10 Series I Want to Pick Up This Fall Season

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Blogging this month has made me realize how much I miss being a weeb so I decided it was time to stop missing and start doing. I mean, I have slightly been doing that by picking up some manga but with some of the new announcements and just how behind I am on content, I’ve decided to expand that list and also include some anime that I dropped a while ago

Also, I say “fall” but I pretty much mean starting this week


Ok, this is like the fourth time I’ve tried to do a Bleach read-through and I can never get far enough to say I’ve made progress. The culprits? Orihime and Uruyu. You know that scene where they’ve just made it inside of the Seireitei bubble and the group gets split up? Orihime and Uruyu end up together and I swear I’m not seeing things HE TOTALLY HAS A CRUSH ON HER. But I can’t quote more moments because I never get past that point, I run to Ao3

But we’re getting some new Bleach content and if anything, I’m grateful for my brother’s love for it because he would probably get a new subscription to whoever just to be able to watch it (and I’d freeload, hehe). Also, maybe I will try watching the anime? I’ve reviewed the first season on the blog here and the first 10 volumes on Goodreads. I might actually share those here once I pick up the manga again

Mob Psycho 100

I can’t believe this show has not been reviewed on the blog yet!! I thought maybe I had something for the first season but I was WRONG. So clearly I must rewatch this so that I can at least scream about S1 and S2 before I jump into S3. Also, I know I don’t do seasonal anime but I am being tempted!! I’m also thinking about maybe picking up the manga again. I was reading it a while ago but dropped it around the time, uh, well, around the timeframe I imagine S3 will cover

Also, I’m kind of sad not many people IRL talk about this show. And I need MP100 merch, will there be merch with the new season?! I WANT

My Hero Academia

I have lost track of how many times I’ve watched the first season! That was back when there was only a S1 but also around the time that I planned to watch S3, which, I don’t exactly remember if I did…what happens in S3?? Haha. But now I’m seeing there’s going to be a S6 coming out?! Clearly I need to get back to watching this. But I am conflicted! I love Katsuki and I keep hearing things about him potentially…not being around anymore?! This is the second time this has happened and it’s actually the reason I dropped the series semi-permanently

But…maybe there’s hope? I mean, if it didn’t happen the first time there was talk about it, maybe it won’t this time?! WHAT DO I DO?! This also means that I will be picking up the manga again


Speaking of anime and manga that I dropped…yes, I stopped reading Haikyuu but not for any dreadful reasons like MHA. No, the reason I stopped is that I didn’t want it to end. I know it ends, it’s over, how will I ever COPE? And now there’s going to be new movies, what, finishing off the last of the manga that wasn’t animated? So then, soon, truly Haikyuu will be over…but I can do this, I can muster up the strength to continue. I mean, I still have at least one season of content to catch up on

I reviewed the first , the second, and the third seasons the blog and also screamed some feels relating to the summer training arc

p.s. These posts were transferred from my old blog and thus, their images have been lost. Normally I will fix that before putting them out into the world again buuuuuut, I need them for this post, lol. I will fix them before the end of the month but feel free to enjoy my screaming

Blue Lock

Every time I go to the bookstore, this series whispers into my ears take me home, you know you wanna and I have resisted. Although I wasn’t able to resist the three Blue Lock sweaters I found on sale. First off, SALE. And second, cute guys on my clothes is best fashion. And now I’m seeing that there will be an anime soon?! Ok, I’m on it. The time is now. I don’t think I will be following it weekly, but I definitely want to at least check out the first episode close to when it airs because THOSE EYES. I love piercing eyes

Also, I’ve been very nostalgic recently, seeing all the soccer people in my life (and this series)

Yowamushi Pedal

I finally picked up this series only to not complete it! And I don’t even know why because I really enjoyed it!! Also, don’t ask me why I thought it was complete. I just know a lot of content exists for it but I just saw that the FIFTH season will be airing in the fall. Again, I probably won’t be following this one weekly, but this time because I will probably be too busy watching the previous seasons

I gave my first impression here


Ok, when did this turn into a sports anime list?! Also, I was pretty sure people on Twitter were saying there would be new content for this but I’m not seeing anything in the fall lineup…regardless, it is a series I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now. I’ve heard nothing but great gay things about it and you all know I love the gay. Aside from this being a skating anime, I’m not exactly sure what it’s about. Don’t tell me, I want to be surprised~

Tiger and Bunny

Speaking of gays, I also saw there was going to be something new for Tiger and Bunny…a part 2 of season 2? Suddenly I’m getting AoT title flashbacks! But that also means I’m glad I didn’t pick up S2 before it was complete. I haven’t decided if I will be picking up the anime from S1, I have quite a list to get through after all, or just jump into S2. I mean, I actually remember quite a bit of what happened in S1, probably because I did a bit of a deep dive for it for OWLS

Actually, I’m not seeing a S1 review so maybe I will rewatch it

Bungo Stray Dogs

This is another series I never really continued. I probably rewatched half of the first season at least 3 times, but continue? Nope. TBH, I just wasn’t super into it and the ship people were screaming about, I didn’t really like it, and I was also in my anime slump. But now I’m seeing a new season for the winter and I thought, why not? I’m not in a rush, but I’d like to see how it ends because I do really like Dazai

p.s. The linked post is also missing some pictures. Will fix by the end of the month

Attack on Titan

I can’t believe I used to defend this series, defend Eren, and then I disappeared. This is another series that is, very surprisingly not reviewed on my blog, because I probably watched the first season at least 3-4 times. I was also reading the manga pretty closely. I think the thing that made me stop is that it took FOREVER for there to be more content for it. I mean, AoT stuff blew up. There were like 2, I think, chibi series, some light novels, and even that cool-looking spinoff manga. I also did not finish that one but the art was soooo good. And then I kept hearing “aot the final season, aot the final FINAL season, aot the final final season part 5” and so on

I still have no idea if it’s complete but I think the manga is and I love me some reading material~

Well, it looks like the rest of the year is going to be full of anime watching and maybe some manga reading. There are also other series that I want to complete, such as the dramas I was watching, and other anime that I just haven’t had the chance to complete. But I had to stop myself at 10 because then we would be here forever!

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