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It’s been a while since I last did a nomination post AND a music post so I thought this would be a nice way to end the Blaugust “Introduce Yourself” week! Thank you Rose for the tag. I know it’s been months more than a year since the tag but I’m only just seeing it now…Actually, there are a couple I missed out on / forgot about!


  1. Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  2. For every prompt you choose, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics)
  3. Have fun and play your music LOUD!

1) Home Town Glory

Songs that remind you of home

Home?! I’m not sure. Uhm, I think anything that’s in Spanish. At home we’d usually have something like this video playing on YT

2) It’s a Love Story

Your favorite songs about love

Ok, nobody said it had to be a happy song! Also, random fact but I had a Marina phase back in the day that led to a few songfics, and just like her songs, they were not fun love stories. Would I say this is one of my favorites? Perhaps. I mean, I don’t really have music favorites. It’s more like what song am I currently obsessing over and will then overplay and get sick of. But Lies is one I return to consistently so maybe it is. I like to hurt

3) Shut Up and Dance

Songs you have to dance to

I’m going to be a bit liberal with the definition of “dance” here because, like Rose, I don’t dance. But this is a song that as soon as I hear it, I start to move in my chair, and usually, some part of me, hands or feet, starts tapping. Honestly, I wish I knew how to dance. Maybe it will be on my list of things to learn in the near future!

4) If This Was a Movie

Songs from movies/TV/Broadway

SPOILERS for Arcane ending!! But yes, I kind of love this song. It most definitely makes me cry whenever I watch it with the actual events of the series (like this video) but when I get really into it and sing it with feels, I cry. I don’t know. Arcane is just a really tragic story and I think this song is too. Here’s the non-spoilers video.

And here is one of my all-time favorite weeb songs. I like to play it when I want to cry. Or you know, get the musical shivers. I’m starting to notice a pattern here

5) Comfort Crowd

Songs that make you feel calm

This is tough. I don’t normally listen to music that generally makes me feel calm. It’s either background noise, music to make me sing, or music to make me feel a certain type of emotion (sad, angry, pumped). But then I remembered this song. I don’t really listen to it but it lives comfortably in my heart and memories. I just love how relaxing it sounds and the opening video is just really nice to watch. I don’t know, I love all of it

6) Always Remember Us This Way

Songs that remind you of your childhood

When I was a kid, I didn’t really listen to this type of music. Actually, I probably listened to a lot of pop and rap, but I thought that would be boring. Instead, the anime that defined my childhood was Inuyasha so I decided to take that route. I absolutely adore most of the songs, especially ending credit songs, which is very rare for me. This is one I really enjoy listening to though I only listen to it rarely nowadays

7) Let’s Get Down to Business

Songs that motivate you

Another fun fact about me and music is that I don’t really listen to the lyrics of songs. I mainly fall for the way the song sounds. Sometimes, if the song is just that compelling, I won’t be able to ignore the lyrics, but mostly I just like the sounds. So songs that motivate me tend to be songs that I think sound unique and are usually fast-paced. These are the songs I listen to when I need to get things done around my house

Here’s another that’s really cool! I wish I could sing. Maybe that should be my goal, to learn the lyrics for this song.

8) Old Town Road

Songs from the past (like really old ones) that you love

You mean older than what I’ve already shown?! Lol. No, but I don’t really like listening to music that’s older than maybe the 90s. Even 90s music is a bit meh for me. So I’ll drop a song from Little Shop of Horrors because those are fun. Again, I don’t really listen to these unless I’m in a LSoH mood

Another song that’s old but not “like really old ones” lol. I listen to this one a bit more often

9) Cry With You

Songs that make you cry and cry

So I already listed a few that make me cry but here’s another. Also, it’s usually not the song that makes me cry but the associations I have with them. I mean, this song doesn’t really sound sad. It’s very upbeat, but I always remember the video and the tragic story and it makes me sad

This movie and song will never not hurt me.

10) I Think I’m in Love

Your latest music obsessions

One of my latest obsessions was actually Save Yourself, a song I mentioned earlier, AND Bad Decisions. I think it’s very catchy and it flows really well. I also hadn’t watched the video before and it’s so fun and THAT ENDING.

11) Writer in the Dark

Favorite lyrics from songs

Oooo, one of my most dreaded questions when it comes to music! Like I said already, I don’t pick my favorites because of the lyrics. I often just listen to whatever music sounds appealing and the lyrics don’t exactly matter to me. But this one has nice lyrics. Also, quite a few of the songs I’ve listed before this have also been songs where I liked the lyrics, like Feed Me Seymour. I think they’re fun. Lies has nice lyrics, enough to make me cry. Same with What Could Have Been. ONE OK ROCK also has some nice lyrics

12) Sign of the Times

Songs in the charts that you love

I’m going to agree with Rose on this one. I don’t really check the charts but let me check now. Maybe I have been listening to something on there. So Bad Decisions is on the charts but I already used that for a different number. I also do listen to Bad Bunny so I’ll go with this song. I’ve only listened to this song a few times so I wouldn’t say I love it

13) More Than a Memory

Songs you have specific memories attached to. Tell us the memory.

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned?! Lol. Uhm, I don’t really attach specific memories to songs, but here’s this I suppose. Not exactly the music I listen to (and not this song exactly) but anything that is more traditional Mexican music reminds me of early morning weekends when this would be my wake-up call/ notice that if I didn’t get out of bed SOON and start cleaning, I’d be getting a louder visit.

14) Sing to Me Instead

Those songs you have to sing to

Surprisingly, there are quite a few songs I can’t help but sing. Not publically, but when I’m in the privacy of my car or my house, I will usually sing these. Some I’ve already mentioned but here’s another. I do like Billie’s music but some of her songs are misses. This one though, love it. Oh god, I’m singing it!

Here’s another one that I always listen to. Very sad too

15) I Wasn’t Expecting That

Songs that you didn’t expect to love, but you do

Oh, this one is a tough question for another reason. I feel like I have a pretty good idea of the type of music I will like and if I don’t think I’ll like it…I don’t listen to it. But I guess J Balvin is always a hit or miss because he’s a bit goofy (from the few songs I’ve listened to) and in this song, the story is more serious. Again, based on the video

16) Favourite Record

Albums you can’t live without

I’ve been trying to answer as many of these as I can without skipping, but I don’t think I have any albums I can’t live without. If it wasn’t already obvious, I like music, but it’s not something I am Extremely Passionate about. If one album doesn’t exist, another will. And I mean, I don’t usually like all the songs in an album, only a select few. Yes, even for my beloved BTS

17) Video Games

Name your favorite music videos

Should I assume this means favorite video game music video? Or just like, a random music video? I guess I’ll drop a few random favorites! I think it’s obvious why I like this one! Have you watched this drama? It’s so cute!!

This video will never not be HILARIOUS.

Ok! I feel like I didn’t always answer the “love” part of the music prompt, but I mean, I don’t really love music. It’s just something I listen to sometimes when I need to be distracted. Yes, there are songs I really like but love? Hmmm.

As for the tags. I’ll go ahead and tag:




p.s. This was much longer than I expected.

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