[Review] Semantic Error [V1] – How to Get a Robot to Notice You by Angy and J. Soori

Remember that 801 giveaway by Boys Love Party that I mentioned in my recent posts? WELL. I’m happy to announce that I won one of the giveaway tiers!! I was not expecting that. I mean, I never win giveaways?! But now I have and it’s one of the best! Thank you so much~

As for what I ended up getting…I won the first tier of the giveaway, which means that my prize was the first volume of Semantic Error, a webcomic I’ve been following for what feels like FOREVER. And really, the only reason I got a Manta subscription for as long as I did

Sangwoo has big plans for his junior year in college. After having a disastrous group project and giving no credit to his three freeriding “partners” he’s decided to focus on his newest project. He plans to make a mobile game and his designer has just bailed on him. Luckily, she’s recommended someone who, he hates to admit it, has an impeccable portfolio. However, when they go to exchange numbers, they both realize they “know” each other.

The designer is Jaeyoung Jang, who also happens to be the third freerider from Sangwoo’s previous class. The one who never showed up to class and the one rumored to want to kill Sangwoo for being the reason he can’t graduate like he’d intended to

i know, I’m SOOOOO bad, pls punish me ( 人・ω・)

I knew I would love this webcomic as soon as I saw the cover (not just because the art is amazing!) and when I read the first chapter I couldn’t stop laughing. Sangwoo is such a character! He riles up everyone who meets him, sadly, causing him to get bullied consistently throughout his college life. Not so sadly, he’s able to brush off most harassment like it’s nothing and if things ever do look like they’ll escalate, he’s not afraid to take a hit and then make sure his harasser lands in jail.

Aside from being the potential instigator, or the wind that fans the flames of his problems with Jaeyoung, Sangwoo is also a really cute and adorable antisocial baby that is maybe a bit too predictable. And sometimes this is exactly what the ladies like, which only causes more irritation


But clearly, Sangwoo has met his match with Jaeyoung, who isn’t just a bully. No, he’s a smart and persistent bully. He knows that Sangwoo can’t just be harassed by normal means and he’s decided to dedicate the next two weeks to carving himself into Sangwoo’s life, even if it means sitting through a math class he doesn’t need or understand

Their interactions give me LIFE. I know, I shouldn’t be relishing the way that Jaeyoung bullies my baby but I can’t help it, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. But I think one of the funniest parts is that, in his own way and without realizing it, Sangwoo is also pushing all of Sangwoo’s buttons. I’m so not taking sides…

It also doesn’t hurt that Jaeyoung is a SIGHT. Like, wow, he’s so beautiful and swoon-worthy. I don’t just love his physique, which ok, I wouldn’t mind if that’s all he had, but this guy has success and cool stamped all over. He’s what I want to be when a grow up! A persistent sadist and successful upperclassman. And his fashion sense, AHHHH. Give me a bit of your coolness!!

Too bad he was a little too full of himself that last semester, otherwise he would have been able to graduate! But then he wouldn’t have been able to have fun with Sangwoo so maybe it’s better that he failed. And he takes failing so well.

In this first volume, we’re really well introduced to the plot of the story, at least the way Jaeyoung wants it to go. And Sangwoo, I’m sorry, but it will be worth it. I promise

You can read this webcomic by subscribing to Manta Comics or by purchasing the e-volumes for your Kindle. I also believe there is a physical copy, which I most definitely will be buying when I figure out where I can get it!!

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