Shonen Jump Store Mini-Haul

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I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, maybe I did, but this year I finally lifted my buying ban and I’m wondering if maybe I should put the ban back into place because I have no self-restraint. I went shopping the other day, only to come back home and then online shop. That haul post will happen when the items arrive, but for now, we’ll jump into this one

I went to this really cool shopping mall in Fukuoka called Lalaport and there is a giant mecha outside AND IT MOVES. I sadly did not get any video for it because, by the time I realized it moved (PM), my phone had already run out of battery. But next time!! Actually, there is so much Gundam-themed stuff around Fukuoka that it surprised me. Inside Lalaport there’s a Gundam arcade, gachas, an exhibit, what looked like a cafe (closed because of COVID), and then the store

I didn’t buy anything because it’s been way too long since I watched anything Gundam, but I was soooo tempted! Also, not related, but the Gundam spicy burger from McD was actually really good and I’ve been wanting to go back and buy more. The only reason I haven’t is that I refuse to get addicted to McD again. Besides, I am already addicted to too many things…like spending my money

At the arcade, they did have a little place where you could take one of their Gundam playing cards and they looked so cool! I couldn’t resist. I have no idea who this is supposed to be but it will be my Gundam souvenir

Inside this mall was also a Shounen Jump store. I’ve seen a couple of them while visiting the city but I haven’t actually gone inside to look at everything. I decided I had to and wow, I had to control myself. I mean, there was a lot of merch for shows I didn’t really watch, which was good, but then there was stuff like JJK-themed curry that I most definitely did not need to buy but that I most definitely did almost throw into my shopping basket

Also, I’m pretty sure this store is tiny compared to an official Shounen Jump-only store. Since this is in a mall, the space is limited. Lucky for me and my wallet!

The three shows that I ended up buying stuff for were JJK (no surprise there), Haikyuu (also no surprise), and Spy x Family (maybe some surprise). I’m not super into SpyxFamily, but I have to admit that I haven’t been able to say no to things like stickers and those random/raffle cards that you can find at the convenience stores. I guess you can say I’ve been lucky so far. I haven’t gotten doubles

Hm, maybe I should do a post of my lucky conbini purchases

I’ve already talked about my folder problem and, of course, I had to add to the problem. But how could I resist?! Look at those designs!! The Haikyuu one is especially nice. I think I’m going to start carrying that one around, especially with the new movie announcements…which actually reminds me that I’m not caught up with the anime or manga. Am I truly a fan?!

I also couldn’t resist the Haikyuu notebooks!! Look at how amazing they are! I was only going to get one but I am WEAK. Besides, the good thing about notebooks is that I will get through them eventually. Although, now I’m going to feel a bit self-conscious about what I put in the notebooks. It should be something good, right?!

As for Anya, I mainly just got a sticker and a keychain. No picture of the keychain because I gave it away and forgot to photograph it

I also couldn’t resist these MHA stickers like WOW, they look so cool!! I was only going to buy the Katsuki one because Best Boy (the spoilers recently have been giving me near heart attacks, also, no, I’m not caught up on that either) but look at how cool the Deku one is too!!

I’m already using the Katsuki one. I stuck it to my computer but I have yet to decide what to do with the two other stickers. I don’t like Anya enough to put her on my laptop, LOL

I also got some pictures of me on the height boards for MHA and JJK. In conclusion, I bet I’m taller than Deku. His hair does not give him a pass to say we’re the same height because if yeah, let me style my hair correctly and see who is taller! But I am probably shorter than Yuuji. I mean, if only he stood up straight so I could tell. Also, Gojo and Todo are the same height?!

And now, the best for last. My most expensive purchase at the Shounen Jump store – JJK playing cards. Pardon the lights!

I don’t even play cards! But they had me with this cover. I am weak to anything with Sukuna on it but if it’s got both him and Yuuji in some sort of mirroring type of art, I am like YESSS. Also, when I looked in the back to see what sort of designs the cards had, I almost screamed. They looked so cool!!

But I also knew I would probably put these cards on a pedestal and never use them because they are so cool and beautiful. Why would I bend them, wear them down, SULLY THEM?!

Yes, I only just opened them now, the plastic still on my floor

Look at our Aces looking badass.

There were also a lot of characters that I didn’t recognize, which means I should probably get back to reading the manga. I decided my heart couldn’t take much more violence against my babies and stopped right when the culling games started. Have you guys seen the video of the culling games promo in Shibuya (I think), IT WAS SO AMAZING

And this is why teleporting would be the best power to have

Yes, I did go through the stack and found me some Toji to feed my soul!! Why is there no Toji content?! Will there be more once he’s animated?! PLEASE.

Well, that wraps up this haul. Why am I so obsessed with this show?

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