Jon’s April 2022 Creator Showcase: Sixty-Three Posts to Fill Your Spring Schedule!

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog! So sorry this post is coming out SUPER late but I completely forgot that it was the holidays (and I had made plans with people)…and I kind of figured since there was no May host…I could get away with posting a bit late. I promise I don’t usually take this long, rip. I may be missing some hours of sleep the coffee helped out in the morning but now it’s like 3am and just oomph but I am so excited to share with you all, the biggest showcase I’ve hosted thus far!

But before I jump into the posts, I did notice we had many new people (or at least new to me) so here’s a bit of #theJCS rundown: The Jon Creator Showcase was created by Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews at the end of 2017. His goal for this project was to have content creators share their work in an interactive way (regardless of skill or following) to a greater audience. The project was run by Jon for a month but because of IRL situations he had to “drop the project.” Luckily, Raistlin suggested having multiple hosts as a way to not let the project die!

The project has run monthly and without break for four years, however, this year Jon had to step back and we’ve seen a few cracks here and there. For example, originally, there was no host for April, but I decided to fill in, and now, well, there’s no May host and a few other months are hostless as well. If you’d like to help out and host theJCS, let Jon know! Here’s the schedule with what’s open

Now then, let’s get to the juicy bits!!

Like always, the posts in bold are the ones I especially enjoyed but you should definitely check out everything~

Special Spotlights

My Love Letter to Oregairu by Iniksbane (In Search of Number Nine): I just love reading about things people are passionate about and I may have a similar feeling about many anime that iniksbane does. Except that maybe my tastes are not as refined so sometimes I scream at anything with a cute guy on the cover, LOL. So I really enjoyed reading how Oregairu snuck into thAnime for Grown-Ups – Anime Detour 2022eir favorites list!

Anime for Grown-Ups – Anime Detour 2022 by Jessi (Season One Episode One): OMGGG, when I saw this as a submission I was salivating!! TBH, having a panel at a con is one of my dreams except it probably won’t ever come true because I’m not an intellectual or an entertainer. I wasn’t able to open the powerpoint because I don’t have PP and the file is too big, but please do check it out (the doc does open and it’s like a flashback to uni except cooler because it’s about anime!)

Everything is bigger in Texas except anime voice actor wages by Gary (Gonzo.Moe): I feel like this is something that has come into my radar a bit more recently than before (though it has to some degree been mentioned at panels that I used to attend) and it always makes me really sad and angry. As a consumer, many things are just really expensive and as a fan, later finding out that working in the industry is just…not really worth it. I think Gary really nails it at the end. Not just in terms of the anime industry but in general

Q & A Interview With Ashton Zala, Founder Of Black Anime Podcasts! by Theo (Anime Motivation): Wow! This was a really fun post! I also think it’s the first time an interview has been submitted and I’m glad it was this one. It sounds like there’s some amazing content being made and kickstarted by Black Anime Podcasts, check them out!!

Ghost Light Exorcist by Voyager (Voyce): It’s been a while since I last got some original writing so this is really exciting! Very anime-esque, which we get from just the cover, and I’m curious as to what happens next. And maybe hoping this will be a yuri because I’m already shipping. Also, please be more confident in your work!!

Multi-Post Segments

#MechaMarch2022: Tetsujin-28 Go (2004) by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews): Mecha anime are not really my thing but it’s always really nice to see and read the MechaMarch series that Scott runs because I’m always sort of blown away by all these hidden gems that nobody really talks about. Like yes, seasonal anime and shounen and romance are all cool but if you want something different, something that not many people are talking about, head over to Scott’s blog. As for this title, I’m most definitely going to have to check it out! I know I say that about a lot of stuff but this one, yes

My MXTX Journey: The Starting Line by Boujie Fujoshi (Boujie Fujoshi): I feel like as soon as these were licensed, the internet exploded and I was just looking left and right wondering which book to read first! Luckily, I got a rec (since I thought they were maybe sequels of sequels, but apparently they’re not) so seeing this series of reviews sounds like fun! Especially for someone who doesn’t read? The power of BL, kekeke

