[Review] MADK – A BL to Embrace Our Darkness by Ryo Suzuri

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Recently I’ve been looking for manga to read where the characters have some sort of animal characteristic. I thought that while searching, I would find some omegaverse story, but then I fell into the demon void. On the list of demon stories I read was MADK. It sounded familiar and it turns out it was in my e-library. OH BOY

MADK follows Makoto, a high school student who has always been strange in his passions, from collecting dead animals to being interested in eating flesh, and thus ostracized by others. One day he decides to try summoning a demon. His wish is to eat the demon’s flesh, which he immediately does when Archduke J manifests, very willing to grant any of his desires. Or he was until he hears what Makoto wants, but a contract is a contract

For more than a month he’s been feasting on this demon and when the time comes when he needs to pay up his end of the contract, Makoto finds that he isn’t exactly dead. He is no longer part of the human world, his crudely beheaded body is evidence of this. Instead, he is now a newly created demon, Archduke J believing he would be good entertainment

OH MY. This book is really making me discover a new side of me. Before MADK I probably would never have even considered cannibalism as sensual in any way but watch me drooling over this

I was hooked from the very start. I just LOVE the art and the designs are, as I came to see later, not just amazing for the main characters, but everyone in the demon world. I have been impressed with how Haji creates monster designs, but they were tame compared to what this book has hidden within its pages. And I mean this in a worshiping way. Just, THE DETAILS

Even Makoto who is only a human is so beautiful in his own way. His expressions are amazing and I must say, his head really fits more than his humanoid body. I really liked his first demon body. It really made him look pathetic and I wanted to bully him. Note, I don’t usually bully animals, but I would if it were him (muahahahaha)

Luckily, Makoto doesn’t allow himself to be kicked around for too long, especially when he begins to learn the rules of demons

Also, I would like to say that this book does not shy away from problematic content. I mean, it’s set in the demon realm where you’d expect them to do the worst of things, so yes, expect things like rape and killing. But what I find very interesting is the relationship between our two mains, Makoto and J. In some moments I can REALLY feel the anger and rage that Makoto feels, but at others, all I can see is how much love and adoration he feels for J. It’s a very confusing feeling. What exactly do I want from these two?! I’m not sure but I love the shift of their characters. I like not really knowing how they feel even when I know they are both cruel and are willing to do anything to get what they want

The first book already gives us the answer to some of their future, specifically, relating to their power imbalance, but I’m super excited to see how it all gets laid out. What will be the circumstances? Will history repeat itself? Will there be a good ending and do I even want a good ending?

Have you read these books? What did you think? And if you haven’t read them, I would say be careful. They’re pretty dark in some ways, but not always. Sometimes it’s even sweet and cute. But we’re dealing with demons here

Until next time~

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