[Review] Bleach (v. 5-8) Mini-Manga Reviews

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I’m back to give more Bleach updates! Here are some reviews (or more like me sort of screaming) about the next four volumes. I really am glad that I picked up the books because wow, the art is still looking great and the story is very interesting. There are a lot of little details that I have forgotten about as well. ICYMI, here are volumes 1-4

There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in this volume. One, we get to learn that a lot of our fun(ny) favorite characters are actually really smart. Or maybe not smart but they study and get good grades. Surprise! But after a few laughs we get into the real plot of the story, and that is introducing Ishida properly (the guy from the last chapter) and where he sort of fits into the, as we come to learn in this volume, spectrum of supernatural beings. Also, while Ishida and Ichigo are the initial focus of the whole volume (the ones who caused the chaos), it’s actually time for our minor characters to get the spotlight

Characters that we saw previously have some sort of ghost-seeing ability finally come into their powers in this volume and I’m sort of left…wondering why they were able to manifest these abilities and what is stopping other normal people from doing the same

Finally, everything culminates into one book! and so I’ll give it a 5/5 because I think it did a really good job at that and not because there were so many hot guys, ok, OK?!

The fight with Ishida gets resolved in this volume and we learn more about the Quincy and soul reaper history, which maybe left me wondering if Ishida was a vampire before I *realized* (but am still curious since it still doesn’t 100 make sense to me, I MUST HAVE IT ALL). Like the previous volume, some of the emphasis was still on Ichigo’s friends, specifically where they stand on all this crazy soul reaper business (and what they plan to do). Also, some things start to make more sense, like why Urahara decided to spill the beans. Can I have a spinoff series dedicated to him?! I want to get inside his head!

The volume ends with the revelation that’s been hinted at for quite some time, dun dun DUUUUUNNNNN. Time to prepare for a world of HURT. Also, I totally forgot Ishida got involved in the whole Rukia mess until I read that last chapter, and wowow, maybe I can forgive him

The thing about reading manga digitally is that it’s harder to separate the chapters into volumes because everything kind of mushes together and there’s no easy way to just flip to the first page of the volume. Why mention this? Because I had this meh feeling about this volume for a while but when I went over the chapters to write this review I was like wow, a lot actually happened!

We finish the “encounter” with Rukia’s hunters, her brother and Renji (ugh, this is so not a healthy relationship, WHY), which leads to some tearful moments but also makes us realize that Ichigo is pretty weak and also knows nothing about really being a soul reaper. But that’s also the great part of it because we are finally going to see his growth, all during a quick summer vacation training session

There were some funny moments because Urahara is always funny but there were also some serious moments. A new character was also introduced and we just gotta go with the flow, like Orihime

We conclude Ichigo’s training in this volume, which was EPIC. It was brutal, but also not as much as I expected. I mean, it makes sense. Ichigo had to start from zero, but I thought there would be more. Is he truly prepared for this?! Most of the volume was dedicated to his training but there was also a part where we saw him back with his family and friends, able to enjoy a bit of that summer festival fun. Still, pretty heavy atmosphere since they are all about to embark on a journey that may or may not be their last (ideally will not but they don’t know what they’re getting into, truly). Some revelations are given about some characters but only enough to make you want to know MORE.

We’re finally going to be heading to the Seretei and I can’t wait to see some of the fights that happen. I know many people enjoy the action on screen but I actually really like seeing how dynamic the art can be in the manga. Also, there’s another training session somewhere between the arrival and rescue, right? I don’t really remember anything about that one so I’m looking forward to that too!

BTW, have you guys seen some of the anime cafe collab? I don’t really drink but I would for anime LOL

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