EVERYDAY EVA: 3.0+1.0 – The Joy of Evangelion | Mecha March by Takuto (Takuto’s Anime Cafe): I’ve only caught the end of Takuto’s Mecha March project, which, woah WOAH, I can’t even blog once a month, doing it everyday for a whole month?! I am in awe! But even more so at the way he’s able to convey all his FEELS over a series so concisely. Also, I didn’t realize that the series kept continuing because of the fans. I think that’s actually really cool! And it’s even cooler that the quality continues to be at a high level

Manga March 2022 (3): Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu by Aria (The AniManga Spellbook): I’ve never heard of this show/manga and after looking it up…I’m intrigued?! Aria gives us a few thoughts on the first volume and I think it’s actually really cool that this title is the one that inspired the creation of The AniManga Spellbook!

Sadistic Sweethearts | Aquarius Love Interests In Otome Games | Zodiac Reviews #9 by Oona (Sweet & Spicy Reviews): I-I didn’t need to be called out like this!! But omggg I wasn’t sure what to expect with this submission but it’s so *chef’s kiss*. I may need to inspect the whole zodiac series…

Give Me All The Boys!

Review for Dekoboko Bittersweet Days by Mehsi (Twirling Book Princess): Ahhh! So this was the first submission for the April showcase and it must have been a good luck charm because THE AMOUNT OF BL in my mentions! I am so happy~ And really, if you haven’t read this book you’re missing out!! But don’t take my word for it, Mehsi explains all. FYI: this is a book two

Dick Fight Island Volume 2 Review by Reggie (FudanshiNXTdoor): Ok, I think I saw this title trending on Twitter a few days or weeks back, I’m not sure but I can see why!! I’ve been meaning to pick it up and just, I’m even more convinced now *drools*

Twilight Out of Focus Review by Nora (All the Fujoshi Unite): Wow, this title looks so nice!! And like oops, I really don’t have much else to say but I am super curious about what that one criticism may be but I guess we have to look around the blog for that answer~

Confessions of a Shipper by Mistress of Yaoi (Yaoi Playground): Oh man, shipping is such a drag sometimes. Or maybe that’s the wrong was to put it. I LOVE shipping but putting that out into the world is the painful part for reasons Mistress of Yaoi talks about in this post. It’s such a drag getting criticized by others and I feel like my interactions with the fandoms have become so minimal because I’ve heard Horror Stories and I don’t need that affecting me IRL. It also makes it lonely. And now I want to write a post, lol!

Akimi Yoshida || Angel Eyes by SimplyGee (SimplyGee): As soon as I opened this video I was like THIS IS BL RIGHT but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint from where and then I saw Banana Fish at the bottom and I started to cry. I mean, I’ve never even finished BF because I’ve heard things that hurt me but this book is GORGEOUS OMGG

Love is like a Hurricane Reading Vlog! || A 20 year old BL Series!! by 365 days of 801: I have not heard of this title but knowing it was an old title clued me in on some of the ickies that might have been enclosed within the pages. In fact, I applaud you reading this because it sounds like you really didn’t enjoy it, lol! Now my brain is going down yaoi lane


9 μ’sings about Love Live! School Idol Project by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews): This was an interesting post. I originally thought it was going to be a list type of “review” but it ended up being a more comprehensive look at the Love Live! anime and even community. An interesting post but I will say that it’s a post that made me want to yell OBJECTION and then fight. Not that I’ve ever seen this show, lol

How 86’s ED Enhances Your Experience | Eighty-Six by Inspiratama (Inspirashamul): I am guilty of always skipping the endings! Unless it’s like the Inuyasha endings, songs songs are amazing. But generally, I don’t really enjoy the ending songs but now I wonder if maybe I’ve been missing something this whole time?! Also, this anime looks interesting. I don’t think I’ve heard of it before

Bringing Letterboxes To Life: Toshimasa Ishii, Tomohiko Ito & Eighty-Six Episode Twenty-Two’s Use Of The 21:9 Aspect Ratio by Jamal (Get in the Mecha): Ok, I get why this anime hasn’t been talked about much, I think. I guess it’s a new one?! But so far these two posts have made me very curious. Not exactly a review, Jamal takes us on a crash course of how 86 (and others) are using a 21:9 aspect ratio to tell us more. This show sounds like it’s using many techniques!

