Who Is The Nerdy Fujo? A BLesque Q&A

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It’s the second week of Blaugust and WOOT WOOT, I’ve made it this far! That also means it’s time for the theme of week two, which is to introduce ourselves and, oh my, it’s been quite a while since I last did that. If you’re new to the blog, which I think most people aren’t (I haven’t been active enough to have any new followers!), then HEY, what’s up? I’m the Nerdy Fujo of this Nerdy Fujo blog

I have a bit more information in my About page and even have a nomination section that you guys can look through for some more insight on my person, especially who I was back when I started to blog. I don’t think I’ve written many, or any, nominations recently!

But here are some quick facts before we jump into something a bit more fun:

  • I go by the name Crimson and my pronouns are they/she
  • I have been blogging on and off since the end of 2017 so I guess that makes it about five years. It doesn’t seem like it because I often give into the imposter syndrome and uh, destroy my blog.
  • This is not the blog I started with! My original BL URL was myfujoshilife and thus, many posts (likes and stats) have been lost during the transfer process (I’ve done this maybe 2-3 times)
  • My OG blog was actually more of a diary-style blog that I had for about a year before MFL went public in 2017. One of my biggest regrets is deleting that blog
  • I LOVE boys’ love and that is mainly what I blog about now. I tried doing anime, but it didn’t really stick, especially after sites started doing the no screenshot thing. Now my blog consists of anything gay, be it manga, dramas, games, and more
  • I have recently started to include lesbian content in that gay (and hope to include more polyship content down the line)

Well then, now that that’s done with, let’s get down to business!

A BLesque Q&A

Q: What was your first boys love title?

Honestly, I can’t really remember! But it was probably a Shungiku Nakamura title. Maybe even Junjo Romantica, in manga format of course. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a BL anime?! But my first BL encounter was actually some SasuNaru fanfiction back when I was a wee youngin

Q: What is your ship dynamic? Has it changed since you started on your BL journey?

I think I like a lot of ship dynamics but I think I’m especially weak to the spicy dynamics. I love when characters banter, when they’re witty, and passionate. I think that could describe SasuNaru, which was my first ship. I mean, they’re always fighting and fire each other up. I also have this post where I list some of my favorite ships and yeah, a lot of them fit this description so I guess my tastes haven’t changed! Oh, but I’ve also been into aloof x (horny) puppy/ikemen recently and also corruption dynamics. I don’t know, I like a lot!

Q. What is your favorite BL manga? BL anime?

Noooooo. I hate picking favorites but honestly, my favorites change depending on the day and my memory. I suppose today I will go with Clumsy Love Step, mainly because it’s right there next to me, but also I mentioned the aloof x horny puppy ship and this manga fits that description. Also, I don’t have an anime BL favorite because I have yet to finish one. I know, DISGRACEFUL. But I just…can’t get into the series. Oh! But I do really like Doukyusei, which is a BL anime movie!!

Q. Favorite BL drama or movie?

I have yet to finish Cherry Magic but I’m going to go with that one because the actors are so cute!!! Also, I think the story is hilarious and I get soooo much second hand embarrassment, but I’ve also liked it enough to spend some money on Cherry Magic content soooo, I think that is a sign that it’s my current favorite. Did you all see that the DVD will be released soon?! I missed it in theaters. I told myself I would finish the series before going but uh, I didn’t, and then it wasn’t in theaters anymore. But now it’ll be on DVD and I am DEBATING.

Q. Favorite BLs that are not Japanese?

Outside of manga, I also read BL webcomics (mainly Korean but some Chinese) and NGL, I’ve sort of been enjoying those more than manga. The problem is that BL manga are usually only single volumes and so there isn’t a lot of time to develop a story and characters. There are some mangaka that do an amazing job at this and others, well, are alright. Meanwhile, webcomics are soooo long! And in full color and have some very amazing fantasy elements (not all, but I love fantasy stories)

Right now my favorite webcomic is probably King’s Maker. It’s the one I’ve bought the most content for. It’s also not as horny as other titles, which I’m a bit sad about (but don’t quote me, I haven’t been up to date with Triple Crown) but also glad about because the storyline is amazing. Also, the print books are gorgeous!

Q. What is a manga you enjoyed recently that you’ve reviewed on the blog vs. one you haven’t (yet)?

A recent BL I loved was Marriage to the Wolf! I have a review for it here, a BLCD unboxing for it, and even a comic translation. And yes, I plan to get more goodies if I ever get the chance to. As for one I haven’t reviewed yet…there’s a lot. My goal this year was to read 120 manga volumes and I’ve probably only reviewed like 5 of them on the blog (yes, I’ve completed the challenge!). As for recent, maybe I’ll go with NYU Boy. It’s so hilarious and has some amazingly drawn dicks. There are even FEELINGS. What more can I ask for?

I’ll review it here soon

Q. Do you play BL games? Do you have a favorite?

I don’t usually play BL games! But as of this month, I’ve decided to try playing a few. I have yet to finish any so I can’t really say I have a favorite. I always welcome recs!

