[Craig Dates] Dream Daddy: Keg-Stand Champion

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Up next on the Daddy Dream progress, I have decided to go after Craig first! ICYMI, Craig is the hot Daddy who always has the baby strapped to his chest. We used to be college roommates and since then, he’s left all his bad habits and is now very devotedly raising his three kids. And I am here, not just for his booty, but also for the achievement “Keg-Stand Champion” which means I have to go on three dates with him!

At the end of the barbeque that I was invited to in the first chapter, I was told I should join Dadbook, which is a social media platform where we dads can talk with each other. With the help of my daughter, I manage to set up my account. Also, for some reason, she also has one so maybe other non-dads use this?

This is pretty much where all the magic happens in this next part of the game. If I want to hang out with anyone, I click on their pretty little pictures and send them a message. I also may or may not be thinking about adding Damien to the list of dads I want to get to first because his profile is actually really cute!

But yes, I actually had some fun hanging out with Craig. We finally get to meet his two other kids, who are twins and part of a softball team. We also learn what I already knew. He gets hit on A LOT. I mean, of course he does! Just LOOK at him and it sounds like the kids all love him too

While most of the dates are spent interacting with him, we also get to meet some of the other dads. For example, on our second date, we go to the park, and oh, lucky me, there are some dads hanging out here too. All there to witness anything embarrassing I might do because you bet I’m not the fitness dad like Craig is

I made it my goal to singlehandedly pursue him but I did get to go on a few “side dates” (not actually dates) with a few other dads

Aside from trying to seduce Craig, I also had a few serious moments with Amanda. I’ve never played a dating sim before, but I like how even though I’m supposed to be going on dates with dads, the children are also a big aspect of, well, everything. I have Amanda at home and actually experience conflict with her

Craig also, while we are on our third date, talks about his own struggles of being a dad and trying to match the ideal that he believes he should be. Along with not being able to relax because he’s usually not away from his kids for so long

Hopefully, my decisions now have helped me reach the good Amanda ending

As for how Craig’s and my dates end…I was a bit disappointed. I mean, I enjoyed the vulnerable talk that we had but what happens now? I mean, is it time to move on? No more seeing Craig? Which then makes me wonder about dating. Technically, nothing has to come of seeing any of these guys but…but, what if I want something?! Also, are these dates or am I just hanging out with my bros?! Like yeah we flirted a bit, but I don’t know, I wanted to be more emotionally invested

We do have a more intimate scene in the darkness of the night and our tent (I’m sad we didn’t get any visuals on this, it was just a black screen the whole time), but does it mean anything? I’m not sure. We’ll see where we go the next time I play

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