St. Pius V Corner: Kissing KissAnime Goodbye, Again by Traditional Catholic Weeb (The Traditional Catholic Weeb): I hadn’t realized that KissAnime had been shut down for this long! But it sounds like since it closed, the talk of pirating has come up again (and again like it usually does I suppose) and here’s an interesting perspective on the topic.

My Dress-up Darling! / Sono Bisque Doll – Full Season 1 Review! by Melancholy (Melancholy3004 Reviews Anime): Ok, I know the title says review but I felt like it was a bit more in-depth and analysis type than your typical review so it gets shelved here and just, I’m sold. I mean, I was already sold a few hours ago since this is like the third post about this series that was submitted but I’m like 1000% sold after reading this one

Thorns of a Blooming Love | Bloom Into You by Bulletoon Twins (Galvanic): I THOUGHT I knew what Bloom Into You was about but apparently I was wrong. Or maybe not wrong, just didn’t get the whole picture and just, ok, I need to pick this up asap! I mean, I already was because I love cute art and while yuri isn’t my instant go-to, I do think it’s really cute but now there’s a bigger spectrum and more complexity than your typical romance? Heck yeah

Books, Books, and More Books!

Spy x Family Review by Tequila (Core Reviews): I was talking with a coworker earlier this year about trending topics and how I wasn’t really a fan of checking out things that blow up. That’s sort of how I feel about Spy x Family. I wish I’d heard about it before the anime came out because now it’s EVERYWHERE. But the more I read up on it, the more I’m curious, especially this post!! I didn’t really know the exact setup of the story but now I do and just…my hands are slowly moving towards these books! Also, I maybe I just want Loid for myself! *cries*

Manhwa | Depths of Malice — A True Villainess Series by Minty (Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers): NGL, I love webcomics but I only read BL webcomics. There’s only one non-BL title webcomic I’ve read that I’d say is more gen and maybe slowly turning into a romance, but this THIS sounds like it would be right up my alley and I’m not sure what that says about me. I mean, it’s a tragedy that all the hot guys are trash, but the whole darkness and revenge is definitely something I’d enjoy~ Have you guys read this?

Alice in Borderland Vol 1 Review by Al (Al’s Manga Blog): I’m not sure why I instantly thought of Alice in Wonderland with this title but it sure as heck doesn’t sound like it, omg, I feel like I would both really enjoy this and be scared as heck to read it before going to bed. Also, I agree, the horse head is very…unnerving

Edens Zero Chapter 184 Review – Elsie vs. Ziggy by Haru (Otaku Space): I am no expert of fighting scenes and I know that manga action/fight scenes get a lot of…not hate but not enough love, especially when there’s an anime counterpart, but I have to say that they’re kind of my favorite. And this one looks like it’s a good one! Could have easily been an analysis post but it’s manga and I love books so I dropped it here~

CLAMPdown Kickstarter Campaign by Ian Wolf (CLAMPdown): This was such an interesting submission and I wish the Kickstarter hadn’t been done already because this book sounds like it would be really interesting/fun. Also, I’m not sure why there’s a resurrection of CLAMP because I had a few CLAMP submissions. Is it like an anniversary?? I’ll leave this Twitter here for maybe more updates

Anime Reviews

Anime Spoiler-Free Review: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba season 1 by Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat): If you’ve been wondering if you should watch Demon Slayer or not, this is the post that tells you just enough to maybe help you decide!

Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel: Spring Song [Anime Review] by Matt (Matt Doyle Media): I’m not sure why the accessibility answer put me at ease but as someone who has been eyeing this franchise from afar and always wondering WHERE it even begins (there’s just a lot), I’m glad that even someone who has more experience may also feel confused?! I know, strange. Regardless, Matt gives you the deets on how the movies panned out

Date A Live II by Cody (BakaNow): On paper, this anime actually sounds really interesting and while reading this post Darker Than Black started playing at the back of my mind…then I saw the anime cover and was like ah. I don’t want to judge (I am) but I can see why this anime didn’t get a very high rating, lol. But I think this post brings up an interesting question of adapting things into anime form. A pretty hot topic in many spheres

My dress-up darling is simply delightful by Roki (Secluded Anime Observation): SO THIS IS GOJO!! Ok, I saw a tweet the other day that DID NOT line up with the Gojo I know (JJK) so I was like uhm, who Gojo what is going on?! And now I think I know where the other Gojo is from. This sounds like it’s a cute watch. I have seen this girl’s face before and I didn’t realize it was a cosplay show. I think I’ll be checking this one out!

Infinite Stratos 2: All around the World, Bitches are Falling for Me! by Dewbond (Shallow Dives in Anime): NGL, this title is hilarious. Anyway, Dewbond gives us the rundown of S2 of Infinite Stratos, which is an anime I’ve vaguely heard of. If you like harems, and the first season, then surely you’ll enjoy this one too!

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 12 Review – Best In Show by Crow (Crow’s World of Anime): Wow! This show really is super cute and this episode was just *heart clenches* too cute!!

Anime Corner: Patlabor: The New Files Review by Chris (Never Argue With a Fish): I feel this SO MUCH. I think I’d love more “quality” content from series that I love but tbh, I’d be over the moon just getting something soft and warm and just mundane if it means I get to spend any more time with characters I love! Also, I hope you find the series!!

Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid by Art of Anime (Art of Anime): Oh! I haven’t heard about this one but the premise sounds really interesting. I can’t say I’m convinced with the art style but according to Art of Anime, it’s STUNNING so maybe I just have bad taste! Have you watched this anime?

Sponsored review – Sorcerer Hunters: The Complete Series on SD Bluray by Dawn (The Anime Nostalgia Podcast): I often look back at some of the 90s anime and am surprised and happy to note that while they’re clearly old, the styles still hold up in their own way. Just by the SSs used, I feel like that’s the case with this series. Sadly? YTh a big BUT happening here. Have you seen this anime?

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Episodes 33-36) – What Would You Sacrifice for Family? by Lynn (The Otaku Author): I’ve read a couple of posts about this series and I still have yet to fully figure out what the show is about, but it sounds like these episodes are a turning point for our slime friend!

[Review] The Orbital Children and Inflated Expectations by Marina (Anime B&B): Do you ever see a book or series and think “wow, that cover looks amazing, I hope it IS amazing”? That’s sort of how I felt when I checked out this post but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. And yet, I still want to watch it. This sounds like a pretty interesting anime and if it flops for me, feel free to say, Marina told you so! Also, really interesting rating system!!

Blue Period Season One: A Love Letter to Artists by Christopher (Red’s Nerd Den): NGL, I’ve been wondering about this anime for a while. I feel like it had a small burst at one point and then it just kind of…disappeared, so I was wondering if maybe it wasn’t a good watch. I mean, guy with white hair, I was getting anxiety, but also he’s cute sooooo. But it sounds like it’s a solid watch!

Let’s Podcasts

Suki and Wave, Listen to Me! by Taiiku Podcast: The older I get, the more I start to realize how problematic CLAMP titles are. Not that I’ve read all that many…and actually, maybe I should say that many older anime are problematic. I’ve never heard of Suki before, but the Taiiku podcast sheds some light into this one. They also talk about Wave, Listen to Me! which sounds like a chaotic but hilarious mess

Manga Mavericks EP. 190: “Anime NYC 2021” by Manga Mavericks: I’ve been really enjoying seeing people talk about going to conventions again, if only because I love looking at the cosplay, but we’re also still grappling with COVID and our hosts talk about this and how it affected many parts of the con-experience. For now, I think I’ll just experience cons through mediums like this!

