5 Recent Fanfiction Bookmarks (and Why I Love Them)

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I was kind of sad that I didn’t share some fanfiction stories to read earlier this week but I am here to right my wrongs! But instead of just listing fanfiction stories, I decided to do things a bit…more interestingly?? I’ll let you all decide!


I have a pining problem. I LOVE pining characters but especially MUTUAL PINING and Matched gives me that and more! It’s 4,924 words of cute matchmaker Gojo realizing his feelings for hot Nanami, and Nanami being so obvious, SO OBVIOUS, but Gojo, GOJOOOOOOO, open your eyes!! And him going red, so red, yes, I am fed! Mutual pining stories make me burst with feelings, I can’t, why are they so delicious and beautiful and cute?! This was so soft *cries in a corner*


Ok, I think I fell in love with fake dating in books. I mean, my number one is Boyfriend Material (also mutual pining…) and IDK, in fanfiction fake dating is always boss, but this THIS FIC. I don’t know why but I just love younger Nanami, you know, back when he was less jaded and *sniff* let’s not talk about the present. Anyway, this is such a cute story but it is much longer. It’s 16,468 words of beautiful Nanago. There’s misunderstanding, which I am not a fan of but I loved it here. Nothing more beautiful than thinking your not real boyfriend is into your BFF and being upset by it, HA HA. If anyone deserves that tormet it’s young Gojo. Also, the development was so ON POINT. I can’t!!! Now I’m going to go reread this!

Meet Cute

Ok, I didn’t know there was a term for this type of story and yes, I LOVE meet cute stories!! And my most recently read meet cute story is actually one for a new ship. I never even imagined I’d be shipping these two but one day it showed up on my TL, probably under a “you like tweets like this right??” And yes, YES I DO. I started with one artists and now I’m following quite a few. Toge and Okkotsu are just SO CUTE and Botanical Bites writes their story in such a way that I just CRY. It’s so adorable and the friendships are amazing! It’s meet cute but Toge being frosty but totally not uninterested, doing interested things and getting teased for it via texts

I live for these types of interactions!!

Inspired By/AU

I LOVE stories that are AUs! I mean, staying in the canon world is nice and all unless it’s JJK canon can go suck it but there’s just something so nice about seeing the characters I love in other situations, usually of a more modern setting and End Game had me in TEARS. It was so beautiful! I love seeing stuff like this PLS, I was fed so nicely but I am waiting for more! Inumaki being a tease and Okkotsu like “nah brah I’m weirder and wilder” is the only comedy I want knocking on my door. I didn’t realize this was a K-drama AU but now I want to see what that’s about too

The Shibuya Incident Never Happened

Ok, CLEARLY I’m in a certain hell right now and I recently discovered this tag. Oh, so beautiful and healing! I would add this to my favorites but I don’t think we can add tags to favorites, only ships. And here is this cute little story with no violence and death, just teenagers being teenagers, being adorable and cute, having kissy feelings, and playing spin the bottle, ULTIMATE PARTY GAME. Haha. I have come to appreciate torturing Yuuta like wow, I hope that when I do get around to watching the JJK movie he is as timid as many fics make him out to be because I WANT TO EAT HIM. Oh god there are so many other tags I love involving him but maybe I’ll hold off on those

If you’re into fanfiction and especially these two ships GO READ and give these fics some love!! I told myself I wouldn’t repeat stories by the same authors but it was tough, these writers just have so many great stories! Check those out too~

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