willing to spend coins on it, LOL. But if you’ve read this webcomic, how did you like it?

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