[Review] Bleach (v. 1-4) Mini-Manga Reviews

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Remember I said I’d be sharing the Bleach reviews on the blog? Well, here they are! They are short and maybe I scream

I’ve probably read this first volume a dozen times and it never gets old. It’s so much fun to read, especially that first chapter. The whole cast is really fun and we really see how crazy everyone is in this volume: Rukia and her “studying”, Orihime and her daydreaming, Chad and his chadness, and especially Ichigo with his protectiveness of not just his family, but the ghosts that oh so annoy him. Also, reading this with some knowledge of what happens WAY later in the manga makes for a whole new experience

Random fun fact: This used to be one of the only manga at my local library, which is one of the main reasons I’ve reread this volume so many times

Ah, that was really fun to read and I’d actually forgotten about some of these scenes, especially the parakeet one. That one was really sad. With Ichigo finally accepting and embracing his new role as a soul reaper, we see more action and fights. I especially liked the parakeet one because we’re once more introduced to a new aspect of the afterlife. We also meet a new character and start to get some hints of trouble with Rukia, which then leads to the introduction of another character. We don’t really have too much information about him at this point aside from him being iconic and very stubbly handsome. Also, URURU MUST BE LOVED MORE. A really nice mix of hilarious and serious

Note: I wish I knew more about the zanpakutos because I’m thinking about stuff that was revealed (way) later and just, I can’t tell, I CANT TELL

What to rate, what to rate. I feel like this volume smacked us with the emotional vibes. I guess it was just “lucky” that we started the manga so close to this special day, which let us learn more about Ichigo, not just from his POV but also from his friends’ POV. Also, the ship vibes are strong and maybe I love Rukia more, just remembering this moment. I was surprised by how everything ended, but it also makes sense. Ichigo is a baby soul reaper so can’t have him being too awesome too soon. Somber read considering how fun and funny the previous two volumes were

Note: I feel like I misjudged many of the female characters in manga in my youth because Orihime is actually not that bad. Why did I dislike her so much? Well, aside from, you know, how it all ends

Not my favorite volume. It’s sort of filler, with the gang going out to see Don Kanoji’s tv show in the flesh (a special at Karakura), but what they end up witnessing is more terrible than they expected. But it’s also a moment when everyone we’ve met is in the same place and we can see where they all stand. The volume says this is the turning point so I’m curious to see what that means exactly. Then we’re “introduced” to a character I’m not a huge fan of initially (aka. the guy on the cover). I don’t know, I’ve sort of always found him a bit annoying, especially at the start, which sort of contradicts what I said about him in my post from yesterday, lol


Well, I’ll stop at volume 4, but I’ll drop these short reviews for the next couple of volumes in the coming days. Hopefully this time around, I’ll make it to the end of the manga! Oh, and if anyone is curious, you can read Bleach via the Shonen Jump app. That’s also where I read Spy x Family and other Jump titles

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