[Unboxing] I’m Finally Listening to Marriage to the Wolf BLCD!

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Writing all of these posts has reminded me that I haven’t done a lot of things, like open some of my manga. Yes, some of it is still wrapped up in shiny plastic, but not for long! Another thing that I haven’t done is listen to any of the BLCDs I bought. I make it sound like that’s a lot, but it’s only two and one of them isn’t even a full drama

And today I want to talk about my Marriage to the Wolf BLCD. In my splurging post, I briefly mentioned I bought some magazines. WELL, one of the magazines I was specifically looking for was this one, for obvious reasons. Marriage to the Wolf is actually one of my favorite BL titles. I just ADORE the art and I don’t know, it’s sort of sweet. I also felt like I was left wanting and here we would get a nice little story

But no, this wasn’t where I got my BLCD, although, a magazine I bought back in the fall/winter (Dear+) DID come with a CD, but it was very short so I think I’ll skip it for now. Maybe I’ll show it off when I have more merch for that seriesAnyways! While I was in the city, I was guided to an amazing store. It had multiple floors and each one with unique GOODIES

I knew I would be buying some manga because I love buying books, but then I found other temptations. There was a WHOLE FLOOR dedicated to doujinshi and it made me sad that I haven’t read anything since AoT or MHA. And those are OLD fandoms for me. There was cosplay, figures, Kpop stuff, and just, so many things!!

And they had Drama CDs, specifically, BLCDs. I WEPT. I wept because I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford everything that I wanted

I picked up at least five of the CDs and cried and asked myself which I REALLY wanted. Which of my BL babies did I LOVE THE MOST?! It was a tough choice but I ended up choosing Marriage to the Wolf and I was not disappointed! Everything I got has been beautiful

The front cover is the same as the manga’s cover, which is also replicated on the CDs (there are two of them). I don’t mind because I love this image. The back cover is also very beautiful and is giving me after-first volume vibes. The inside of the back cover is pretty simple, which moments of the manga collaged. I was going to say they’re all from the marriage and onward but the one with the big wolf carrying Kaede away is closer to the middle? Closer to the end but still not there?

But it’s not just this that’s beautiful BUT THE SPINE OF THE CASE.

It was nothing special when I picked it up and I had no way of knowing that I would get a surprise on the inside. And oh my, what a pleasant surprise!! I haven’t put it back in the case. It’s my bookmark now

Oh, and the back cover is just a single but double-sided illustration. It’s the front cover that is a booklet, and again, what a surprise I found myself with

I am IN LOVE with this illustration!! I love how playful the two are but I especially love that there’s a focus on Kaede’s legs. In the manga, Ren confesses he has a weakness to Kaede’s legs and you know he’s being playful with this knowledge

There are also a few other goodies on the inside like an interview with the characters. The bottom part is for Ren, who is voiced by Taku Yashiro, and the top is for Kaede, who is voiced by Kohei Amasaki. There’s a short comic and another cute illustration of Kaede and Ren being cute, tugging at each other’s cheeks with a note of thanks from the author!!

Ok, now that we got through the important parts, let’s talk about the contents of the BLCD. Essentially it’s a readthrough of the manga, as far as I can tell. I was initially only going to listen to it, but then I decided to challenge myself and read along. I told myself that I would definitely be learning Japanese and I’m happy to note that I’ve got perhaps some 100 kanji under my belt now. I can’t really read them, but I know what they mean, which is something. Most of them are beginner-level ones but I also like to just pull from around me so some are a bit more advanced (though I wouldn’t be able to say what level)

But recently I’ve been thinking that I really need to start listening more and learning actual phrases and words, and just getting used to listening. Making out the sounds. Repeating the sounds. Things like that. And what better way than to read along

It’s tough. I didn’t even make it halfway through the book before I had to stop because my head was hurting. I managed to connect the CD to the written dialogue most of the time, which I count as a win. And everything I’ve heard so far has been AMAZING. I don’t usually imagine what the character’s voices would be like. Not exactly. I do get a sense of how low some characters’ voices might be if they’re described a certain way, but that’s about it. So I wasn’t expecting how Kaede would sound, but I loved it!

Ren’s voice fits the image of him that I had, especially at the start. Ren is a character that has trouble feeling and expressing feelings like others expect, so I did think he would sound a bit monotonous (though with a nice voice), which he did. I’ll give another update later once I’ve advanced some more

Also, would you guys like to see any progress of mine on the language front? I don’t know if you all would enjoy those types of posts

Until next time~

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