Golden Week Splurging! (Manga Haul #16)

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Do you guys know when Golden Week was?! AGES AGO. And yet I’m only just now getting to this haul post. I did post a few pictures on my Instagram, but I didn’t post everything…but that also means that there’s an incentive for you all to visit my blog. HA HA HA HAaaaaaa

So this year for Golden Week I was invited to visit Osaka. I’ve never really been there (well, maybe for a few hours once) so I agreed. These people knew more about Osaka than I probably did and since one of them was a weeb…I knew we would have some fun! And we did!! We hit up quite a few book and figure stores

I was on a QUEST and it didn’t go exactly as planned. I managed to find the third book of 異世界の沙汰は社畜次第 or Bean Counter (NOW LICENSED BY YEN PRESS OMGGGG PREORDER IT, though that name…idk man) and the second volume of Fangs. While shopping I told myself it would be weird to have the English book of Fangs (volume 1) and then have the 2nd be in Japanese, which then led to me buying the first one in Japanese as well. Ah, how I love my BL. I’d also seen this Princess webcomic (TappyToon) before but I’d skipped on buying it. I decided it had to be MINE this time around. I got the first 3 volumes!

The odd one out of the bunch ended up being スキップとローファー (Skip and Loafer, according to MAL). I don’t think I’ve ever seen this book before but the art looked familiar and I thought it would be cute. It’s not BL so uh, it’s still wrapped up in plastic. Oops

The one thing I was really sad about during this trip is that I wasn’t able to get my hands on the light novels for 異世界の沙汰は社畜次第. I think I saw somewhere that there were also three volumes of it out, and the one bookstore that said they had it didn’t. The person looked EVERYWHERE

I’ll find them somewhere!

I also have this other stack of books

I didn’t realize that SIGN was now in print, or at least in Japan. Honestly, it was a webcomic that I LOVED but I think it lost some steam at the end plot-wise because oh boy did the smut increase. I think that was what I didn’t like. WEIRD, I know. But I thought the two characters were cute and then all they did was go at it like bunnies. I wanted more cute interactions! SO, these were in my maybe pile for quite a while. I ended up buying them because my love for the beginning was stronger

I also bought ケダモノアラシ (Beast’s Storm) volumes (I think) 4 and 5. You can read the first three on Futekiya and hopefully these two in the near future! I really like this couple and their baby and while it’s nice to be able to read them on Futekiya, I knew I needed these as physical copies! I didn’t get the previous books because I didn’t see them on shelf…but I will find them

I definitely recommend them

I also got 夜空のすみっこで、(In a corner of the Night Sky), Thompson (v1-3), and I♡歌舞伎町 (I love Kabuki-cho), all of which, honestly, I haven’t gotten around to. I just bought them because they looked like they would either destroy me or be a fun read.

I also finally got some of Scarlet Beriko’s Jealousy (ジェラシー) books. HONESTLY, I’d been avoiding these because I really like her other series with the younger guys and considering what long hair did to his bro’s son…I just wasn’t feeling it. But Beriko hasn’t really been feeding me and Jealousy kind of blew up and finally, I picked it up…physically. I still haven’t read it, LOL. Part of me still doesn’t want to…

Speaking of books that I’ve been holding off on! I’ve had an English e-copy of Coyote for a while now but for some reason, I never got around to reading it. But I saw the Japanese copy at the store and I thought, this is perfect. I can get the two and study! Let’s just say the Japanese one ended up collecting dust. Then FINALLY, I don’t even remember why, maybe I was bored or something, I finally read it and OMGGGG. I can’t believe I didn’t read this sooner!! It was SOOOOO GOOD. I must be fed more

I know this author also has other series (like Birds of Shangri-La) and you bet I’m going to go hunting for them~

スイートホーム もふもふたぬき兄弟と家族になります (Sweet Home) was one I got because I thought the cover was cute and maybe because I’ve been into titles where the characters have animal characteristics. AND the stories with kids, it reeked of domestic cuteness!! And it delivered. Also, as I’m writing this post, I’ve found out that this author also wrote this other book I plan to go hunting for titled 鬼の餌じゃありません (To Not Be Eaten By The Demon – can read on Renta!)

Aside from manga volumes, I also went and bought some BL magazines. I actually only planned to buy the onBLUE one because of Marriage to the Wolf but then I saw this Cherit cover and knew I wanted it, and what the heck, why not this Toga one too! I knew I wouldn’t be in a big city for quite some time so I had to stock up

But my obsession with Marriage to the Wolf didn’t stop there (btw, you can read this on Futekiya!). While I was looking around the shops, I also found a couple of BLCDs. Many of them tempted me but I was able to say no, until I found one for that BL. I HAD TO!

Have I listened to it yet? As of writing this post, no. I KNOW. I’m so bad!! It should have been one of the first things I did when I got home…but I didn’t. But I will this month. I have to. And then I’ll scream about it here!

And probably last is チェリまほ or Cherry Magic! No, I still haven’t finished watching the drama, DON’T JUDGE ME, lol. But I did like what I’d seen so far and I knew I wanted to get the manga at some point. Since I’d already bought all this other stuff, I knew I couldn’t buy too much so I settled with the first volume and this gorgeous drama photo book

That was it for the books, which was my main priority while shopping, but I did also get this really cute acrylic stand! Actually, there were two of them but wow are they expensive. I really love this artist’s style and I’ve read a few doujin by them, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to spend so much money (considering how much I’d already spent). So instead of getting both the katsudeku and tododeku stands, I went with the ship I liked the most!

Ok, this haul was WAY overdue so I’m glad I finally got to show you all the goodies! I also have another one that I did during the winter break but I can’t even remember what books I got. I’ve already put them on my shelf and they’ve mixed with all my other purchases! But if I can figure out which they are, then maybe I’ll do another haul post~

Until next time

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