My Favorite Corporate Slave Is Getting An English Translation

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While I was writing my splurging post earlier this week, I was looking up manga names and where you could read them legally. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw that 異世界の沙汰は社畜次第 is FINALLY GETTING LICENSED. Thank you Yen Press!!

I also just recently bought the third book, which I very happily posted on my IG, just like two days before I found out. When did they even announce it?! I mean, it’s already out as of Tuesday and the second book will be out at the end of the month!! If you haven’t already GOOOOOOO go buy this book!!

The third book only recently got released in Japan so I’m not sure how long it will be before the third one comes out. Hopefully not too long!

This is actually one of my favorite BL titles. I feel like I often say I don’t like isekai but you know I have to give in if it’s a BOYS LOVE isekai. Just add BL to whatever I don’t like and I will instantly love it. No, I don’t like harems, oh what’s this a BL HAREM?! Sold.

If you haven’t heard of this series before, then you might also not know that it has a light novel and I know that Yen Press also publishes light novels so I’m just crossing my fingers that they’ll be publishing the LNs soon. I LOVE them!! Actually, I love everything. The art for this is so beautiful and the story, ugh, please, don’t ever stop. Pull a Like the Beast at some point and give me domestic life

But what is this book even about? It starts off like your usual isekai story where a young girl is isekai-ed except this time a man named Kondou just so happens to be a witness of the incident and tries to help her. This ends up with both of them getting sucked into the summoning ritual and now he’s stuck. As a form of apology, the other world offers to give him anything he needs to live a good life in this new world. While most protagonists would take any chance to not do anything for the rest of their lives, Kondou, who is a workaholic at heart, asks to be given a job. The other world’s admins are confused but agree to do so and he is assigned to the palace’s accounting department!

It’s the slow burn of the slowest burns. This guy is so single-mindedly focused on working that he is oblivious to all the delicious BL. And his (to-be) partner, SO HANDSOME.

Also, I like that we aren’t following “the chosen one” because it gives him more liberty to do whatever he wants. He’s not exactly on a time crunch like the Saint (girl) and probably my favorite part, he’s not a teenager. We’re both old and have been jaded by adulthood. Amazing. I love it!

So yes, if you haven’t already, go grab yourself the first copy of this book

Random, when I first saw a glimpse of the English version, it was actually on Twitter. I was REALLY confused and even wondered if there was some sort of parody?! You see, I’ve NEVER heard of the term “bean counter” and NGL, I feel like the English title will forever make me either uncomfortable (because of other bean slang/insults) or giggle. It just lacks the feels I get with the term corporate slave or even workaholic. So even though I should be calling this Bean Counter…I most likely won’t

Until next time~

Hopefully next time I’ll be able to show you all the LNs, which I am currently hunting for!

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