Masterpost: Attempting Blaugust 2022

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It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog and the truth is that I feel intimidated. I want to write but when I sit down and open up a document, I feel like I don’t have the right words and then I spiral into a void of excuses. Then Magi told me about this event that was going to take place in August and I thought, maybe this is the excuse I need, the thing that will push me back into blogging…at least temporarily!

The event is being run by Belghast and it sounds like it’s a precious project with many angles. Anyone can participate but there is a signup sheet if you would like to receive awards. Since it’s my first time participating, I’m not entirely sure what the process is like but Belghast does have an About Blaugust post here and the achievements look fun! And I’ve always been weak to achievements…

But what exactly is Blaugust? It’s an event for bloggers, new and old, to come together and create content. The old are encouraged to dust off their blogs, if only for the month of August, which might be what I end up doing. I’d love to come back to blogging but it all depends on my state. And actually, I’ve been having fun dropping reviews on Goodreads where I don’t have to worry about appearances and formatting

Blaugust seems like an impossible task now that I think about it! 31 posts in 31 days? Maybe I’m in over my head, but I also have SO MANY THINGS I want to share with you all so maybe it won’t be too impossible? We’ll see how far we get

The fun part is that it isn’t just any 31 posts in 31 days (although it CAN be). Every week is themed (week one is about introducing Blaugust) and there are even fun discussions and personal-type prompts here. I think I will aim to do at least the weekly themes which are:

  • Welcome to Blaugust
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Creative Appreciation
  • Staying Motivated (hmmm)
  • Lessons Learned

There are more details on these themes here!

As for this post, I would also like for it to work as my master post so I’ll be pinning it to my blog for the month of August. What can you expect outside of the weekly posts? I’m thinking of mainly doing BL reviews, perhaps a few hauls because yes I’ve been buying stuff recently, perhaps a few discussion-type posts…maybe a list or two? I’ll see. I don’t have many concrete plans yet!

Will you be participating?

Blaugust 2022 Posts and Content

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  7. Marriage to the Wolf: BLCD Mini-comic
  8. 7 New Titles in My Steam Library
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  10. [Review] Semantic Error [V1] – How to Get a Robot to Notice You by Angy and J. Soori
  11. 10 Hotties I Would Let Bully Me
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  13. The Me and Music Tag
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  15. [Review] Woof Wolf – A Fun Blend of Spicy and Feelings by Magoo
  16. Shonen Jump Store Mini-Haul
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  18. [Review] Bleach (v. 1-4) Mini-Manga Reviews
  19. [Chapter One] Dream Daddy: Welcome to the Neighborhood
  20. Two Fathers: Mid-Season Thoughts
  21. Why I Love Fanfiction as a Writer (and A Glimpse At My Stats)
  22. [Craig Dates] Dream Daddy: Keg-Stand Champion – [TikTok IG YT = Cropped Full]
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  30. [Review] An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat by Niyama, Where Older Men Reign Supreme
  31. 7 Cuties I’d Like to Bully (P1)

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