[Review] Woof Wolf – A Fun Blend of Spicy and Feelings by Magoo

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I was drafting another post for Blaugust when I realized I hadn’t reviewed a lot of the series I wanted to mention in that post. So now here I am, fixing my wrongs! First up is Woof Wolf by Magoo, which is honestly such a cute and hot read. I can’t believe I hadn’t shared it with you all before!!

Min-woo has a secret that he can’t let anyone know about, he can turn into a wolf. He’s usually very careful about this, always carrying around his harness and dragging around Na-kyung whenever he wants to go drinking, which is when he’s the most excitable and prone to making wolfish mistakes, but one night of drinks changes everything. He accidentally marks the wrong date for the night of the full moon and Na-kyung and he are found out by their classmate Jae-min, who initially brushes things off as a joke, but then seriously confronts Min-woo about it, going so far as to jokingly blackmail him into having sex in return for his silence

Jae-min who is Min-woo’s type and who has very boldly shown signs of being interested in him, or at least his body. How is he supposed to say no?!

don’t worry baby, you’re not the only one being a perv

Let me just say that I don’t blame Jae-min. I would also love to eat me a helping of Min-woo. He is absolutely ADORABLE. A huge hunk of muscles with the most adorable blushes and baby-faced look ever. I can’t, I would fight Jae-min for Min-woo, I WOULD DESTROY ANYONE WHO SEEKS TO HURT HIM. Or you know, even the ones who would accidentally make him cry. Nobody would be spared from my wrath!!

Min-woo is just too adorable, I want him to have the happiest life ever!! He gives me the strength to continue. I think I fell for him at first sight, just like all the people before me

Min-woo is such a loveable character. He’s very energetic, knows what he wants, is probably a bit confused about how to get it, but will always put in 100% of his love into the things he wants. And I just ADORE the way he can be sexy confident one second and then a blushing baby the next like please, my heart can’t handle how cute you are!!

Also, did I mention he’s sexy AF? The things I have seen in this webcomic, PLEASE, I need more, please don’t stop feeding me

pov: you’ve just read your first bestiality story and liked it

Then we have Jae-min who I don’t adore as much, but that I also can’t help but love in a this is my baby that always frustrates me why can’t he get a clue and let himself FEEL? I love that he’s very confident about things relating to the bedroom, which makes his relationship with Min-woo very chill. Even when Min-woo isn’t confident about something, Jae-min is only one second away from worshipping his enormous assets, AS HE SHOULD. My baby needs all the love and then some!

But good luck getting Jae-min to talk about feelings and opening up to people. I suppose I understand where he’s coming from, but it was so painful seeing how callous he could get because he was afraid of things getting too serious.

I think Magoo did such a great job with these two. I think their personalities really went well together and I loved LOVED the way their relationship develops…even when at times I just wanted to cry. Also, it was so hot, spicy at max, but that’s expected when you have a couple with the confidence of these two!

We also got to meet a few other characters and I’m actually kind of sad we don’t have more content for them. I especially need some love thrown Na-Kyung’s way because wow, she is the best friend ever and clearly needs to have her own love story. But even that one other guy who kept trying to seduce Min-woo was getting tolerable. I mean, clearly, there are bigger jerks to worry about than some lonely boy looking for love

I can already see his story in my eyes

give her the love story she deserves!!

This is probably one of my favorite webcomics. I love the ship dynamic, the art is beautiful, the kinks are sexy, and the story progresses at a good pace. It is much shorter than I remember it being but I guess that’s its own plus too. I GUESS. I mean, I wouldn’t mind an endless supply of Min-woo

If I had to complain about something, it’s that the whole wolf transformation thing is never really explained. I mean, Min-woo doesn’t know why it’s happening and I believe his family doesn’t either. When he does try to do some investigating, it also doesn’t really lead him anywhere. From my POV, it seemed it was related to the romance, but then…how would that explain his sister? Or the lonely guy? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my end!

But because it wasn’t explained a part of me is like, well, does that mean that the problem is not truly resolved? Who knows!


If you haven’t already read this, PLS, you will love it! You can read this on Lezhin and it is complete so no waiting involved. Sort of. I believe right now the author is doing some extras but technically you can breeze through the main story in a few hours if you wanted to. And if you have read it, what did you think?

Please scream in the comments with me!!

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