Q. Do you have any strange BL merch?

Sadly, no. Most of my merch is pretty typical, consisting mainly of prints, acrylic stands, and pins/keychains. I would love something that screams degenerate but I have yet to find something that calls to me

Q. Do you only buy official merch?

No, TBH, I think that a lot of official merch in anime (so not just BL) can be a bit dull. Or at least what is usually available to US buyers who don’t know Japanese (me). So I have bought A LOT of fanmerch throughout my otaku life. I do the same with BL stuff, mainly a few cute acrylic stands and a pile of doujinshi. Considering my new location, I would like to buy more official BL merch, but we’ll see how that goes!

p.s. No pictures because I have that all back home T-T

Q. How do you decide if you love an author and will check out the rest of their works? Who are some of these authors?

I’m pretty simple. If I LOVE the art, then I will probably buy their books and if the story touches me in some way, then I’ll probably be curious enough to check out more of their content. Some authors include Ryo Shinou (NYU Boy), Meguru Hinohara (Therapy Game), Ryo Suzuri (MADK), Chiaki Kashima (Flower and Bunny), Ranmaru Zaria (Birds of Shanri-La), Yoriko (Clumsy Love Step), and more! I think all of these authors have beautiful art and they’re either cute, spicy, and/or beautiful nightmares. I like a variety of content

Q. Do you ever get tired of BL content?

Not really. I mean, there are some days when I just can’t be bothered to read BL, but those days are rare and when I can’t be bothered to read BL, I can’t be bothered to read anything. And it’s actually the opposite. I got tired of straight content and now hardly ever consume it. It’s all about the queers for me now

Q. Do people know you like BL?

I don’t go out of my way to promote it IRL because I know that people usually associate BL with porn and I mean, that’s not untrue, but it’s not just sex. So it all gets a bad rep and I mean, I am a pervert but not all perverts like to be on full blast. Also, I do think that some BL gets better treatment. For example, the drama adaptation of What Did You Eat Yesterday?

But there are people that pick up on my love for BL and then there are some people I feel comfortable sharing this info with. Then, sometimes, this leads to me being able to gush about it freely. Sadly, the numbers are very small and can probably fit on one hand. Two, if I count some of my blogger friends that I’ve at some point met IRL

Q. When did you get into yuri?

Honestly, not that long ago and I wouldn’t say I’m “into” it. I think I’m still learning to embrace it. I guess I just haven’t read too many that I really enjoy. But it’s only manga and similar media because I do read quite a few lesbian (and other sapphic) novels. So yes, I do like the girl-on-girl action, but it’s not at the level that I adore BL. Maybe the games will help

Q. What is the most you have spent on BL content? The least?

I’m not really sure. I think the most might have been a KatsuDeku acrylic stand I recently purchased. I think it cost me at least $30, maybe $35. Under that is probably a Cherry Magic Movie magazine that cost about $20. As for the most inexpensive…probably my volumes of Okane Ga Nai, which are in Japanese and the previous owner was desperate to get rid of. I don’t have them on hand right now but I got six volumes for $10

Q. Have you ever been to a BL convention?

Yes! I used to go to Yaoi-con, back when it still existed. I think I went for two or three years and I would always save up a ton just to buy all the BL I wanted. This was when the manga sections at bookstores were only one or two shelves, and the BL was slightly scarce. I think nowadays the BL convention to go to is FujoCon. I didn’t attend that one because it was online and the point of cons (for me) is the in-person experience. Plus, I love buying physical merch and not having to worry about shipping. Once things settle down, I’d love to go to a con in person but I probably won’t be able to for a few years

Q. Why did you start collecting Japanese manga? Will you still buy the English volumes?

I started buying the Japanese manga of unlicensed (in the US) manga (not just BL) maybe around the time I started blogging? I don’t do this as often anymore with non-BL titles because the chances of those manga getting licensed are much higher. I started collecting the Japanese volumes of manga as a way to support the creators. A lot of the Japanese volumes I own have only semi-recently started getting English translations (and even then, not all of them are physical books)

Now I keep collecting them because that’s all that’s available to me. I probably won’t buy any more English volumes because I’ll be reading the BL in Japanese. I’m clearly not at a level where I can completely read a manga from front to end, but I know I will get there soon and then there won’t really be a point in collecting the English ones (at least until I move again)

Q. Do you have any BL merch goals? Or BL goals in general?

Well, I mentioned I wanted to buy something that was less tame. I know there are boob and ass mouse pads but I’m very happy with my current mouse carpet so perhaps not that. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. I would also LOVE to go to a themed cafe and an exhibit like the JJK one I went to. I remember seeing something like that for Megumi Hinohara but many of these events are too far from where I am. I guess those are my biggest goals, but I’m always up for whatever interesting comes my way (or that I stumble upon)

If anyone wants to invite me to a themed BL cafe, that would be amazing

Welp! Those were quite a few questions. If you have any others that you’d like to drop in the comments, maybe I can do a part 2. They don’t even have to be BL-related, but NGL, those might be my favorite.

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