Episode 67: Cardcaptor Sakura – Volume 5 by CLAMPcast in Wonderland: Omggg, listening to this made me want to rewatch and reread Cardcaptor Sakurs!! I WILL BE BACK

385 – Manga in Motion 52 – Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions by Manga Machinations: I like how this starts on a discussion about licensing lol Also, Morgana, heck yeah to Fangs~ and wow, I keep hearing about that Kaiba thing where he tries to get the Pharoah back and just, where can I watch this?! I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh early on, which I am now regretting, LOL

Episode 38 – Fruits Basket Reboot (Season Two) by Anime BAYBAY!: Wow, this was really nostalgic but also made me want to hurry and pick up the reboot. I loved the original and I read some of the manga and I just love Fruits Basket but IDK, reboots…they scare me, lol. That’s probably why I never picked up Clear Card (I think is the name) even though I love CCS. But everyone’s loved FB so maybe…maybe…

The Bomb Squad Podcast #57 | Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984) by The Bomb Squad Podcast: Whenever I read about mecha anime, I always feel like I’m missing out and now I can add listening to the list. This is one of the few mecha shows I’ve actually heard about and ngl, I really enjoyed that this podcast wasn’t just listening. I was able to see what the hosts were talking about. Really entertaining and nice voices

Gaming Squad

Indietail – Onde by Magi (Indiecator): Recently I’ve had many people ask me for what kind of games I play and I wish I WISH I had more than just Skyrim to reply with because there are so many options! I’m just bad at playing games. But this one looks so stunning in a minimalistic way and sounds like it would be very calming to play, have you played it before?

Here are 4 of my favourite rarely played Genshin Impact builds by Nabe-chan (GeekNabe): NGL, all this gaming and stats talk went over my head but then I got to the part where you can pay an absurd amount of money just to what? have the character have a bigger butt and I was like yes, that’s the type of spending I want to do! Do you play this game? I’ve heard about it a lot and I really think Zhongli is cute. I can see why he’s number one, lol

A Review of Yuru Camp (S1) by AK (Everything Is Bad For You): I feel like I’ve read enough positive Yuru Camp reviews where I can no longer run away from the fact that this needs to be something I watch, asap! And I really enjoyed how in-depth this review was especially because I was finally able to learn a bit more about the story, characters, and just overall story

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Whole-series Review and Reflection by InfiniteZenith (InfiniteZenith): This sounds like a really cute series! Although I was confused as to why yuri was italicized. I probably won’t be watching this one because it’s an all female cast (sorry) but it does sound like it’s a treat (keke) and it sounds like there’s going to be a movie coming out soon!

Trails of Cold Steel III is a Good Game that Sufferers from Certain Mechanics by George (The Gamer With Glasses): I’ve always wondered about games that have multiple “volumes” – Oh man, I’m showing how much I don’t know! – how they relate to each other, and if it’s ok to just jump into the latest release. Perhaps that’s alright with some franchises, but for Trails…maybe not the best idea, but I’m no expert so check out what George has to say in his review!

Driving in Video Games Redux: The Frustration Of Flying in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy by Christine (Simpleek): I have come to the conclusion that I am bad at gaming and that has somehow helped in stopping any potential future ulcers (caused by gaming) but I have to agree on the driving! Why is it so easy to drive IRL and a pain in games?! Also, I always have a hard time with jumping, rip

Lists to Make You Drool

Women and Femme Identifying Indie Devs You Should Know About by Naja (Blerdy Otome): If you want to expand your gaming library with some really cool, cute, and sexy titles, Naja shares a few people you should be following!

A Traveler’s Top 4 Isekai Anime by Lyn (Tabibito’s AniStory and Beyond): Ahhh! I’m not a fan of isekai stories, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned a thousand times already, BUT I do like some of the OG isekai and this list THIS LIST!! Also, I never really thought of number two as an isekai but yeah, I can see that now!

15 Anime Like The Seven Deadly Sins by YumDeku (MyAnimeGo): NGL, this is an interesting recommendation list! I liked that it pulled from many directions and no, I haven’t watched The Seven Deadly Sins, but I was nodding for most of the list. A few threw me for a loop, which makes me curious about this show, if only to see if I really spot the similarities

10 Absolutely Stunning & Emotional Anime About Music & Growth by Yu (Yu Alexius): I didn’t doubt that there was surely a music genre in anime but I am sort of blown away by the variety and the amount of anime listed! Some of them I’d already heard of before but some of these are kind of making me drool!

