10 Hotties I Would Let Bully Me

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Earlier I got tagged on a chain post via Twitter by Magi. I was asked to pick four characters I was obsessed with, which meant it was time to dive through my phone’s pictures. As I was choosing them, I noticed there was a pattern. I hope you all noticed it and if not, here’s a bigger list

Because I was INSPIRED

Jaeyoung from Semantic Error

Ok, I am going to start off with Jaeyoung because I just reread the start of Semantic Error and I am asking myself if I’m sure about my decision. I know how this guy bullies, I know it will drive me mad because he will find my weakness. But what is even my weakness? I’d be so glad to see him every day. Maybe if he’s mean to me, I’ll cry but I will be happy, hehehe

Shizuma from Therapy Game

Ok, this guy isn’t really a bully. On the contrary, I feel like he’s often the one bullied, but get this guy in the bedroom and he completely changes. Like, uh, yes, I know you have a boyfriend and are completely devoted to his sexy possessive ass but can you bully me too?! And his bullying would be akin to worship, the burning kind, the one you want to stop but obviously NOT

Sukuna from JJK

I know, I know. Sukuna bully me? He would probably be too bored to do this and if I bothered him enough to give me the time of day, he’d probably chop me up. It’s ok, slicing up people is a form of bullying, right?! Also, Sukuna would definitely be bad for my mental health because his type of bullying would be all about being truly mean, but you only live once! Hurt me

Toji from JJK

Clearly, I have a problem if I want to be bullied by people that I know would rather murder me but I just can’t help it, the thrill is intoxicating. Also, I just have to make sure not to boss him around, right?! Or you know, play a bit of tug of war so that he doesn’t get bored of me but try not to cross the line so I don’t get offed. But I like to think that Toji’s bullying would be more teasing. He just seemed sort of chill and goofy during many of the non-aggressive moments, ya know? He’s probably safer than Sukuna

Tomoharu from Like the Beast

The only officer of the law I want bullying me, ever. You know, Tomoharu was so nice and innocent at the start of this series. He would have never made it onto a list like this…and then he started dating Aki. I feel like Tomoharu has developed a mean streak since he’s been with Aki, which made this number a tough choice. Did I want to get bullied by Aki, who is a PROFESSIONAL or by Tomoharu, who has somehow turned into a natural. He’s so good at getting his bad boy out whenever the group needs him to and I need him to bully me. Please don’t disappoint, be angry at me, gimme the glare and punishments!

Jooyeon from Sadistic Beauty (Epilogue)

Speaking of characters that probably wouldn’t bully you but have an inner mean streak that comes out at the beck and call of their lovers…let me present you all with Jooyeon. She gets into character REALLY WELL and I mean, it makes sense, she’s an actress but oh boy, the DEDICATION. I want to be bullied like Gyerin, PLEASE direct your glares, your wrath, and your power towards me, I am not ready but who cares! That’s part of the experience

Sehyuk from Mad Dog

Why are there so many great bullies in webcomics? I mean, I don’t mind, but like wow. And Sehyuk is one of my top favorites. This guy doesn’t really have a nice bone in his body unless you dig deep into his actions. He’s like tough love but the kind where he’ll make you beg and excavate for it and I am ready to do both. But not for the nice words, I want all the mean. Put me in my place, degrade me, I am nothing but the scum under your boot

Yoshino from Clumsy Love Step

Is this truly a threat? Because what if I do want to go to the toilet? WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THERE. Yoshino is not really a bully like the others but I know he would definitely bully me in a more realistic way, making me do things that will stay in my head for YEARS and having me second guess my every move. Check out that pile of embarrassing memories just growing exponentially but I would probably have a good time…after I go home and hide

Sebastian from Black Butler

I have to add one of my OGs to this list because this guy is GOLD. I feel like his sort of bullying would be extra special because he’s not especially mean, at least not to plebs like myself, but he’s a demon. He’s always going to do what amuses him while also fulfilling his orders. I wonder if I can get Ciel to order him to be mean to me…I’m sure it won’t be too hard for him to complete the orders. He probably needs to let off some steam from being ordered to do so many things all the time. AND I probably won’t die, sounds perfect

Miyuki Kazuya from Daiya

I have murderers and demons on this list but TBH Miyuki Kazuya is probably the most dangerous one. Why? Because I am Emotionally Invested. Plus, he can be harsh. Assuming he can find the time to bully me, which I believe he is an expert at, then I would have to make sure to keep things light-hearted because if he gets serious, oh, I will BREAK. When Miyuki Kazuya is mean he goes ALL OUT, he is not playing and I would like to survive an encounter with him. Maybe…

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