[Chapter One] Dream Daddy: Welcome to the Neighborhood

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Guess who finally started playing some of the games they bought! Yes, it’s me, and first up HAD to be the Daddies!

The story goes that I am a single father who has just moved with my to-be college daughter to the other side of town. And, as we both explore the neighborhood, we learn that we have a lot of dad neighbors. And we are all cringe, or at least that’s what our kids say, but we are all definitely hitting it up, getting our pun games on, and maybe planning a hook up or more

Meet Axel Ace

I love customizing characters!! So I was pretty excited about building my character. I think it had a lot of nice options, the skin tone being one of them. I couldn’t decide which was the right tone but ultimately thought this was perfect! But when it came to other features like hair, clothes, and accessories, the options felt a bit limited

I mean, I really wanted some square glasses. At this point, I’ve gotten used to the circle ones so I have no problem, but his outfit…I love it but that’s only because I loved it compared to the others. I guess maybe it would have been cool to be able to create our own wardrobe for them. What if I wanted him to wear fancy pants but like a polo or a sweater? I was also debating on the piercings but ultimately went with a simple ear one because I wasn’t a big fan of the circle design. Nothing detrimental, but just something I was “Awww” sad about

Also, am I the only one who thinks my daddy looks like Levi? I almost named him that but no, had to resist the anime names. Instead, I went with Axel Ace (look, I had to fit the Daiya love in other ways, lol)

Exploring the Neighborhood

During the first chapter, I’m mainly exploring the neighborhood with my daughter and I really like the relationship these two have. I feel like yeah, my kid thinks I’m an uncool dad but in a way that is expected. I mean, yeah, maybe Axel is unfit, nerdy, and has no social life BUT, he looks good in a suit and has nice eyebrows! I think he’s witty too and clearly, he passed that down to Amanda. They both have funny conversations and Amanda, who will be moving out to college soon, is trying to get Axel out to make some friends! Clearly, he’s done parenting correctly, at least so far…

Am I maybe freaking out over the bad ending for Amanda? YES. What do you mean she’s going to get a bad ending?! Does that mean we’re going to become estranged?! Or is something bad going to happen to her?! I don’t know!!

But that’s for future me to worry about because, in this chapter, Amanda and I are pretty chummy, going out to the mall, getting some coffee, and allowing her to push me into social situations while I wish I were at home being a hermit. Perfect

The Daddies

We actually got to meet all seven of them in like, the first three days of moving in! I still can’t remember all their names but I definitely want to try getting with Craig first. Craig is the fifth guy in the picture and also happens to already be chummy with me since we both went to the same college. The story goes that we haven’t seen each other in forever and now I am surprised that he is a family man. A divorced family man but clearly in love with the kids. In fact, I am too! His baby River is probably the second cutest kid in this game, first place going to my daughter because EHERM, as her father, I must do my fatherly duty and put her first. But Craig’s kid is ADORABLE

He also apparently has two others but we have yet to meet them.

After Craig, I really like Mat, who is actually the first dad I met! Amanda and I decide to go to a cafe that’s within walking distance of our house and we meet him there. He’s the owner of the place and is super cute, awkward, and nerdy. I did not understand any of the references that were made in his presence but I must have pulled things off well enough because he sent me a couple hearts my way!

I’ve had three different reactions so far – hearts, eggplants, and a dark aura. I’m definitely supposed to be getting the first two reactions but the third one left me a bit, HMMM.

Honestly, Mat and Craig are my top two so I’d like to go their routes first, though I’m not sure how that will work. Do I get to decide? After them I might try and go with Joseph, which is the blonde dude but NGL, his kids are creepy and his wife, well, let’s just say she doesn’t like me. Plus, I don’t usually go for churchmen. Actually, for this first playthrough, I was a bit sad. I didn’t look at the achievements list and missed out on “Bad Dad”. I mean, if I had known, I would have totally taken up Robert’s offer for a fun night. But he just wasn’t doing it for me. Next time

Chapter End

I get the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” achievement after I do some socializing at Joseph’s house where I find out that all the older gents I’ve met in the last few days are my neighbors!

I can’t say I love this game, but it is entertaining. The art is BEAUTIFUL and all the guys are looking FINE. I mean, I wish I found more of them attractive, but I also like the variety. I mean, we even went and brought Dracula to the party. Love that!

I’m not especially fond of the constant “voicing” of the characters. I mean, it would be fine if they grunted and suggestively hummed at me when appropriate, but they do it so much that one) it started to get a bit annoying and two) I started to just mimic them. Craig should especially tone it down before I jump his fine muscles. PLEASE, that suggestive voice of yours is going to break my self-restraint!! We haven’t even done anything flirty yet, only gone to the gym where you gave me some drink that you personally made for me. Speaking of the gym, was I wearing a suit when I went there?! I wish maybe the art had reflected my wear. Throw on a plain t-shirt or something, but Axel still came up with a suit when it was his turn to dialogue

But yeah, nothing major. I’m enjoying it and will see how the next few chapters pan out

4 thoughts on “[Chapter One] Dream Daddy: Welcome to the Neighborhood”

  1. Nice! Too bad about the customizability, but those look like some fun dads. Based on the visual, I’m particularly drawn to the vampire-looking one (2nd from the left) and the sophisticated one (3rd from the left)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh! i like the vampire looking one too but we didn’t get to meet him much in chapter one. not like the other guys but hopefully I’ll have more on him later 😀 sort of similar with the sophisticated one, he’s my kids teacher so i only really saw him when i went to speak to him about her lol

      Liked by 1 person

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