Other/Mixed Bag

Self-Care Sunday: Starting the Week with Spirit by Neha (BiblioNyan): If you all don’t know Neha, they are the most inspirational person in the blogosphere that I know and you should check out their blog and send them lots of love because everything that they do is just super impressive and yeah, this post once more shows how great they are!

A beautiful duet on ice — Phil Ebersole’s Blog by Fred (This Is My Place): The thing I really like about Fred’s blog is that you can find some of the most interesting and randomest (sometimes) content on there. It a blog that really screams FRED and just, this was so beautiful to watch. Thanks for sharing!

Farewell, Zyn: Dealing With Character Death in Dungeons and Dragons by Megan (Nerd Rambles): Reading these D&D posts by Megan are always really fun! I’ve always been curious about this game and was even told by someone who knows me well that I would probably really like this. I have yet to try, and one of the things I’ve been curious about is character deaths. It sounds like it’s a really interesting process!

Attack on Titan AMV by Zaria (Weeb._.Material2): Welcome! A specific AMV wasn’t chosen for the showcase so I just went in and chose a March one

AppleTV+: Quality Over Quantity by Falcon (Geekosaur): Whenever I see how many streaming services there are, I sort of cry a bit inside. I mean, it’s great because you can pick and choose what you want to watch but now I’m wondering if maybe it’s more expensive than cable TV. But if you’re wondering which ones to subscribe to, Falcon

The Observation Deck: The Legend of Vox Machina by Jack (Animated Observations): Oh my! This was an interesting one to shelve because, from the sounds of it, it wasn’t originally an anime. Instead it was a D&D game that ended up getting animated along the way? Very interesting. Also, it’s good to know it didn’t disappoint. I mean, it would be Very disappointing if VAs like them couldn’t spin something interesting. Actually, now I’m curious to see if there are any D&D games on record somewhere!

Prescription for Sleep: Attack on Titan Jazz Album Announced by Joseph (scorpzgca): I must confess that I am a fan of the dramatic AoT soundtracks but I’m also really curious as to how a jazz album would sound?! I don’t think I often listen to jazz and the only song that’s coming to mind is the opening for Cowboy Bebop. Am I even citing the right type of song?! Regardless, I’m curious!

Cherry blossoms by Rose (Wretched and Divine): More of a personal photo dump but this reminded me that I didn’t go see the cherry blossoms! I had ONE job, smh. So now I shall view them through your pictures, lol

And this pretty much rounds up the April 2022 showcase! I hope you guys enjoyed the submissions as much as I did! I usually host twice a year but I’m not sure if I’ll be hosting again this year. I’ve just started to do more projects IRL and am not sure if I can do this and that together. That said, I do really enjoy hosting these because I get to meet a lot of awesome people on the internet (and catch up on everyone’s stuff) so who knows!

Like I mentioned before, there is no May host but Scott will be hosting June so be sure to keep a look out for his tweet in about a month’s time

Until next time! *falls into bed*

14 thoughts on “Jon’s April 2022 Creator Showcase: Sixty-Three Posts to Fill Your Spring Schedule!”

    1. yeah i think i’ve decided to not worry about the more complex games and maybe try the simpler ones xD i rage too much at the others and then end up not playing 😛

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Yuru Camp is definitely worth a watch — I was convinced finally to get to it as well and I’ve already gotten through the second season. I’ve been way behind on reading around the blogs, so I’ll need to check some of these posts when I can.

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    1. of course! same here, that’s why i like hosting this lolol and yes pls do whenever you get a chance 😀 oh nice! i think i might start it this week. altho i have a few other projects still sitting around, arghhh soon! xD

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  2. Great to see yet another spectacular collection of #TheJCS content: well done! As an aside, I italicise all non-English terms and show titles as a formatting style. Emphasis isn’t something I do in my writing, so I reserve italics and bold text for specific use-cases!

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  3. Thank you for hosting this month! Thanks for mentioning my review + your kind words to them. I am also happy to hear that it was a good luck charm for more BL! YAS!
    I had fun going through the posts mentioned here, some really good stuff to read~


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